Letter: Think twice before putting abortion pill in universities

Think twice before putting abortion pill in universities

In 1973, when Roe v. Wade was being sold to the American public, it was argued that abortion would be a “safe and legal” way of helping women deal with pregnancy as a result of rape or incest.

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Now we are being asked to think of abortion as “a normal part of reproductive care” for university students to use as birth control, according to an oped by Adiba Khan (Opinion, March 2). Before we go down this road, shouldn’t we be asking how this new service helps women deal with the emotional and physical experience of ending pregnancies so casually, as if the baby in utero is nothing more than an inconvenience?

Lois Lindquist

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Whoops. Someone forgot to take down the Devin Harris banner outside the Dallas Mavericks’ arena.

DALLAS — It’s like Devin Harris never left.

Despite being dealt to the Denver Nuggets at last month’s trade deadline, a banner featuring Harris in a Mavericks uniform is still prominently displayed outside the main entrance to Dallas’ American Airlines Center.

Harris chuckled upon being shown a photo of the banner ahead of his first matchup against his former team as a Nugget. Then Harris quipped that his key card to access the building still works.

Harris spent parts of nine seasons with the Mavericks, and his family has remained in Dallas during his time in Denver. He relished the opportunity to pick his daughters up from school following Monday’s practice.

Harris is expected to get a warm ovation from the American Airlines Center crowd during Tuesday night’s game. After all, the front of the arena makes it look like he never left.

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Google is using its AI skills to help the Pentagon learn to analyze drone footage

Google is offering resources to the US Department of Defense for a “pilot project” to analyze drone footage using artificial intelligence. The collaboration was first reported in a story by Gizmodo, which noted that some Google employees had been “outraged” by the news after it was shared in an internal mailing list last week.

Details regarding what Google is actually providing to the DoD are not clear, but we know the work is part of Project Maven — a Pentagon research initiative to develop computer vision that can better understand video footage. Such technology could have a range of uses in the military, including helping to surveil and track targets using drones, and providing the brains for static CCTV cameras in military camps and…

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Payday lenders, watchdog agency exhibit cozier relationship

NEW YORK — The former CEO of a payday lending company that had been under investigation by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has asked to be considered for the top job at the watchdog agency, The Associated Press has learned.

Such a request would have been extraordinary in the years when the agency was run by an Obama appointee and often targeted payday lenders. Along with recent actions taken by the CFPB, it suggests a cozier relationship between industry and regulator since the Trump administration took over in November.

Under Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s budget director and acting director of the CFPB, the bureau has taken a decidedly friendlier approach to the financial industry including cutting down on enforcement and dropping investigations or lawsuits against payday lenders and other companies. It has also proposed to revise or rescind many rules put into place by Richard Cordray, the first permanent director of the agency, including some that would have put additional restrictions on payday lenders.

Under Cordray, the CFPB opened in investigation into lending practices at World Acceptance. On Jan. 22, the company said the investigation had been completed without enforcement action. It also said CEO Janet Matricciani had resigned after 2 ½ years in that position.

Two days later, Matricciani sent an email to what appears to be Mulvaney’s personal email address to pitch herself as a candidate to lead the CFPB. The email was shared exclusively with The Associated Press by Allied Progress, a left-leaning consumer advocacy group, which obtained the document as part of a Freedom of Information Act request.

“I would love to apply for the position of director of the CFPB. Who better than me understand the need to treat consumers respectfully and honestly, and the equal need to offer credit to lower income consumers in order to help them manage their …read more

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