Alexa now lets you control Fire TV apps with your voice

Amazon is rolling out a new feature to its Fire TV Cube, which lets users navigate around third-party apps like Hulu and Netflix with voice controls, via AFTVNews.

The new feature works like it says on the can: instead of using a remote to navigate menus, you’ll be able to use voice commands that emulate the buttons on a remote. So if you can’t find the remote, you’ll be able to navigate apps by asking Alexa to “Move right / left / up / down” and select the highlighted option with “Alexa, select.” There are also “Alexa, scroll” options for quickly navigating through menus.

The update should already be available on all Fire TV Cube devices, with 17 apps that support the hands-free navigation: ABC, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, The CW, CW…

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The Houston Rockets reportedly offered 4 first-round picks for Jimmy Butler, but that might not be as wild as it sounds

jimmy butler wolves

Star wing Jimmy Butler has made it abundantly clear that he wants to leave the Minnesota Timberwolves.
After trade talks stalled with other organizations, the Houston Rockets reportedly offered a deal to Minnesota that included four future first-round picks in exchange for the four-time All-Star.
The internet went crazy over the news, but the offer isn’t nearly as outlandish as it may sound.

The Houston Rockets went all-in on Minnesota Timberwolves star Jimmy Butler. Or did they?

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Houston Rockets offered to send four future first-round picks, Marquese Chriss, and Brandon Knight to Minnesota in exchange for the four-time All-Star. The internet nearly exploded after Wojnarowski released the details of the offer, and ESPN’s Keith Olbermann was right there with them:

But Houston’s four first-rounders may not be worth nearly as much as meets the eye.

According to USA Today’s Eric Griffith, the NBA’s seven-year rule prohibits teams from dealing away picks more than seven years beyond the date of the trade, and the Stepien rule prevents the Rockets from offering picks in two consecutive years. Although Houston offered the maximum number of picks possible given those rules, they would necessarily have to come every other year — 2019, 2021, 2023, and 2025.

Wojnarowski reported that “protections on picks in this proposed deal would be limited” because of these two rules. For example, the Rockets could not offer their 2022 first-round pick as protection for a high 2021 pick because rolling the first-round pick to 2022 would result in back-to-back picks and thus violate the Stepien rule. The Rockets could potentially safeguard some of the picks by offering two second-round picks in lieu of a first rounder, but the Timberwolves almost certainly would not be willing to accept that stipulation for all of the drafts. …read more

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The ‘Netflix way’: Cutthroat firings and ‘keeper’ tests set corporate tone

The “keeper test.” “Sunshined” employees. A “culture of fear.”

Welcome to the “Netflix way,” a method of establishing a corporate culture of almost unlimited transparency in which freedom, individual responsibility and high salaries reign alongside near-constant criticism and a daily fear of being fired for anything from incompetence to just not being liked by your boss.

That’s the gist of an exposé from the Wall Street Journal, which seems to be the most detailed account so far of what it’s like to work for the streaming-video giant as it grows and continues to upend the TV industry. While there have been other glimpses into the work culture at Netflix, the Journal said it spoke to more than 70 current and former Netflix employees and executives for the report.

Among the highlights of the so-called “Netflix way” is the ability for nearly any employee to criticize nearly anyone else at any time about their job performance. One of the key tenets of the company’s philosophy is the “keeper test,” in which managers are told to decide if they would be willing to fight for an employee’s job. If not, that employee can be earmarked for the firing line.

In response to the Journal’s story, a Netflix spokesman said the company disagreed with some of the Journal’s report, but admitted that it is always trying to create a better workplace environment for its employees.

“We believe strongly in maintaining a high performance culture and giving people the freedom to do their best work,” said the spokesman in a statement given to this news organization Friday. “Fewer controls and greater accountability enable our employees to thrive, making smarter, more creative decisions, which means even better entertainment for our members. While we believe parts of this piece do not reflect how most employees experience Netflix, we’re constantly working …read more

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Michael Rubin and Meek Mill will speak about better capitalism and criminal justice reform at IGNITION 2018

michael rubin meek mill 4x3

Billionaire entrepreneur Michael Rubin will join multiplatinum-selling hip-hop artist Meek Mill onstage at IGNITION 2018 for a Better Capitalism keynote discussion covering a number of pressing topics, including the capitalist case for criminal justice reform.

Meek Mill has firsthand experience with the issue — he was sent to prison in November 2017 for technical probation violations, resulting in outraged protests from fans and supporters, including celebrities like Jay-Z and Kevin Hart.

Rubin, co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, first met Meek Mill at an NBA All-Star game in 2014 and the two became fast friends. And when Meek Mill went to prison, Rubin helped to draw attention to the perceived injustice and generate public support for his release. Meek Mill was released on bail in April, and, since then, he and Rubin have joined forces to launch a foundation dedicated to criminal justice reform.

On the way to the sixers game let’s go!!!! #meekfree

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Apr 24, 2018 at 3:49pm PDT

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