The 10 best countries to travel to in 2020


Lonely Planet has announced its Best in Travel 2020 list.
It named the best locations to travel to next year, paying particular attention to the best sustainable travel experiences to ensure travelers have a positive impact.
Among its top 10 countries to visit were England, Costa Rica, Liberia and Bhutan.
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It’s never too early to start planning your next vacation.

Lonely Planet unveiled its top destinations for 2020 in its annual Best in Travel collection — and the variety of locations means there’s something for every type of traveler.

In this year’s edition, Lonely Planet paid particular attention to the best sustainable travel experiences, in the hope that travelers will have a positive impact wherever they venture.

Scroll down to see Lonely Planet’s top 10 countries to travel to in 2020.

10. Uruguay

Tenth on the list of must-see countries in 2020 is Uruguay.

The country, which Lonely Planet called “progressive, stable, safe and culturally sophisticated,” provides innumerable special experiences for visitors, from the eclectic, historic streets of Montevideo to welcoming hot springs and laid-back beach towns.

“After two centuries living in the shadow of its neighbors, South America’s smallest country is finally getting a little well-deserved recognition,” according to Lonely Planet.

9. Morocco

Escape to Morocco and you’ll find a country of “dizzying diversity.”

From exploring ancient cities, taking days-long camel treks to the Erg Chigaga sand dunes, and hiking to see panoramic views in the High Atlas Mountains — travelers will be spoiled with endless options for adventure.

“Morocco has a hundred faces and sounds, all ready to welcome the traveller looking for spice and adventure,” Lonely Planet’s website reads.

8. Liberia

In Liberia, travelers will find Sapo National Park, one of West Africa’s best national parks. The protected tropical rainforests are home to wildlife including tropical birds, chimpanzees, forest elephants, …read more

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An Ernst & Young seminar reportedly suggested women have small brains, and said they should avoid speaking to men face-to-face

Ernst Young Woman

Huffington Post reporter Emily Peck wrote that she obtained a 55-page Ernst & Young presentation advising women to get manicures and not to address men face-to-face.
An anonymous former employee also said the presenter suggested women had smaller brains, and that they get easily distracted.
EY has faced at least two sexual harassment complaints during the #MeToo movement.
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Ernst & Young, the major accounting firm previously embroiled in sexual harassment suits, reportedly advised women to look “fit” and not to address men face-to-face.

Huffington Post reporter Emily Peck wrote that she obtained a 55-page EY presentation on leadership rife with negative stereotypes that women are not “ambitious,” shouldn’t challenge their male colleagues, and must not dress provocatively.

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EY told Huffington Post it no longer uses the version of the presentation mentioned in the story, and clarified the training was hosted by an “external vendor.”

Per Peck, some of the more bizarre practices of the EY Power-Presence-Purpose training (as it was called) included:

Women were encouraged to “signal fitness and wellness” by getting manicures and wearing flattering clothing — yet were told not to “flaunt their body”
Attendees had to rate how “masculine” or “feminine” they were before the training. Masculine adjectives included “ambitious” and “has leadership abilities”; feminine adjectives included “shy” and “childlike”
Women were told to sit cross-legged and not to make face-to-face contact with men at work
The presenter claimed women had smaller brains than men, a former EY executive director who wished to remain anonymous told Huffington Post. She added the presentation said women absorb information “like pancakes” making it hard for them to focus.

The presentation also had a breakdown of the difference between men and women’s …read more

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The best baby monitors you can buy

best baby monitor buying guide

One of the most important and expensive purchases you’ll make when you’re outfitting your nursery is buying a baby monitor.
There are three main types of baby monitors: audio-only monitors, video monitors with dedicated viewers, and Wi-Fi video monitors.
Based on our research and testing, the Safety 1st HD WiFi Streaming Baby Monitor is our top pick because it’s an easy-to-use HD video monitor that’s safe and secure.

Being a new parent is an exciting and occasionally stressful journey into uncharted territory. There are so many things to learn about your baby and all the different products you need to keep your little one happy and healthy. One of the most important and expensive purchases you’ll make when you’re outfitting your nursery is buying a baby monitor.

Parents are spoiled for choice nowadays, thanks to the rise of the connected home and new technologies like live-streaming video and high-resolution cameras. No matter which type of baby monitor you buy — whether it be an old-school audio-only monitor or a fancy Wi-Fi video monitor — it will have two parts: a monitor in the baby’s room and a receiver that you carry around with you to hear and/or view your baby.

There are three main types of baby monitors: audio-only monitors, video monitors with dedicated viewers, and Wi-Fi video monitors that send a live video feed to your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

The first thing you need to consider is whether you want to have an audio-only baby monitor or one that incorporates video. Some parents choose to use smart home security cameras that send a video feed and alerts to their phones via an internet connection instead. Your choice largely depends on your budget and how high tech you want the baby monitor to be.

Audio baby monitors are generally cheaper while video and Wi-Fi-based baby …read more

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The best sheets you can buy for your bed

Few would deny that at the end of a long, hard day, sliding into a comfortable bed outfitted with soft, smooth sheets that pamper your skin is one of life’s greatest pleasures.
After reviewing dozens of contenders for the best sheets, our top pick is the 280-thread-count Pima Cotton Percale Sheets from L.L. Bean.
Crisp, cool, and comfortable against your skin, these sheets make bedtime a treat.

To get the best sleep possible, we invest in the best mattresses and pillows that our budgets allow. But the journey to dreamland doesn’t just stop there: You need quality bed linens too. Because why buy an expensive mattress only to ruin the experience with inferior bedding?

Besides, we spend nearly a third of our lifespan sleeping on our beds, so why wouldn’t you want the best sheets possible? Not only do you want something soft and comfortable, but you also want something that’s durable and can hold up to washes. So we’ve made it easy for you: We checked out all the top buying websites, listened to opinions from bed sheet buyers, and tried sheets ourselves to compile our list of the best bed sheet sets you can buy.

Here are the best sheets for your bed in 2019:
Best sheets overall: L.L. Bean 280-thread-count Pima Cotton Percale Sheets
Best sateen cotton sheets: Brooklinen Luxe Sheets
Best linen sheets: MagicLinen
Best Supima sheets: Casper Cool Supima
Best sheets with patterns and colors: Crane & Canopy Sheet Sets
Best flannel sheets: Pinzon Velvet Flannel Sheets
Best organic cotton sheets: Boll & Branch Signature Soft Hemmed Sheet Set
Best modal sheets: Pure Beech Modal Sateen Sheets
Best microfiber sheets: Brooklyn Bedding Microfiber Sheets
Best budget …read more

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