China’s smartphone giants reportedly unite to challenge Google’s Play Store

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Huawei, Xiaomi, and BBK’s Oppo and Vivo are working together on a platform that will allow developers outside of China to upload their apps to all of the respective app stores simultaneously, Reuters reports. The manufacturers have joined together under the Global Developer Service Alliance (GDSA) in what appears to be an attempt to challenge the international dominance of Google’s Play Store.

Since the Google Play Store is banned in China, Android users have grown accustomed to downloading apps from a variety of different app stores, many of which are maintained by manufacturers like Huawei and Oppo. But outside of China, the Google Play Store reigns supreme, providing a convenient single location where developers can upload their…

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The most insidious type of cheating isn’t physical. Here are 11 signs your partner could be guilty.


It’s hard to define an emotional affair.
Licensed marriage and family therapist Sheri Meyers wrote the book “Chatting or Cheating,” in which she lists some signs that your partner might be having an emotional affair.
Those signs include wanting more time and space to themselves and getting defensive.
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An “emotional affair” is hard to define — it can be tricky to know if you’re having one, and perhaps even trickier to figure out if your partner is.

That said, there are a few red flags to look out for if you suspect that your partner has romantic feelings for someone else, even if they haven’t acted on them physically. In her 2012 book, “Chatting or Cheating,” licensed marriage and family therapist Sheri Meyers outlines some key indicators that your partner might be involved in an emotional affair.

Below, Business Insider has rounded up nine of those warning signs. Remember: Just because you recognize some of these behaviors in your partner doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been unfaithful.

But if you’re really starting to get worried, it’s a good idea to articulate your concerns to your partner and give them a chance to explain themselves.

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Your partner is spending more time on the computer or phone.

A sudden strong attachment to digital devices could be a red flag.

Meyers writes: “Your partner may ‘stiffen’ when you enter the room, or put the phone away suddenly. They may have increased activity or text messaging, but are more difficult to get ahold of when out of the house.”

Your partner wants more space and time to themselves.

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How a 17-hour flight delay on United ultimately left me with a good impression of the airline

United Business Class 777-200 EWR-DEL

I recently flew United from Newark, NJ to New Delhi, India, using miles to score tickets in business class for my wife and I.
The flight was scheduled to be on a Boeing 777-200 which hadn’t been updated to the new Polaris business class cabin yet — but a last minute switch put us on a plane with the new seats.
Unfortunately, an overnight delay due to snow led to a plane switch, and put us back on a plane with the old seats.
Despite this, I was still impressed with the seats and the service — and by the way that United handled the delay. Read on to see what business class is like on United.
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After an unusually long Lyft ride to Newark, thanks to a short but intense snow squall, I checked in at United’s Premier Access level for my flight to India.

Because I was flying on an international business class ticket, I had access to United’s swanky new Polaris lounge. It featured a range of seating options …

… Including some that cater to solo travelers.

There were a handful of first-come, first-serve private phone booths …

… And nap rooms.

There are also private shower suites for those looking to freshen up before a flight.

As far as food goes, the Polaris lounge has a great selection, including a buffet …

… And a complimentary sit-down restaurant. You’ll need to add your name to a list for a table, but everything’s included.

There’s also a full-service bar around the corner.

We sat down at the restaurant, and I ordered the United Old Fashioned — it turned out to be a good choice.

I also got the burger, …read more

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