Pascal Siakam reflects on journey to becoming NBA All-Star

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As the Wuhan virus spreads, doctors in Wuhan say they face a ‘flooding’ of patients and not enough protective gear

wuhan doctor

A doctor in the Chinese city of Wuhan said that thousands of patients are waiting for hours to see doctors, though doctors have been advised not to come into work for fear of catching the deadly coronavirus outbreak.
The unnamed Wuhan doctor spoke to the BBC and discussed what conditions are like for medical staff in the city under lockdown.
The doctor told BBC News that the actual number of infected people “is probably higher” than what has been reported.
Another unnamed doctor told the South China Morning Post that the outbreak among medical staff was due to a lack of information and protective gear.
As of Friday morning, the disease has infected more than 830 people and killed 25 others.
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A doctor in the Chinese city of Wuhan said that thousands of patients are waiting for hours to see doctors.

The doctor at a Wuhan hospital told BBC News that there has been “an alarming rate of spread” of the deadly novel coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV, over the last two weeks in the city.

BBC News declined to identify the doctor in order to protect her identity.

The new coronavirus can pass from human to human, and it has infected 830 people and killed 25 as of Friday morning.

As a precaution, the entire city of Wuhan, as well as other nearby cities of Huanggang and Ezhou have been locked down in an unprecedented quarantine against the disease, affecting about 23 million people.

The doctor told BBC News that scores of citizens have lined up at Wuhan hospitals in panic.

“The hospitals have been flooding with patients, there are thousands, I haven’t seen so many before,” the doctor said. “I am scared because this is a new virus and the figures are alarming.”

The doctor told the …read more

Source:: Business Insider


Maple Leafs’ Auston Matthews works through nagging pain in scoring binge

ST. LOUIS — Auston Matthews just ripped through one of the hottest scoring stretches of his career while receiving regular treatment on an aching right wrist.

In fact, the NHLer with more goals than any other since Dec. 1 — he’s got 18, ahead of Kyle Connor and Dominik Kubalik at 15 — revealed during Thursday’s NHL all-star media day that he’s felt noticeably less comfortable with the puck on his stick for the last three weeks or so.

“It’s just nagging every time you’re stick-handling, shooting, stuff like that,” said Matthews. “I think when you get in a game situation, obviously there’s so much adrenaline and so much stuff kind of running through your mind and everything, you kind of forget about it, I guess.

“And you can kind of manage it and play through it.”


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The Toronto Maple Leafs centre mixed in some much-needed rest during the team’s bye week and made the decision to stay off the ice for this weekend’s all-star festivities to put himself in the best position possible for a strong finish.

That would be a prudent approach for any player, but it’s a no-brainer for a guy logging more than 20 minutes per night on a team facing a battle to qualify for the playoffs down the stretch.

Matthews has dressed for all 49 Leafs games so far and finds himself on pace for 57 goals and 95 points — both of which would …read more



Quinn Hughes is winning over peers at his first all-star weekend

ST. LOUIS – Quinn Hughes arrived in St. Louis Thursday as the youngest player at the NHL’s all-star weekend, was named runner-up in the PHWA’s mid-season Calder Trophy vote, and is a significant reason the resurgent Vancouver Canucks sit atop the Pacific Division at the 50-game mark.

Yet younger brother Jack Hughes will still correct a questioner who suggests Quinn may be exceeding his own hype.

“I don’t think that’s true. I mean, people in Vancouver praised him before the season. We were kinda like, this is trouble. Like, a lot of expectations,” Jack Hughes said recently.

“We knew what he was gonna be. He knew what he was gonna be. So, it’s not surprising to us. Maybe for you guys, but not for us — and definitely to the Vancouver media, it’s no surprise.”

There is a quiet confidence about hockey’s “now” generation, the flood of under-25-year-olds taking over all-star weekend in Missouri and dazzling their teams to contention.

(Tyler Seguin, that wise veteran of 27, calls them “swaggy” — and he loves to see it.)

So, when Quinn, at 20, can sit in his all-star sweater under the bright lights, head high, nerves nonexistent, and say how nothing much has surprised him jumping from the University of Michigan to an NHL playoff hunt, you believe him.

“His confidence,” says Canucks teammate and fellow all-star Jacob Markstrom, marvelling at what has most impressed him about the defenceman.

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“He doesn’t get stressed up. You guys see him off the ice. He’s not a very crazy person. …read more



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