Stipe Miocic reclaims UFC heavyweight belt by thumping Daniel Cormier to the floor with nasty left hands

Stipe Miocic reclaims UFC heavyweight belt fight result Daniel Cormier

Stipe Miocic became a two-time UFC heavyweight champion after knocking Daniel Cormier out at UFC 241 on Saturday.
Miocic was trailing on the scorecards as Cormier had taken an early lead, but then got sloppy.
Miocic saw his opening, thumped Cormier with nasty left hands, and floored the Californian in the fourth round.
Cormier appeared to consider retirement after the bout, telling the UFC commentator Joe Rogan that he would have to talk to his wife and made an “educated decision.”

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Stipe Miocic scored a thumping knockout win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 241, avenging his stunning 2018 loss to the Californian.

Miocic was trailing on the scorecards as Cormier lifted him off the canvas and slams him on his back in the opening round alone.

In the second and third rounds he clipped Miocic with short, crisp punching, and though he spat blood out his own mouth, seemingly outboxed the 36-year-old.

Cormier defended a Miocic takedown in the third, escaped when he had his back to the fence, and out-punched Miocic through to the bell.

6’5″ 230lbs and Cormier picks him up like nothing!#UFC241

— UFC (@ufc) August 18, 2019

Miocic, though, changed everything in the fourth.

He took control of the fight for good by pounding Cormier’s body, then targetted the reigning champion with meticulously-placed shots — lefts to the gut, hard right hands to the face, then back to the ribs.

With one more attack, Miocic continued to land until Cormier was against the fence, then falling awkwardly to a heap on the floor. It was here, where Miocic peppered his gloved knuckles all over Cormier until the referee, Herb Dean, intervened.

It was a conclusive finish and Miocic, who had been knocked out bad in one round last year, was a champion …read more

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Nate Diaz completely outclassed Anthony Pettis, then challenged Jorge Masvidal to an East vs. West Coast gangster fight

Nate Diaz kicks Anthony Pettis at UFC 241

Nate Diaz completely outclassed Anthony Pettis at UFC 241.
Diaz won every round on every judges scorecard, besting Pettis in style.
He then used his victory speech to challenge Jorge Masvidal to a fight between East and West Coast gangsters.

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Nate Diaz just bested Anthony Pettis in style, in command through the entire three-round bout at UFC 241 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

Diaz hadn’t fought for three years so there were question marks over how good he could be against Pettis, who entered their welterweight fight on a high having knocked out Stephen Thompson in wondrous fashion, last year.

But it was Diaz who forced the action and Diaz who dictated the pace as the Stockton native won a unanimous decision with three scores of 30-27, using his victory speech to challenge Jorge Masvidal in an East Coast vs. West Coast gangster battle.

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Against Pettis, Diaz rarely looked like he lost control. It was Diaz who had the superior sense of distance and how to control it, it was Diaz who could escape the submission attempts Pettis tried to lock in, and Diaz who made Pettis gas after only two rounds.

The 34-year-old did much of his best work in the clinch, landing plenty of knees to his opponent’s face, tiring Pettis further. In the third, Diaz had chances to score a finish in his comeback, working top position then failing with a triangle, but overall did enough to win every round on every judges scorecard in what was a dominant win for the crowd favorite.

Diaz is teeing off on Pettis as round 2 comes to a close!#UFC241

— UFC …read more

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Paulo Costa out-pummels Yoel Romero in an extraordinary, compelling, brutal battle between 2 fighters who looked like Greek Gods

Paulo Costa and Yoel Romero fight result

Paulo Costa out-pummeled Yoel Romero in a captivating battle at UFC 241.
Costa was awarded a unanimous decision because of a hat-trick of 29-28 scorecards thanks to his relentless striking.
With both fighters looking, and fighting, like high-powered genetic freaks, Costa vs. Romero will likely go down as one for the ages.

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When Greek Gods turned on each other at the peak of Mount Olympus, whoever was lucky enough to be within watching distance would probably have seen something as wild as Yoel Romero vs. Paulo Costa.

These were two men who look like what the casual sports fan would probably think of if they were to imagine a cagefighter — swole athletes with fist-like abs, an oversized trapezius, and hulking, vein-popping biceps.

Romero and Costa is what happens when high-powered genetic-freaks fight, because in the opening round alone, they teed off on each others faces and bodies, exchanging jabs, hook shots, and uppercuts until they had exchanged flash knockdowns, electrifying the Honda Center crowd in Anaheim, California.

Paulo Costa is looking to erase Yoel Romero@BorrachinhaMMA #UFC241

— ESPN MMA (@espnmma) August 18, 2019

Neither fighter relented after getting dropped, with Romero upping the pace further with a flying knee. Feral striking led to an accidental low blow when Costa struck Romero’s groin with his kneecap, leaving the Cuban gesticulating theatrically on the floor, then against the fence when he had finally gotten back to his feet.

With Costa’s expert punching, he fought his fight against a veteran renowned for his wrestling, and that continued into the second round when he pressured Romero with an extraordinary come-forward style. Romero finally scored a takedown late in the round but it was too late to affect the score, with Costa doing enough to win both …read more

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Jeffrey Epstein reportedly purchased 2 small pairs of women’s panties from the Palm Beach jail’s commissary

jeffrey epstein

During Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 stint at the Palm Beach County Jail, he once bought two small pairs of women’s panties, The Miami Herald reported Saturday.
It’s unclear why Epstein made the bizarre purchases, or why he was permitted to buy them.
The panties were among hundreds of purchases — most of them mundane — that Epstein made during his 13-month jail sentence.
Epstein spent roughly $2,000 at the jail’s commissary on items like coffee, snacks, shampoo, and toothpaste.
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The financier Jeffrey Epstein once bought two pairs of small women’s panties from the commissary at the Palm Beach jail more than a decade ago, The Miami Herald reported Saturday, citing newly obtained purchase logs.

The panties were size 5, and among hundreds of purchases he made over the course of his 13-month jail stint for soliciting sex with a minor, the newspaper reported.

It’s unclear why Epstein made the bizarre purchases, or why he was permitted to buy them.

Epstein died by suicide last Saturday at a Manhattan jail, where he was being held on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy. A medical examiner found that he hanged himself inside his cell, setting off a furor over the jail’s conditions and why Epstein was removed from suicide watch just weeks earlier.

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The accused sex trafficker was previously incarcerated at the Palm Beach County Jail for 13 months beginning in 2008, but spent much of his stint at his office after a widely criticized work-release deal brokered with the sheriff.

Epstein spent six days per week and 12 hours per day at his office, supervised by off-duty deputies.

Most of his other commissary purchases were more mundane, including 800 single-serve cups of coffee, …read more

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