How to move apps on your Samsung Galaxy S10’s homescreen or Apps screen

Galaxy S10

You can move apps on a Samsung Galaxy S10 by tapping and holding the icon until it starts to wiggle.
When it starts to wiggle, if you move the icon you can reposition it on the current page. If you continue to hold it, it’ll make a copy on the Home screen.
Moving apps on your Galaxy S10 is a great way to customize your homescreen and Apps screen, so your most used apps are right where you need them.
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Your Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t feel like “home” until you’ve rearranged the app icons to suit your needs and preferences.

After all, why settle for the default arrangement when you can easily put your favorite apps on the homescreen, and organize the Apps screen just the way you like?

You can move apps on your Galaxy S10 with a simple gesture. Here’s how.

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How to move apps on a Samsung Galaxy S10

Moving, arranging, and managing app icons all starts with a single gesture: Tap and hold the app for about a second. But what you do next depends on how you want to interact with the app.

Place an app on the homescreen

Tap and hold an app on the Apps screen. If you keep your finger on the icon, after a moment it’ll appear on the homescreen for fast and easy access.

The app hasn’t really “moved” — a copy of the app is now on the Home screen, but you can still find the app where it used to be on the Apps screen as well.

If you do this to an app that’s already on the homescreen, it’ll simply …read more

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The 6 movies coming to Netflix in November that are worth your time


The month is finally here for Scorsese’s epic “The Irishman.”

Netflix is responsible for bankrolling a project Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro had been talking about for years, a gangster movie set around the man who says he killed Jimmy Hoffa. “The Irishman” will be available on the streaming giant at the end of the month.

Before then, there are some other titles worth watching, including “Rosemary’s Baby,” “Rounders,” and “Step Brothers.” But we have a feeling you’ll be counting down the days until “The Irishman” is available on November 27.

See below the 6 movies coming to Netflix this month we think you should check out:

“The King” (Available November 1)

Timothée Chalamet, Robert Pattinson, Joel Edgerton, and Ben Mendelsohn round out the cast in this look at young King Henry V (played by Chalamet).

“Rosemary’s Baby” (Available November 1)

Halloween is over but it’s never the wrong time to see Roman Polanski’s classic. Follow Mia Farrow as she realizes she’s carrying the seed of Satan.

“Rounders” (Available November 1)

Written by the creators of “Billions,” this look at the underground gambling scene in New York City has only grown in stature over the years. Matt Damon and Edward Norton give top-notch performances as two friends who play poker on a level most will never aspire to. And it gets them in a lot of trouble.

“Step Brothers” (Available November 1)

Need a laugh? Yes, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are great, but I can never get enough of the Kathryn Hahn scenes in this movie.

“District 9” (Available November 4)

The mix of science fiction and issues of immigration is done perfectly here to deliver a powerful story.

“The Irishman” (Available November 27)

Martin Scorsese’s epic gangster movie is a must see. Robert De Niro’s performance of a man’s life in the mob (that includes his involvement in the Bay of …read more

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‘Why won’t my Samsung Galaxy S10 update?’: 4 ways to fix your Galaxy S10 when updates won’t install properly

Galaxy S10

If your Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t update properly, there are a few ways you can fix the issue and update your phone.
You should make sure you’re installing the update on a reliable Wi-Fi network and then try restarting your Galaxy S10 to refresh device.
If the problem persists, you can try to install the update from Samsung’s Smart Switch app or by wiping the cache partition on the phone.
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When your Samsung Galaxy S10 is working properly – which, hopefully, is most of the time – it should automatically install system updates.

Sometimes, though, a glitch on your phone prevents an update from installing.

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Why your Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t update, and how to fix it

There are any number of possible reasons for this issue, but you can generally troubleshoot your Galaxy S10 and get the update installed without too much trouble.

Try these methods to fix your Galaxy S10, and if none of them work, you may want to contact Samsung support to update your device.

Make sure you’re using Wi-Fi

One of the first things you should do is ensure that your Galaxy S10 is connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network.

Updates might not download over a cellular connection, and if your Wi-Fi is spotty (or if you’re using public Wi-Fi) it might fail as well. Go home or to the office and try again with a stronger Wi-Fi connection.

Restart your Galaxy S10

When your computer is misbehaving, the first thing a support technician will tell you is to turn it …read more

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