5-year-old trick-or-treater tests positive for meth

By Cleve R. Wootson Jr. | The Washington Post

The appointed time for trick-or-treating in Galion, Ohio, is from 2 to 4 p.m. on the last Sunday of October – during daylight hours that make it easier for parents and police to keep costumed kids safe.

This year, rain fell during that two-hour window in the northern Ohio city. Afterward, as Braylen Carwell peeled off his costume and prepared to dive into his haul, he thought his sudden shaking was related to the cold, wet weather.

“I was putting my socks on and then I started to shiver,” the 5-year-old told CBS affiliate WBNS. “And then I couldn’t move my arm or my fingers.”

The child’s father rushed him to a hospital. But by then, “the left side of his face was just droopy and then he fell and then he couldn’t move his left arm,” his mother, Julia Pence, told the station. “And he didn’t know where he was, he didn’t know what he was doing.”

Braylen’s parents thought it was a seizure.

But a urine test revealed the real cause: methamphetamine.

His father, Cambray Carwell, told investigating officers that he had taken his children trick-or-treating on the city’s west side, according to a police report. When they got home, Carwell told police, the children removed their costumes – and Braylen “fell over having a seizure of some sort.”

Braylen had only eaten a couple pieces of candy, his father said, but had placed fake vampire teeth into his mouth before he started shaking.

Carwell said he threw the candy into the trash, and police drove to the father’s house to book the child’s Halloween haul into evidence. Carwell and Pence did not immediately return calls from The Washington Post seeking comment.

No one has been arrested in the drugging, and investigators have not identified a suspect, Galion Police …read more

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Prospect is a stylish science fiction movie that puts world building first

Science fiction tends to be an expensive genre. Bringing the elaborate worlds of Star Wars, the futuristic dystopia of Blade Runner 2049, or the exotic planets and creatures of the Alien franchise to life costs significant money, which naturally encourages studios to greenlight movies that feel like familiar safe bets. And that leads to different versions of the same story being told time and again.

That’s why independent and low-budget science fiction movies are such a vital creative playground, particularly for up-and-coming filmmakers. Projects like Shane Carruth’s Primer and Duncan Jones’ Moon are able to take creative risks that their bigger-budget brethren can’t, resulting in films that rethink what the genre can do, while still…

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12 things you probably didn’t know about ‘Halloweentown’


Even though it’s been 20 years since Disney Channel’s fourth original movie Halloweentown first aired, ’90s kids still look forward to watching the Cromwell kids get into some supernatural mischief once October rolls around.

And though you might consider yourself a wiz when it comes to Halloweentown trivia, there are some behind-the-scenes secrets not even the most loyal of fans know about the film. To brush up on your facts, here are 12 things you definitely didn’t know about the magic behind this cult-favorite movie.

The movie didn’t have a large budget.

The first installment of the Halloweentown franchise was presented to director Duwayne Dunham as a $20 to $30 million project. But they were only given $4 million to film with.

“I liked the story of the kids and their grandmother and the mother and the secret and all of that stuff. But it was like a $20 to $30 million movie when they presented it to me, and at that time, Disney Channel had just started production on their first movie, which was “Brink,” and we were the second one,” Dunham said in an interview with MTV.

“Our concept was great, but the scope was too much for us and our budget. So the trick was how do you keep the tone and the concept intact, and pare it down so we could afford to do this?”

Obviously hey made it work. The film was shot in full over the course of a quick, 24-day span, with actors doubling up costumes on set to create the illusion of a busy town.

You can visit Halloweentown in real life.

The original Halloweentown was filmed in the town square of St. Helens, Oregon, and every year since its release in 1998, the town celebrates All Hallows’ Eve by hosting the Spirit Of …read more

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