THE MOBILE BANKING COMPETITIVE EDGE REPORT: How banks rank on offering the features consumers say are critical for choosing a bank

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Banks are going to new lengths to attract and retain customers with mobile features.

In Business Insider Intelligence’s Mobile Banking Competitive Edge study, 83% of respondents said they use mobile banking. And banks are investing in mobile banking capabilities at unprecedented levels: Bank of America tripled its 2015 mobile banking budget in 2016, and maintained it through 2017, for example. Cutting-edge banking services are “table-stakes to attract and retain customers,” according to Michelle Moore, Head of Digital at Bank of America.

Business Insider Intelligence’s first Mobile Banking Competitive Edge Report identifies which mobile banking and emerging features are most important to consumers when choosing a bank. The study ranks the largest 15 banks and credit unions in the US by whether they offer the mobile features that customers say they care most about. The report helps channel strategists choose which features they should focus their attention on, and lets them see how they compare to rival banks in offering those features.

This study uses exclusive data from the BI Insiders Panel (BIIP), an exclusive online community of 17,000 of our readers from all over the world. Designed to be a leading-edge indicator of what’s next in digital, BIIP members tend to be affluent, tech-savvy early adopters. This means that the BIIP community is an especially sensitive indicator of what consumers will buy and adopt, as well as what behaviors, devices, and platforms will be the winners in digital disruption.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the report:

Wells Fargo leads the pack. The bank offers in-demand mobile transfer capabilities, along with competitive …read more

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There could be big consequences for Google if YouTube can’t get its act together for advertisers (GOOG, GOOGL)

Susan Wojcicki

Despite all of YouTube’s popularity, and no matter how much ad money it stuffed into Google’s coffers during the past quarter, the site’s future is cloudier than ever.

Late Thursday night, CNN published a report that calls into question the effectiveness of YouTube’s year-long efforts to remove material that advertisers found objectionable. Representatives for YouTube were not immediately available for comment.

In March 2017, it was reported that ads from Fortune 500 companies were appearing on videos promoting hate speech, terrorism and wild conspiracy theories. In response, YouTube began to rid the site of offensive and disturbing clips.

That was supposed to be the end of the story — but CNN recently found ads on YouTube, paid for by more than 300 companies and government groups, that continue to run alongside unsavory fare. The cable news channel wrote that the videos included such themes as white nationalism, pedophilia, and North Korean propaganda.

Some of the advertisers affected told CNN that they were pulling their ads until YouTube corrected these issues. But that’s the big question now: Does YouTube have the ability to police the service? At minimum, can YouTube’s managers create a safe haven for advertisers?

If not, the situation could have big implications for Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc., and its relationship with Wall Street. Google is considered a growth company but investors want to know where that growth will come from in the future.

It’s against this background that Alphabet will announce its latest quarterly earnings on Monday. Analysts expect Alphabet to report first-quarter earnings of $9.33 per share on revenue of $30.3 billion, according to Thomson Reuters.

In search of something new

For some time, the financial world has wondered when one of Alphabet’s promising side ventures might develop into another significant source of revenue. One day, even the revenue …read more

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Kanye West applauds Black Lives Matter critic; Twitter responds: ‘This is so disturbing’

Kanye West voiced his liking of outspoken, alt-right YouTube personality Candace Owens on Saturday, sending Twitter into a tizzy.

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Candace Owens has proven to be anti-Black, anti-LGBTQ and fact-hating.
(Honestly, there are so many more descriptors.)

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