San Francisco Giants’ deadline chaos reflects in-season gamble, steady vision

PHILADELPHIA — On day one of his tenure as the Giants’ president of baseball operations, Farhan Zaidi insisted “nothing is off the table.”

On the most important day of Zaidi’s first year in San Francisco, Zaidi proved he was a man of his word.

With a flurry of deals that came together in the minutes leading up to Wednesday’s 1 p.m. trade deadline, the Giants worked creatively to remain in contention for a 2019 playoff spot while building depth to make the franchise more competitive in the future.

Zaidi continued to remain in contact with clubs interested in acquiring the services of Madison Bumgarner on Wednesday, but as the clock ticked past 4 p.m. local time in Philadelphia, Bumgarner stood in the weight room at Citizens Bank Park and realized he’d be given the chance to finish the season with the Giants.

“I never expected to be somewhere else until that happened,” Bumgarner said. “Nothing has changed for me.”

The personnel changed dramatically on Wednesday, but the Giants’ vision for the 2019 season did not. Despite subtracting three major league relievers –Sam Dyson, Mark Melancon and Drew Pomeranz– in separate trades, Zaidi believes that by retaining Bumgarner, the Giants will have an opportunity to secure a playoff spot.

“When he’s on your side, you always feel like you have a chance,” Zaidi said.

The Giants entered the month of July with one of baseball’s best bullpens and rode their relievers to an 18-6 record leading up to the trade deadline. Dyson, Melancon and Pomeranz all thrived in their respective roles, particularly after the All-Star break, but the Giants determined they could acquire critical depth for the future and gambled on filling their bullpen with capable replacements from within.

“It’s not easy for these guys to say goodbye to good teammates,” manager Bruce Bochy said. “You’re happy for them, …read more

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Microsoft’s new Mac vs. PC ad gets a guy named ‘Mac Book’ to diss Apple

Apple and Microsoft have a storied history of duking it out on TV, often cleverly sniping at each other in a series of iconic Mac vs. PC ads. But Microsoft’s latest campaign is a rather low blow — it apparently found a guy named Mackenzie Book (Mac Book, get it?) to testify that the Surface Laptop 2 is a better buy than a MacBook.

Imagine the audacity of combing the world for a single actor with the right name, just so you can arrive at the punchline “Mac Book says get a Surface Laptop” without an army of lawyers breathing down your throat.

Would Apple stoop to finding a “Mike Rosoft” to tout a new iPad? I think not. It’s still too busy deciding whether the iPad Pro is a computer or no! Which Microsoft has an opinion on, too.

In the…

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Kurtenbach: Farhan Zaidi aced his first Giants trade deadline

This was not an easy MLB trade deadline to navigate. The transactional pipes were plugged until only hours before the 1 p.m. last call, as many teams entered the day stuck in a state of organizational ambiguity with their 25-man rosters.

The Giants were one of those teams on the fence that separates buyers and sellers, but they wound up being one of the most active teams Wednesday, all while remaining firmly straddled on that fence.

And now that the dust has settled, it’s clear to me that San Francisco’s shot-caller, President of Baseball Operations Farhan Zaidi, aced his first deadline in charge of the Giants.

How the Giants finish the season will no doubt create a revisionist history of Wednesday’s moves — for better or for worse — but without the benefit of hindsight, I see a shrewd operator who read the market perfectly and fulfilled his original mandate — helping set up this team for long-term success — without hurting them much — if at all — in their unexpected but all-too-real (though questionably sustainable) push for to play in October.

For two years, we’ve been discussing not if the Giants were going to trade Madison Bumgarner, but rather when the move would go down. But greatest postseason pitcher in the history of baseball (for my money) wasn’t moved to a more bonafide contender at the deadline. Sure, he was shopped, but ultimately Zaidi couldn’t net a return significant enough to justify trading away the team’s ace.

It takes some guts to not move a guy like Bumgarner in the last year of his contract — especially when there have not been extension talks to date — but Zaidi understood the market, stood firm on his price, and didn’t panic as the deadline neared. That’s the kind of guy you want running your …read more

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Jeffrey Epstein reportedly wanted to ‘seed the human race with his DNA’ as part of his fascination with transhumanism. Here’s what that means.

jeffrey epstein

Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein reportedly told scientists he wanted to “seed the human race” with his DNA by impregnating 20 women at a time at his New Mexico ranch, according to The New York Times.
The idea may be connected to Epstein’s interest in transhumanism: the belief that the human brain and body can and should be artificially enhanced using modern science and technology.
Epstein reportedly discussed the New Mexico baby ranch idea with various scientists, but there is no evidence that he acted on it.
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Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged earlier this month with trafficking dozens of underage girls, reportedly told various scientists in the early 2000s that he wanted to “seed the human race” with his DNA, according to The New York Times.

Epstein said he’d do this, The Times reports, by impregnating 20 women at a time at his ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

There is no evidence to suggest that Epstein took any steps toward making this vision a reality. But the idea reportedly stemmed from Epstein’s interest in tge philosophy of transhumanism: The belief that people can (and should) artificially enhance the human body using modern technology.

Transhumanists herald genetic engineering and artificial intelligence as promising ways to improve human performance. They advocate, essentially, for the use of technology — including nanomedicine, robotics, brain-computer integration, and more — that alters typical human physiology in order to better our body and brain.

Epstein was fascinated with transhumanism

According to The Times, Jaron Lanier, a pioneer of virtual reality, remembers talking to a NASA scientist who said Epstein’s New Mexico baby ranch idea was inspired by the Repository for Germinal Choice, a sperm bank in Escondido, California. The sperm bank operated from 1979 to 1999 and was incorrectly rumored …read more

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