Letter: I’m horrified by the ugly politics and corruption in Cupertino

Letter: I’m horrified by the ugly politics and corruption in Cupertino

I am horrified by the ugly politics that are taking over the Cupertino City Council elections and the corruption taking place at City Hall.

It seems like every day we are being bombarded by nasty mailings and emails from two opposing sides of the Vallco debate. It is unnerving to see the big money being poured into this campaign in the form of vicious attack ads by developers eager to make their case, and the opposing side filled with anti-development voices.

The only candidate who has stood out to me as not being associated with any extreme side, having a larger than one-issue platform, being clear-eyed, articulate, unwaveringly independent and pragmatic is Tara Sreekrishnan.

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We believe that she is the breath of fresh air and hope that this community needs.

Renuka Krishnan

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Lime recalls thousands of scooters after reports of some catching fire


Lime has recalled 2,000 electric scooters in three US cities, it said Wednesday.
The company removed the scooters from service after the Washington Post asked about reports of some newer models catching on fire.
Some Reddit users noticed charging was unavailable in other cities beyond the ones affected by the recall.

Lime has recalled 2,000 of its electric scooters from the streets of Los Angeles, San Diego, and Lake Tahoe, the company said Wednesday, after the Washington Post contacted it about some catching on fire.

In a statement, Lime said it was investigating the “unconfirmed” reported and had pulled the vulnerable models, manufactured by the Chinese company Segway Ninebot, from circulation.

“At no time were riders or members of the public put at risk,” Lime said. “Unfortunately, despite our efforts, we’ve recently received an unconfirmed report that another Segway Ninebot scooter model may also be vulnerable to battery failure, which we are currently investigating.”

Read more: Scooter startup Lime hires former Uber executive to oversee its future growth

Until the problem is solved, scooters will only be charged in Lime facilities and not available to “juicers,” people who are paid by the company charge scooters after-hours. These facilities will be monitored 24/7, the company said, and all scooters in Lime’s fleet, regardless of manufacturer, will undergo a “new daily diagnostic training program.”

While Lime said the problem was limited to the three Western US cities, would-be juicers on reddit said they had noticed an unavailability of harvesting late Tuesday in at least three other cities, including Washington D.C., Oxford, Ohio, and Raleigh, North Carolina.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

“Lime takes full responsibility for our scooters,” it said. “The safety of our riders, Juicers and community is our …read more

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6 myths about bipolar disorder that you should stop believing

depression anxiety mental health

Whether or not you or anyone close to you has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you’ve almost certainly heard the term tossed around in media or daily life.

As the name suggests, bipolar disorder involves vacillation between extreme highs and lows in mood, activity level, and more.

But, bipolar disorder is frequently misunderstood, despite being a relatively common diagnosis — an estimated 4.4% of adults experience bipolar disorder in their lifetime, according to Harvard Medical School.

Here are some common myths and misconceptions about bipolar disorder, and the truths behind them, according to experts.

MYTH: Bipolar is just another word for moody.

Technically, this one is a misuse of terminology. In colloquial speech, it’s common for the word “bipolar” to be used as an adjective, said Lauren Pedersen, LMFT, a psychotherapist based in Connecticut.

“It is often ‘tossed around’ as an explanation or description of a person who is ‘moody’ or whose anger is not understood,” she told INSIDER. “The overuse of the name contributes to stigma and misunderstanding of mental illness in general.

Separating the term from the illness, and using it instead to describe erratic or otherwise unfavorable behavior, can be disrespectful to those who actually have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Being precise and accurate with language is one way to work against the negative connotations that are often associated with mental illnesses and the people who have them.

MYTH: Bipolar disorder really just means mood swings, which everyone has sometimes.

Just like sadness is not the same as depression and nervousness is not the same as anxiety, bipolar disorder is a recognized mental illness which is distinct from neurotypical experience.

“Bipolar has a full set of diagnostic criteria that have to be met in order for the diagnosis to be assigned accurately,” Pedersen told INSIDER. “Regular mood swings that are attributable …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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