3 reasons why you might not be getting approved for the best credit cards

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Have you been having trouble getting approved for credit cards? It could be because your credit isn’t in the best place — even though some credit reporting services might say you have good credit.
If you don’t have a credit history, have more credit card debt than long-term debt, or have some negative marks on your credit report like bankruptcy, you could be denied for the best credit card offers.
By understanding how negative points are preventing you from getting more approvals, you can make changes that will improve your odds over time — allowing you to earn more rewards for your everyday spending.
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If you have “good” credit but keep getting declined for big points and miles bonuses from credit cards, or have noticed a decline in “pre-approved” offers coming to your mail, it may have everything to do with your credit report.

It is entirely possible to believe your credit is in a good place, but banks and other lenders may see it otherwise.

Getting your credit score through one of many different free services may present an optimistic view of your credit history and current situation. However, while you pay your balances on time and try to use your available balances responsibly, your reports may not be as stellar as you think. The result is often lower FICO scores and mixed reviews of your position across all three credit bureaus — resulting in rejections.

What’s holding you back from getting the credit you deserve? More importantly, how can you improve your situation and start receiving rewards for your spending? Before you put in another unsuccessful application, start by checking these three situations.

You don’t have a credit history

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MORGAN STANLEY: An overlooked signal could determine the future of the stock market — and early indications suggest a tough road ahead

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With the removal of a key technical indicator, the ongoing equity bull market runs the risk of losing steam on weak internals.
Morgan Stanley explains why narrow leadership and overt divergence between market sectors worsens the overall equity outlook for 2019.
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Morgan Stanley thinks investors are missing out on a crucial underlying market signal — one that could very well determine the longevity of the ongoing bull market.

The firm is referring to breadth, which measures how many stocks in an index are rising versus the number that are falling. Strong breadth means a large number of companies are doing the heavy lifting, while a weak reading implies that gains are concentrated in the hands of just a few.

In short, the more individual stocks participating in a move, the stronger the trend at hand, and vice versa.

In an environment where myriad factors are pushing and pulling equities at any given time — the trade war, Federal Reserve monetary policy, and earnings growth chief among them — breadth is a good reality check for the actual health of the market. To that end, Morgan Stanley has a stark warning.

The firm has been watching breadth for weeks, and it says the metric has flipped away the bullish territory it occupied a few months ago. In fact, Morgan Stanley noticed some key warning signs, such as the underperformance of cyclicals and the outperformance of defensive shares.

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