This keyboard app spell-checks gender bias to challenge how we talk to girls

Language is not gender-neutral, and it’s time to identify and challenge the societal structure that systematically stops all women from thriving — one of these structures is gendered language and the patriarchal ideas built into it. One project hoping to change perceptions around everyday, gender-biased language is the Samsung-backed app created by Plan International Finland, Sheboard. The tool that aims to dissolve gender-related stereotypes by making us reflect on the language we use towards girls and women. It spell-checks gender bias and replaces stereotypical words and phrases with empowering autocorrect suggestions.Gendered language is limiting for both sexes. Girls, though, lose…

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Letter: Will building luxury condos solve the housing crisis?

Will building luxury condos
solve the housing crisis?

There is an affordable housing crisis in California. But how does encouraging the building of luxury condos solve that problem? That’s the premise underlying many of the housing bills our state legislators are proposing, including SB 50, AB 1279.

Sound hokey? Yet state legislators are ready to hang their hats on this unproven “solution,” crossing their fingers while overriding local zoning, and proposing that tall condo buildings also be built next to single-family homes.

Contrast that with California’s current $21 billion state surplus, which could be targeted for rental subsidies, vouchers, public housing, providing financing and improving mass transit.

Instead, the Legislature plans to give a big payday to developers, realtors, union workers and tech companies while overriding zoning and dismantling neighborhoods. It’s a giant social engineering experiment, with us as the guinea pigs.

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Unsure this is such a great idea? Let your elected representatives know.

Kathy Jordan
Palo Alto

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Sophie Turner says the ‘Dark Phoenix’ cast played a game called ‘tequila slaps’ where you take a shot of tequila then get slapped across the face

sophie turner tequila slaps

Sophie Turner says the cast of “Dark Phoenix,” the latest instalment in the “X-Men” franchise, played drinking games together.
Their favourite was “tequila slaps,” which involves taking a shot of tequila, getting slapped, and trying not to spit your drink out.
Turner told BBC Radio 1 Breakfast host Greg James about the game on Thursday morning and also played a round of it with Conan O’Brien this week.
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The cast of “Dark Phoenix,” the 10th movie in the “X-Men” franchise, had a pretty violent way of bonding.

The newly-released film stars A-listers like James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, and Jessica Chastain — and while these serious actors know how to work hard, they clearly play hard, too.

According to Sophie Turner, who plays Jean Gray in the film, when they weren’t on set, the crew would play a game called “tequila slaps” — and it sounds pretty intense.

Speaking on BBC Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James on Thursday morning, Turner said: “They’re a really fun group of people. We do play a game of tequila slaps.”

She explained that to play the game, two people stand across from each other, then take a shot of tequila. “As soon as you’ve done it, I slap you across the face, and if you spit it out you lose,” she added.

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When asked by James whether the cast played the game on set, she joked: “Not in the scenes, that would be amazing though.”

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Bridge: June 6, 2019

An alligator wearing a vest is not an investigator. (Neither is an alligator who works for Charles Schwab.) But declarer must often be an investigator; he may need information about one suit to decide how to play another.

In today’s deal, South’s five spades suggested slam interest and controls in both unbid suits. North went on to slam, and West led the queen of diamonds. Declarer took the ace and led the ace of trumps … and was annoyed when East showed out. South later won heart finesses but lost two trump tricks.


South must launch an investigation. At Trick Two he lets the queen of hearts ride. If the finesse lost, South would need to pick up the trumps without loss. His best chance would be to cash the ace.

When the heart finesse wins, South can afford one trump loser but not two. He can therefore execute a safety play in trumps: He leads a club to his hand and returns a low trump, intending to play the nine from dummy if West follows with the seven.


You hold: S A 9 5 2 H Q J 7 D A K 6 2 C 8 4. Neither side vulnerable. The dealer, at your right, opens one heart. What do you say?

ANSWER: This is a matter of style and judgment. Some players would double, risking an unwelcome club response. (Their partners always respond in spades or diamonds.) I could accept that action but would pass. I view the hand as oriented for defense, especially with the secondary values in the opening bidder’s suit.

North dealer

N-S vulnerable


S A 9 5 2

H Q J 7

D A K 6 2

C 8 4


S K J 7

H 9 6 3 2

D Q J 10

C J 9 3


S None

H K 8 4

D 9 8 5 3

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