Ricky Romero on innings for starters, Joey Bats’ future, and Happ’s success

The former Blue Jay comments on the the reduced workload starters have in today’s MLB, representing the Blue Jays in an All-Star Game alongside Jose Bautista, if he sees Joey Bats playing another season, the development of J. A. Happ, competing against the Red Sox & Yankees, and to promote the Blue Jays Winter Fest this weekend at Rogers Centre.

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Top 20 NHL trade candidates: Who will stay, who will go?

This year’s NHL trade deadline may be one of the more difficult to predict in years. Just trying to separate the buyers from the sellers is a chore as teams such as St. Louis and Arizona — left for dead weeks ago — now find themselves knocking on the door of a wild-card spot.

Meanwhile, those such as Colorado, Minnesota or Buffalo who looked like near-locks for the post-season a month ago have since gone through extended stretches of mediocrity and are now either out, or on the precipice of being out, of their conference’s top eight. How will those teams approach the Feb. 25 deadline?

There aren’t many teams that have locked down a playoff spot, which makes the line between buyer and seller a little blurred. At the very least, some teams that turn out as buyers may only take a tepid approach.

“Who’s going to step up and go after the big pieces? Who’s going after Jake Muzzin?” asked Elliotte Friedman on the Fan 960 last week. “Who’s going after the Ottawa guys if they hit the market? That to me is the bigger question: Who’s going to take the run? Is Colorado with all their assets going to take a run this year or are they going to say, ‘We’re not good enough this year, we’re going to wait until next year.’”

We’ve come to expect some of the biggest names to be traded in the off-season or around the draft, when teams have more fluidity around the salary cap. But there is no shortage of names again this season being mentioned in the rumour mill in the lead-up to the 2019 trade deadline.

Here are our top 20 trade candidates, which will be updated between now and deadline day.

Tape II Tape

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Why Burke was so embarrassed watching ‘morons’ boo Gardiner

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NHL Power Rankings: What Does the Coach Say? Edition

He is your wise teacher, your greatest supporter, and your harshest critic.

He is your boss, and his words serve as a job review — daily, often publicly.

He is your head coach, for now.

Yes, with GMs (usually) speaking calmly and with less frequency, and with players embracing the safety of the cliché, there are few better ways to gauge the internal temperature of a hockey team.

Without further ado, we present our NHL Power Rankings: What Does the Coach Say? Edition.

As always, the clubs are listed in order of which ones we believe are the most dangerous today.

For the write-ups, we’ve handpicked a recent quote from all 31 bench bosses (thank you, beat reporters everywhere!) that speaks to each team’s current mood.

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1. Tampa Bay Lightning

“The Stamkoses, Callahans, the McDonaghs, the Girardis and Stralmans… you want to put them in positions to have success in those roles, but they have to take pride in that. That’s what the team is doing, taking pride in that.” —Jon Cooper on the depth of Lightning leadership.

2. Calgary Flames

“I think it’ll be good to get the time off for Gio.” —Bill Peters on Norris candidate Mark Giordano’s all-star game snub.

3. San Jose Sharks

“He’s just comfortable. It was a big transition off the ice personally and coming into a new dressing room, getting used to teammates, getting used to how we play and how his game fits inside our structure. There were …read more

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