15 black models who are taking the fashion world by storm

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The fashion world is slowly becoming more diverse, and models like Winnie Harlow, Jourdan Dunn, and Slick Woods are changing the industry for the better.
There are also male models changing the industry, like Broderick Hunter and Adonis Bosso.
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The 2010s saw the fashion industry embracing diversity more than ever — in fact, 47% of models at the last New York Fashion Week identified as people of color.

But with still more to be done, there are black models working every day to change the industry for the better, including Jillian Mercado, Winnie Harlow, and Precious Lee.

As New York Fashion Week kicks off, here are some of the most important — some already established and some up-and-coming — black models working in the industry today.

Winnie Harlow is one of the most famous and recognizable models working in the industry today.

Harlow’s career began on “America’s Next Top Model” in 2014. After being eliminated, she started working professionally in the industry, appearing in several magazines, including Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Ebony. The model also appeared in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2018.

She is also famous for being outspoken about her skin condition, vitiligo.

“We have to keep educating people,” Harlow wrote in Glamour. “When the Evening Standard ran a picture of me with a caption describing me as a vitiligo ‘sufferer,’ it tore me to shreds. I said to my agent, ‘WTF. Again? Is this a joke?’ That’s how I feel every single time I see that word placed beside my name. It’s something I see often, so I felt like I should say something. Just because you see someone with whatever it is, even a pimple, you don’t get to say that they are suffering. It’s very rude for anyone to describe …read more

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19 unique chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day that go beyond the traditional box of sweets

Chocolate Fondue Pot

Chocolate is one of the most beloved foodstuffs on earth, making it a great choice for Valentine’s Day gifts.
If you want to treat the chocolate fan in your life to something sweet this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered. Some of our favorite gifts include handmade nut butter cups, a hot-chocolate scented candle, and decadently fudgy cake bites from Milk Bar.
This Valentines Day, think outside the box when shopping for the chocolate fiend in your life with these 19 clever gift ideas.

There is a scientific explanation for the human being’s love of chocolate. A rich, complex food that of course tastes great, chocolate contains multiple compounds that can actually elevate the mood and reduce stress. These include the natural neurotransmitter anandamide, similar to a chemical found in cannabis. Eating chocolate also releases dopamine, your brain’s feel-good chemical. And then there’s the sugar, which our body craves.

So if you have an avowed chocolate lover on your holiday shopping list, it’s your job to make sure his or her Valentine’s Day is as tasty, happy, and delicious as possible by providing them with lots of chocolate. Or you could go beyond the mere chocolate bar and get your cocoa enthusiast friend or family member a great book all about the sweet stuff, a choco-scented beauty product, or a delectable chocolaty beverage.

Better yet, make up a chocolate care package with all sorts of great gifts for chocolate lovers. That sure would be sweet of you. (Sorry…)

The top 5 best gifts for chocolate lovers:
Decadent chocolate cake truffles
A hot chocolate-inspired candle
Gourmet nut butter cups in unique flavors
A box …read more

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After using this strange $50 glowing mouse full of holes to play games on PC, I can never go back to regular mice

glorious model o gaming mouse 2

The $50 Glorious Model O is an incredibly lightweight mouse weighing in at only 67 grams versus other wired gaming mice that weigh in over 100 grams.
Such a light mouse is great for fast-paced video games, especially first-person shooters like “Fortnite,” “Apex Legends,” and “Battlefield V.”
The cable is so light and airy that I barely sense it’s there. The Model O is a wired mouse that feels wireless.
It has a high-quality sensor and a fairly basic range of buttons, but it should suffice for many gamers.
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There’s a trend in the PC gaming world surrounding ultra-lightweight gaming mice, and as a gamer myself, I was curious to try one out.

For a while, many of the ultra-lightweight gaming mice were unfortunately expensive, and even hard to get. I first noticed ultra-lightweight mice from a company called Finalmouse, but they cost over $100 and were rarely in stock. And seeing as I already owned an expensive gaming mouse, I wasn’t willing to drop over $100 on yet another mouse.

Then came a mouse from the niche gaming-accessory company Glorious called the “Model O,” which immediately tempted me with its $50 price tag. I bought one, and it’s likely the last gaming mouse I’ll buy — unless something significantly lighter comes along.

Check out the Glorious Model O:

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In many respects, the Glorious Model O is a pretty basic mouse for gaming, and even for general use. It has the usual variety of buttons, including two side buttons, and it’s compatible for both left and right-handers.

To note, however, that the side buttons are only available on the left side, meaning it’s probably best for right-handers …read more

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This AI-powered neural network accurately predicts extreme weather events

Researchers from Rice University have developed a deep learning system that can predict deadly heat waves and winter storms before they happen. The system was trained on hundreds of pairs of maps that showed surface temperatures and air pressures. These included the hot and cold spells that typically lead to extreme weather events. Each pair showed these conditions in the same geographical area, but several days apart. After training, the system was applied to maps that it had never seen before and tasked with making five-day forecasts of extreme weather. The predictions it produced were 85 percent accurate. The researchers chose this approach…

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