The best indoor herb gardens you can buy

the best indoor herb gardens

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Indoor herb gardens make for delicious meals year-round.
There are many options, but the best ones are easy to set up and have successful seed growth, even if you don’t have gardening experience.
Our top pick, the AeroGarden Classic 6 with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit, includes six gourmet herb seed pots and allows for year-round garden growth.

Herbs enhance the flavor of any meal, but it’s too easy to run out of a particular herb once you’ve already started preparing dinner. Buying an entire bundle of parsley at the store doesn’t make much sense if you only need a bit of it for a recipe. Growing an own indoor herb garden solves these problems, and ensures that you’ll have herbs on hand, year-round.

When it comes to indoor herb garden kits, though, you’re sure to run into variations in quality. Some kits have poor seed growth success rates, while others are made with flimsy materials that you’ll soon need to replace. Don’t waste your time with trial-and-error in an attempt to find an herb garden that works for you. We’ve already done the work and have found the best indoor herb gardens you can buy.

The herb gardens in this list are ideal for indoor use, although some of them can be transferred outside. The kits are beginner friendly, so if you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. These herb gardens have been chosen for their quality, practicality, and design. Some of the planters use innovative ways to grow a garden within your home, and the …read more

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How to make a hanging indent in Google Docs, for works cited pages and more


A hanging indent is when every line in a paragraph is indented except for the first line, which instead starts at the margin.
You can make a hanging indent in Google Docs by moving the indent control, which looks like an upside-down triangle, to the right but leaving the margin control (the rectangle over the indent control) at the left margin.
The Google Docs margin and indent controls will initially move together, so you’ll need to move the margin control back to the left margin after positioning the indent control.

A hanging indent is essentially the opposite of the common indent you’re used to seeing most of the time.

Unlike an ordinary indent — in which the first line of a paragraph is set to the right and the rest of the text returns to the left margin — a hanging indent leaves the first line at the left margin, and then indents all the following lines in the paragraph.

It’s a style commonly used for bibliographies and “works cited” pages in MLA format, and sometimes for creating lists within documents.

You can insert a hanging indent in nearly every word processor, including Google Docs.

How to make a hanging indent on a Google doc

1. If it’s not already visible at the top of your Google Docs document, turn on the ruler by clicking View and then clicking Show Ruler.

2. Select the text that you want to indent. This can be a single paragraph, multiple paragraphs, or the entire document.

3. On the ruler, find the left indent control (which looks like a blue triangle pointed down) and the left margin control (which is a small blue rectangle). They are usually stacked together and located in the left margin.

4. Click and drag the left indent (the triangle) to the …read more

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