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Insider Inc. has a number of editorial openings across both Business Insider and INSIDER. If you’re interested in joining a fast-paced, growing newsroom, apply at the links provided below. Unless otherwise stated, positions are located in our New York City headquarters.

Editorial internships

Business Insider editorial intern, freelance
Business Insider editorial inter, luxury lifestyle
Business Insider editorial intern, retail
Business Insider editorial intern, science, San Francisco
Business Insider editorial intern, tech
Business Insider editorial intern, tech, San Francisco
Business Insider video intern, animation
Business Insider video-writing intern
Business Insider video-writing intern, science
Editorial intern, distribution
Editorial operations intern
Graphic design intern
INSIDER editorial intern, breaking news
INSIDER editorial internship, freelance
INSIDER editorial intern, health and wellness
INSIDER editorial intern, politics
INSIDER editorial intern, syndication
INSIDER social media intern
INSIDER video intern, Los Angeles
INSIDER video production and editing intern
INSIDER video-writing intern for beauty and style
INSIDER video-writing intern for food
INSIDER video-writing intern for home
INSIDER video-writing intern for travel
INSIDER video-editing intern
INSIDER video-writing intern, design
Markets Insider editorial intern
Politics fellow, UK
Royals fellow, UK
Tech Insider video-editing intern
Visual features intern

Full-time positions

Airlines reporter
Associate producer, animation
Associate producer, Tech Insider
Associate editor, lifestyle
Associate producer, Business Insider
Associate producer, science script-writing
Business Insider social video writer
Business reporter, UK
Careers and strategy editor
Editorial recruiting manager
Enterprise tech reporter, San Francisco
Exec life reporter
Freelance visual features reporter
Hedge fund reporter
INSIDER associate editor
INSIDER associate producer
INSIDER science and environment reporter
INSIDER science and environment reporter, San Francisco
INSIDER science and space reporter
INSIDER science and space reporter, San Francisco
INSIDER video editor
Markets Insider reporter
Retail reporter
Strategy reporter
Tech deals reporter
Tech startups reporter, San Francisco
Transportation editor
US news reporter, UK
Visual features reporter
Your Money editor

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Facebook’s biggest critic on Wall Street explains why he’s convinced the company is going to keep sinking (FB)

brian wieser mark zuckerberg facebook 2x1

Brian Wieser, an analyst at Pivotal Research Group, is one of Facebook’s most vocal Wall Street critics.
Wieser has been arguing for years that the company’s stock is overvalued, and recent scandals and crises have borne out his predictions.
The Portland, Oregon-based analyst argues that Facebook has “systemic” issues and there’s not enough room left to grow.
Business Insider chatted to him about Facebook’s recent woes, and what he thinks is next for the California tech giant.

In July 2017, Wall Street analyst Brian Wieser made headlines with a controversial call: Sell Facebook’s stock.

The Silicon Valley tech giant was riding high, with its share price at around $166 and steadily climbing. But Wieser believed the stock was really only worth $140 a share and he urged investors to sell.

In subsequent months, Facebook’s stock kept climbing, ultimately hitting all-time highs of more than $210 a share. But it has since plummeted — battered by successive scandals and profit warnings, and it now hovers at just $140.46, a whisker away from the analyst’s target.

And Wieser, meanwhile, has set his sights even lower — with a new price target of $131.

As Facebook prepares to report its third quarter financial results on Tuesday, Business Insider caught up with Wieser over the phone to talk about why he has long bucked the consensus view on Facebook, how he views company leadership, and what’s next for the company after its chain of scandals.

Even today, he remains a rare dissenting voice on Facebook’s prospects. Of the roughly 50 financial analysts that cover Facebook, Wieser is one of only three who do not recommend buying or holding the stock.

“They’ve got problems that are clearly illustrative of a company who has been putting people in place who don’t know what they’re doing,” he bluntly said.

Wieser’s argument …read more

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Google to give away $25 million to fund humane AI projects

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Google will give away $25 million to projects that propose ways to use the artificial intelligence of computers to help create a more humane society.

The grant program announced Monday is part of a broader Google initiative called “AI for Social Good” that aims to ease concerns that advances in artificial intelligence will eliminate jobs and perhaps even be autonomously deployed by militaries to kill people.

Other technology companies have taken similar steps to address ethical issues in AI. For instance, Microsoft has committed $115 million to an “AI for Good” initiative that provides grants to organizations harnessing AI for humanitarian, accessibility and environmental projects.

During a presentation in Sunnyvale, California, Google demonstrated how its AI technology is already being used to diagnose diseases, help people with disabilities, predict areas likely to flood and protect endangered species.

Despite commitments like those being made by Google and Microsoft, the specter of AI going horribly awry lingers.

Even as it pledges to do good things with AI, Microsoft is pursuing a massive U.S. military contract that prompted an open letter earlier this month from a purported group of Microsoft employees worried the company might be betraying its own artificial-intelligence principles. Microsoft reaffirmed its resolve to win the military contract in its own blog post last week, promising to address any ethical concerns that may arise if it ends up working on the project.

Google decided not to bid for the same military contract that Microsoft wants after some its own employees protested. The company concluded the contract, potentially worth $10 billion, didn’t comply with its AI principles , which preclude the technology from being used to “cause or directly facilitate injury to people.”

The company’s AI For Social Good program was already in the works before Google employees raised objections about the military contract, said Jeff …read more

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The 20 most haunted hotels in America

Across the country, some of America’s hotels have histories that are centuries old — and reportedly still have guests that’ve long overstayed their welcome. Spend a night at some of these notoriously haunted hotels — some with celebrity ghosts — if you dare. Staff, guests, and even ghost hunters have spotted spirits at these hospitable properties. Some are among the …

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