Report: Sharks’ Evander Kane sued by woman over abortion claims

Evander Kane of the Sharks is reportedly the target of a $6 million dollar lawsuit filed by a woman who claims the 27-year-old star reneged on a promise to compensate her for having an abortion.

The unidentified woman said Kane got her pregnant and he finally coerced her into having an abortion last June by offering her $3 million, TMZ reported Thursday. She claimed it was the second time Kane forced her to have an abortion and that he has refused to pay her.

In the lawsuit, the woman said Kane not only won’t pay her but that he’s accused her of extortion.

Kane’s attorney had no immediate comment on the report, according to TMZ.

The lawsuit claims Kane began dating the woman in 2015 and since then has gotten her pregnant three times, with her aborting the pregnancies each time. The last two abortions were the result of pressure from Kane, she said.

On the ice, Kane has been terrific with the Sharks since being acquired in a trade with Buffalo in February. He collected nine goals and 14 points in 17 games with San Jose down the stretch last season.

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Mophie releases its first iPhone X battery case a month after the phone was discontinued

It’s been almost exactly a year since Apple released the iPhone X, and today, Mophie is finally releasing its first battery pack case for Apple’s former (now no longer sold) flagship called the Juice Pack Air, via MacRumors.

The Juice Pack Air is only compatible with the iPhone X — sorry, new XS owners — and it offers an additional 1,720mAh battery that Mophie says will extend your battery life for a total 30 hours. While a regular battery case would be too thick to allow for wireless charging, the Juice Pack Air is capable of wirelessly charging. That means you’ll be able to drop it on any Qi pad and recharge both your phone and the case without ever having to fiddle with cables or constantly put your phone in and out of the case.

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Nintendo just announced the last characters joining ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ before the game’s release

Smash Bros Ultimate Cast Shot

“Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on December 7th with 74 characters, one of the largest rosters ever in a fighting game.
Ken from “Street Fighter” and Incineroar from Pokémon are the final members of the launch roster to be revealed.
The 75th character, Petey Piranha, will be available for free after release.
Nintendo will offer five more downloadable characters for $24.99, or $5.99 each.
Every playable fighter from the previous “Super Smash Bros.” games will return in “Ultimate,” along with dozens of new cameo appearances from other video game characters.

The final roster for the launch of “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” was confirmed during a Nintendo Direct livestream today, and even more characters are due to arrive after the game’s December 7th launch.

Ken from “Street Fighter,” and Incineroar from the latest Pokémon games, “Sun & Moon,” will join the roster of the largest “Super Smash Bros.” game ever. The upcoming game will include every playable character from the previous four “Super Smash Bros.” games, and will launch with 74 characters.

Producer Masahiro Sakurai also announced that another surprise character will join the game for free after launch, and five more will be sold in the months following the game’s release.

Ken is the second “Street Fighter” character to join “Super Smash Bros.”

Ken joins the “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” roster as an “echo fighter,” mirroring the moves of the game’s other “Street Fighter” character, Ryu. The two share the same fighting style, but Ken has a number of variations on his attacks. Ken has more unique attacks than Ryu and he moves a bit faster overall.

Ken has even more unique moves than his rival, Ryu.

Ken’s special moves are:

Shoryuken, his signature flaming uppercut
Hadoken, which is a different shape than Ryu’s
Tatsumaki senpukyaku, a multi-hitting hurricane kick
Focus Attack, a move that can …read more

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