Elizabeth Warren just unveiled a trade plan designed to improve the lives of workers and tighten the screws on big corporations

Elizabeth Warren in FL

A new Medium post released the Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren on Monday detailed the trade policies she would try to enact if elected.
The initiatives emphasize stronger enforcement of labor laws and the improvement of global living conditions.
Warren also called on the US to only trade with nations that follow a new set of standards. The preconditions focus on environmental consciousness, labor rights, and anti-corruption measures.
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The Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren released a new policy proposal Monday, detailing the trade initiatives her administration would take to create jobs, improve global living standards, and hold corporations accountable.

“I won’t hand America’s leverage to big corporations to use for their own narrow purposes,” Warren wrote in a Medium post. Her proposal seeks to raise wages for US workers, bolster farm income, drive climate-friendly initiatives, lower drug costs, and raise standards for current and future trade agreements.

“If we raise the world’s standards to our level and American workers have the chance to compete fairly, they will thrive — and millions of people around the world will be better off too,” Warren said.

Here are the three main goals detailed in Warren’s post:

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Reinvent “free trade”

The Massachusetts senator argued that free trade is only good if it benefits American workers, and tariffs aren’t a permanent solution to systemic trade issues.

The policy emphasizes America’s ability to set examples for other nations, whether its labor laws, anti-corruption policies, or environmental standards. Instead of free trade that benefit multinational corporations, investment in American workers will “raise the bar” for the US and nations it trades with.

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How to contact Uber support as a rider or driver, in 4 different ways

You can contact Uber in a handful of ways as a rider or driver.
To get personalized support, contact Uber via the app, by phone, social media, or visiting a Greenlight Hub in your city.
If you call Uber, be aware that there is both an emergency number and a standard customer support line, and use the appropriate one for your situation.
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Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, Uber is generally a seamless experience.

But occasionally, you might need to reach out and get help from a real person at the ridesharing company, especially if you are a driver.

If so, there are a handful of ways for you to get assistance.

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How to contact Uber in the mobile app

If you are a driver, Uber makes it easy to contact the company from directly within the app itself on your iPhone or Android phone.

1. Start the Uber app.

2. Tap the three horizontal lines to display the menu.

3. Tap “Help.”

4. Scroll to the bottom of the Help menu and choose an option to contact Uber from the Support Center.

However, if you are a rider, you won’t see the Support Center in your app. Instead, you should navigate to “Your Trips” in the menu, and click on the trip you want to contact Uber about.

When you scroll down on the Trip Details page, click on the appropriate prompt under Help and follow the instructions.

How to get help in person at a local Uber Greenlight hub

One of the best ways to get customer service is to visit an Uber Greenlight hub. There are more than …read more

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Google ad confirms the Pixel 4’s face unlock and air gestures

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Google seems to be following this old adage of late, showing off the Pixel 4’s design early to one-up the usual influx of leaks. Now it’s responding to leakers again, this time with a video confirming early rumors that the device would feature Apple-like facial recognition and touchless gesture controls. You can check out the ad for yourself below: “Look ma, no hands!” The video shows a facial recognition system that seems to work as quickly as Apple’s Face ID (though it’s an ad, so of course it does). In a related blog…

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