YouTube Music launches in 12 more countries, including the UK and Canada

YouTube is gradually increasing the reach of its YouTube Music streaming service. As of today, the service is available in 12 more countries. This includes the bulk of Western Europe, plus Russia and Canada. The full list of countries to get YouTube Music are as follows: Austria Canada Finland France Germany Ireland Italy Norway Russia Spain Sweden The United Kingdom In addition, anyone in these countries can sign up to YouTube Premium — the company’s ad-free service, which includes access to the site’s original content catalog. YouTube has also said that anyone in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and…

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Nvidia’s AI creates amazing slow motion video by ‘hallucinating’ missing frames

Nvidia’s researchers developed an AI that converts standard videos into incredibly smooth slow motion. The broad strokes: Capturing high quality slow motion footage requires specialty equipment, plenty of storage, and setting your equipment to shoot in the proper mode ahead of time. Slow motion video is typically shot at around 240 frames per second (fps) — that’s the number of individual images which comprise one second of video. The more fps you have, the better the image quality. The impact: Anyone who has ever wished they could convert part of a regular video into a fluid slow motion clip can…

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Want a high-paying job in IT security? This $69 mega-training will get you there

With high-level threats at an all-time high, men and women trained to protect systems from attacks by these dark forces are in high demand. If you’re interested in a front-line, high-paying post in the war on cyber-terrorism, you can start with the training from packages like this Cybersecurity Certification Mega Bundle. …read more

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