Jennifer Lopez explains the ‘refreshing’ reason she fell for Alex Rodriguez

jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez appeared on NBC’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Tuesday and gushed over her relationship with Alex Rodriguez, who she has been publicly dating since 2017.
“He’s come into my life and really contributed in such a way,” the “Second Act” star said, explaining that he’s “supportive” and “loving.”
Lopez added: “Some people try to dull you down or squish you down and he’s so not like that and it’s just so refreshing. It’s just a beautiful thing. He’s just a very generous, loving spirit [and] soul.”
Watch the video below.

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The best snowboards you can buy

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With a great snowboard strapped to your feet, you’ll be ready to charge down the mountain, carve through powder, or ollie, gorilla grab, and front flip your way through the terrain park.
The Burton Ripcord Snowboard is our top choice because it’s a progression-friendly board that’s suitable for use by novice boarders but still plenty of fun for advanced riders.

It’s difficult to trace the exact origins of many of the world’s most popular sports. Versions of soccer, golf, lacrosse, and other recreational activities go back many thousands of years and have gone through countless variations over the generations. Snowboarding, however, is a markedly different story. We can mark the creation of this now global sport almost to the day, and certainly to the place and the person.

In the winter of 1965, a man named Sherman Poppen created what would be the first functional snowboard when he attached a pair of skis together side by side, creating a wide monoski style platform with a rope handle affixed to the front of the board.

Named the Snurfer by Poppen’s wife, the new device was designed expressly for use by the Poppen’s children. But upon seeing how much his girls and their friends loved the new Snurfer, Poppen realized his one-off invention had big potential. The Snurfer was licensed and went into manufacture within a matter of months, and a million of these rudimentary snowboards would be sold within the next ten years.

About a decade later, the world saw the first effectively modern snowboard. It was developed by Jake Burton — who remains at the forefront of snowboard innovation and …read more

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