Spanish Prime Minister Forced Out Of Office In No-Confidence Vote

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Mariano Rajoy is no longer Spain’s prime minister after he was forced out of the office by a no-confidence vote.

Pedro Sánchez, the leader of the country’s Socialist Party, is set to take Rajoy’s place. Sanchez originally filed the motion of no-confidence against Rajoy after a corruption scandal within Rajoy’s Popular Party.

Spain’s constitution hands over power to the party that brings a no-confidence vote against a sitting prime minister should that vote succeed.

Sánchez’s tenure in the position might not last long. The Socialists only hold 84 of the 350 seats in Parliament, and Sanchez’s government is tentatively held together by an alliance of far-left and regional parties. If that falls apart, there will likely be an election.

That adds to the already uncertain political climate in southern Europe, where Italy is set to form a coalition government run by two parties skeptical of the European Union.

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Will Apple discuss its MacBook keyboard problems at WWDC?

It’s not exactly a secret that Apple’s updated MacBook and MacBook Pro have keyboard issues. The butterfly style switches — which Apple first introduced with the 12-inch MacBook in 2015, and then brought over to the MacBook Pro lineup with the 2016 redesign — are famously problematic, with the issue really coming into the spotlight after Casey Johnston wrote about them at The Outline. The new key switches have the unfortunate tendency to fail completely after just a single spec of dust or two manages to find its way under the keys, with a delicate design that makes removing them to clear out the offending dust a dangerous proposition that can destroy your keyboard if done incorrectly.

According to a report from AppleInsider, the 2016…

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12 new tech trends that VC investors say will completely change life and business in the next four years

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Each year, the Churchill Club, a 32-year-old thought leadership organization based in Silicon Valley, hosts a debate among some of the leading, and most opinionated, tech and business luminaries. This year, five venture capitalists from Sequoia Capital, Greylock Partners, and other top tech firms laid out their predictions for what non-obvious tech trends will emerge with the potential for explosive growth around 2021.

That’s just a few years away, and according to these tech industry insiders there will be some pretty big changes between now and then. At the 20th annual Top 10 Tech Trends debate last week, we learned that investors are brimming with optimism — and just a bit of fear — over what’s to come in tech.

We’ve republished their predictions here in full.

Here are the 10 tech trends to expect:

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Here’s the lineup:
David Cowan, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners
Sarah Guo, General Partner, Greylock Partners
Nicole Quinn, Consumer Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners
Tomasz Tunguz, Partner, Redpoint Ventures
Mike Vernal, Partner, Sequoia Capital

Driven by high-growth companies building a better ecosystem for space travel, the human species is closer than ever before to colonizing Mars and beyond. Cowan believes that someday soon, companies in mining, manufacturing, media, tourism, energy, defense, and more, will be able to buy off-the-shelf products and services for extraterrestrial travel that will help expand their businesses beyond Earth.

“Today if your business is a global business, that may not be enough. You have to think bigger,” Cowan said.

Self-driving cars. Electric scooters. Algorithms that set delivery trucks’ routes.

The changing ways that people and goods move from point to point will have massive second-order effects, according to Guo. For example, she suggested that as ride-sharing and self-driving cars become more …read more

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