Police launch tear gas as Hong Kong protest turns violent

By Alice Fung and Yanan Wang | Associated Press

HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong’s protest movement took a violent turn on Sunday, as police launched tear gas at protesters after a massive march continued late into the evening, and subway riders were attacked by masked assailants who apparently were targeting pro-democracy demonstrators.

The firing of the tear gas was the latest confrontation between police and protesters who have taken to the streets for over a month to fight a proposed extradition bill and call for electoral reforms in the Chinese territory.

The march had been peaceful when it reached its police-designated end point in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district in the late afternoon, but thousands continued onward, at various points occupying key government and business districts. They then headed for the Liaison Office, which represents China’s Communist Party-led central government within the city.

Protesters threw eggs at the building and spray-painted its surrounding surveillance cameras. China’s national emblem, which adorns the front of the Liaison Office, was splattered with black ink.

Later, police threw tear gas canisters at protesters to try to disperse them. Protesters scattered, some heading back in the direction of a key business and retail district. Police remained in place, protecting themselves with shields.

Hong Kong media released video footage showing masked assailants attacking commuters in a subway station. Among those attacked were protesters clad in their trademark black clothing and yellow hard hats.

The attackers, meanwhile, were dressed in white with black masks pulled over their heads. On Saturday, demonstrators wore white at a counter-rally in support of police.

Footage from Apple Daily showed the attackers using umbrellas to beat people in the station and inside a subway car. Subway passengers filmed by Stand News and iCABLE angrily accused police officers of not intervening in the attack.

The Hong Kong government said in a …read more

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Video shows Russian-made Venezuelan aircraft ‘aggressively shadowing’ American plane, according to military

american flight

The US Southern Command announced that a Russian-built Venezuelan aircraft “aggressively” shadowed an American aircraft during a mission monitoring illegal trafficking over the Caribbean sea.
“This action demonstrates [Russia’s] irresponsible military support to Maduro’s illegitimate regime & underscores Maduro’s recklessness & irresponsible behavior,” the command said on Twitter, knocking Russia’s military and Venezuela’s chaotic government.

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United States government security officials announced that a Russian-built Venezuelan aircraft “aggressively” shadowed an American aircraft over the Caribbean sea.

The US Southern Command, which is the agency responsible for security cooperation and operations in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, tweeted to condemn the incident, which it said happened during an American mission that was monitoring for illegal trafficking.

“[Venezuela] SU-30 Flanker “aggressively shadowed” a U.S. EP-3 aircraft at an unsafe distance July 19, jeopardizing the crew & aircraft. The EP-3 was performing a multi-nationally recognized & approved mission in international airspace over [the Caribbean Sea.]”

The tweet also slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin for offering military assistance to the country’s far-left leader Nicolas Maduro. The US, in addition to most Latin American and European countries, recognizes opposition leader Juan Guaidó’s claim to be the rightful leader of Venezuela.

“This action demonstrates [Russia’s] irresponsible military support to Maduro’s illegitimate regime & underscores Maduro’s recklessness & irresponsible behavior, which undermines [the international] rule of law & efforts to counter illicit trafficking.”

2 of 2: This action demonstrates #Russia’s irresponsible military support to Maduro’s illegitimate regime & underscores Maduro’s recklessness & irresponsible behavior, which undermines int’l rule of law & efforts to counter illicit trafficking. Pics & vids https://t.co/848FdmAeaE pic.twitter.com/1W9syCd1xs

— U.S. Southern Command (@Southcom) July 21, 2019

The US Southern Command reportedly said in a statement that the aircraft was “flying a mission in approved international airspace” …read more

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Broke your iPhone? Don’t worry — you can probably still recover your photos, even if Apple isn’t able to help

broken iphone photo recover CBC

Photos stored in a broken iPhone, even one that doesn’t turn on anymore, can still sometimes be retrieved — even if Apple says they can’t.
Canadian broadcast service CBC interviewed a tech repair shop that said it can and has retrieved photos from broken iPhones, but it’s not a 100% guarantee.
If you want to recover your photos from a broken iPhone, Apple may be able to help depending on how damaged it is. But if your iPhone doesn’t turn on, Apple is unlikely to help, and you may need to turn to unofficial services that may come with their own costs and risks.
You can also prevent ever losing your photos if you use Google Photos or Apple’s iCloud to back up your photos in the cloud.

It can still be possible to retrieve the photos stored inside a broken iPhone even if Apple says it can’t help, according to an interview by Canadian public broadcast service CBC with Jessa Jones, owner of tech repair shop iPadRehab outside of Rochester, New York.

The most common answer that Apple gives to iPhone users is “there is no way to get your pictures from your iPhone if it won’t turn on,” Jones told CBC. But, having recovered photos from broken iPhones herself, Jones said “it’s absolutely not true.”

Jones said that most water-related iPhone damage is recoverable, “about 95%,” she said.

Check out what you can do to retrieve your photos from your broken iPhone:

SEE ALSO: Apple quoted me $1,500 to repair a MacBook Pro, so I paid less than $500 at an ‘unauthorized’ Apple repair shop instead

What you should do to recover your photos from a broken iPhone

The first thing you should do is ask Apple. An Apple employee at an Apple store may be able to retrieve your photos depending on how damaged …read more

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Taylor Swift fans are upset with presidential candidate Kamala Harris for attending a fundraising event at Scooter Braun’s mansion

scooter braun kamala harris taylor swift

Kamala Harris held a fundraising event at the home of Scooter Braun, and Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande were all in attendance.

Taylor Swift publically vilified Braun in June for buying her entire catalog. She called him”incessant” and “manipulative.”

Now Swift’s fans are calling out Harris for working with Braun.
“If @KamalaHarris thinks this will get her votes she is delusional and @scooterbraun is a thief,” one fan Tweeted.

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Music manager Scooter Braun hosted a fundraising event at his Los Angeles home for presidential candidate Kamala Harris on Saturday, and some big stars were in attendance, including Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande.

Notably, Taylor Swift was not at the event after she publically called Scooter “incessant, manipulative” and a “bully” in June. Now, Swift’s fans are speaking out against Harris for collaborating with Swift’s nemesis, despite the fact that the singer has voiced her support for the candidate in the past.

Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and Ariana Grande together! 💗 pic.twitter.com/Jni53XgJrB

— Demi Lovato Charts (@dlcharts) July 21, 2019

“If @KamalaHarris thinks this will get her votes she is delusional and @scooterbraun is a thief who uses these women to advance his bank account just like Kamala used a man to advance her career,” Millie James Tweeted.

Another fan tweeted: “I was so excited for you as a democratic candidate, but if you so choose to go to an event held by @scooterbraun, a man whose arrogance mirrors our president’s, I can no long hold onto my excitement and faith for you as a presidential candidate, @KamalaHarris #disappointed.”

Fans are coming to Swift’s defense after Braun bought Big Machine Records, which included all of the singer’s …read more

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