Is George Osborne’s Evening Standard coordinating lines to take with CCHQ?

Master of the universe: George Osborne delivers a speech.

London’s paper and the Conservatives have launched two remarkably similar campaigns in the same week.

The Evening Standard has been running a series this week: “the Khan Audit”, a comprehensive look at Sadiq Khan’s record as Mayor of London thus far. London’s only paper has looked at Khan’s impact on crime, transport, the environment and housing: and the conclusion to all of them is that he has done very little of note and in many cases has made the problem worse.

In a striking coincidence, Conservative Party activists have also been handing out leaflets on Sadiq Khan’s report card at Tube stations, focusing on – you guessed it – crime, transport, the environment and housing.

A spokesperson for the Standard described the suggestion of a link between the two campaigns as “laughable and entirely false”, with the four policy areas selected because they are “the key areas that people who live and work in London care most about. They are the primary responsibilities of the Mayor and what he is bound to be judged on.”

The timing of both campaigns is a little eccentric: a little late for Khan’s midterm – that was in May of this year – but still some distance from the next mayoral election in May 2020. For the London Conservatives, it is a big boon that their big message – that Sadiq Khan has done very little as Mayor of London – is being handed out free to Londoners just as they are also handing out that exact same message at Tube stations throughout the capital.

Khan will seek to blame the deficiencies in his record on the cuts devolved down to City Hall – the majority of which were signed off by George Osborne, now the Standard’s editor, when he was still …read more

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Letter: Boycott firms backing Trump with our dollars

Boycott firms backing
Trump with our dollars

Re: “Boycott In-N-Out? Some say yes after company gives $25,000 to California GOP” (, Aug. 30):

I support the boycott against In-N-Out burger because of its $25,000 donation to the Republican Party.

In normal times, this wouldn’t raise my ire, especially since the company donated a similar amount to Democrats. But this is not the normal Republican Party, in my opinion. I believe it’s a party now held hostage, controlled and agendized by Donald Trump, whose lying ways and reprehensible policies are joined by a leadership style that I think has led to moral decline in the U.S. and the world. To me, he is a scourge that I liken to Vietnam or apartheid.

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Since his narcissistic tendencies do not seem to favor dialogue, I think all of us who feel similarly about his reign should move from talking together to taking action together. That includes boycotting corporations that take our consumer dollars and use them to fuel the Trump agenda.

Stephen E. Wright

What do you think about this? What do your friends think? Submit your letter to the editor via this …read more

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