This AI-powered neural network accurately predicts extreme weather events

Researchers from Rice University have developed a deep learning system that can predict deadly heat waves and winter storms before they happen. The system was trained on hundreds of pairs of maps that showed surface temperatures and air pressures. These included the hot and cold spells that typically lead to extreme weather events. Each pair showed these conditions in the same geographical area, but several days apart. After training, the system was applied to maps that it had never seen before and tasked with making five-day forecasts of extreme weather. The predictions it produced were 85 percent accurate. The researchers chose this approach…

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Gianna Bryant’s school retired her No. 2 jersey in an emotional memorial ceremony

Kobe and Gianna

Gianna Bryant will be the last student to wear the No. 2 basketball jersey at Harbor Day School.
Gianna, or ‘Gigi,’ and her father Kobe were among nine people to die in a helicopter crash last month.
At a ceremony, her coach, teacher, and peers remembered her caring, humble attitude and drive.

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Harbor Day School, in Corona Del Mar, California, has retired Gianna “Gigi” Bryant’s No. 2 basketball jersey.

On Wednesday, Vanessa Bryant shared a photo of the jersey displayed at the school and video clips of the ceremony.

“My Gigi. I love you! I miss you. You’ve taught us all that no act of kindness is ever too small,” Bryant wrote on Instagram. “Mommy is still and will ALWAYS be so proud of you mamacita.”

Gigi, 13, and her father Kobe Bryant were among nine people killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, on January 26.

Gigi Bryant dreamed of carrying on her father’s legacy and playing in the WNBA. On her school’s basketball team, she wore the No. 2 jersey.

My Gigi. I love you! I miss you. You’ve taught us all that no act of kindness is ever too small. Mommy is still and will ALWAYS be so proud of you mamacita. ❤️#2 🏀
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I ate at Portillo’s, Chicago’s most famous hot dog chain, and I was won over by its cheap, classic food

Portillos Chicago hot dog meal

Hot dogs are serious business in Chicago.
Portillo’s is the most famous chain serving Chicago-style hot dogs.
I ate dinner at Portillo’s on a recent trip to Chicago and was won over by the cheap, classic, and delicious food even though the decor was overwhelming at first.
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Chicago takes hot dogs seriously.

A hot dog is no ketchup-and-mustard affair in the Windy City. A Chicago-style dog gets you all the stinky, spicy, pungent, pickled toppings you could think of — but no ketchup.

On a recent trip to Chicago, I knew I had to stop by the city’s most famous hot dog chain, Portillo’s, which has restaurants all over the US but is mostly based in the Midwest.

It was a dark and chilly night, but nothing keeps this writer from her wienerwurst. Here’s how my dog day dinner went down.

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Wrapped in a warm, fluffy scarf, I made my way through the cold to the Portillo’s location in Chicago’s River North neighborhood.

It’s a flagship location, and it was much bigger and more ostentatious than I was expecting from a hot dog stand.

Above the entrance was a large mural depicting idyllic Midwestern life.

Upon entering, I wasn’t sure I was in the right place. I’d been expecting a hot dog shop, not a cavernous food court.

Portillo’s looked like the love child of a Costco food court and a historical wax museum.

The restaurant was a vast, two-story affair with Chicago memorabilia all over the place, from old photographs to vintage cars.

I was creeped out by the uncanny figures of corn-haired children peering at me from a classic car.

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Check out the pitch deck this London fintech used to raise $15 million from Silicon Valley Bank and Eight Road Ventures

Kevin photo blog header

London-based fintech Rimilia just raised $15 million from VCs including Eight Roads Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank.
The company, founded in 2008, is keen to take advantage of the market for cash flow improvement for large corporates and leverages AI solutions to improve cash flow for businesses.
“This funding helps us build out and take advantage of a market opportunity to scale,” Rimilia CEO Kevin Kimber told Business Insider in an interview. “Based on the growth we’ve achieved and where we want to go, investors were keen to put money in.”
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London-based fintech Rimilia just raised $15 million from VCs including Eight Roads Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, and Kennet Partners.

The company, founded in 2008, is a fintech SaaS provider which uses AI software to corporates to aid with cash management. Rimilia has offices in Reading, UK, London, Colorado and Toronto and wants to take advantage of what it estimates to be a $3 billion cash flow management market. Rimilia is set to open an office in Boston this year as it expands its team following the funding round.

The company’s CEO, Kevin Kimber, spent years building out enterprise SaaS businesses and was formerly a board member at the company through his role at Eight Roads Ventures, one of the investors on this new round.

“When I came into this company I thought ‘There has to be a better way to do this,'” Kimber told Business Insider in an interview. “There’s a $3 billion market opportunity in B2B payments space and we want to be a market leader from London.”

The funding will help continue the company’s geographic expansion with 67 people hired last year and more to come, according to Kimber, who became CEO in March 2019. “This funding helps us build out …read more

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