Ask Amy: He’s a bully who forces us to change the channel

Columnist Amy Dickinson  (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune)

DEAR READERS: This week I am running topical “Best Of” columns while I’m on book tour, meeting readers of my memoir, “Strangers Tend to Tell Me Things,” which is now out in paperback. I’ll be back next week with more answers and advice directed toward a fresh batch of dilemmas. Today’s topic is marriage.

Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune)

DEAR AMY: For years, my husband has been controlling our radio and television programming. When I choose a radio station, he tells me the music is garbage, and he’ll tune it to his station. Until now, I’ve never felt it was worth arguing over.

Yesterday he was out of the house, and I was listening to a station that my daughters and I enjoy. When my husband came home, my daughter expressed her concern that the station was “not one of daddy’s.” She didn’t want to be confronted by him. She went upstairs.

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Sure enough, he came in, realized that it was not one of his stations, said the music was garbage and turned off the radio, despite my objections.

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