First look at upscale Pruneyard Cinemas in Campbell

Its finally showtime at Pruneyard Cinemas in Campbell, where moviegoers can recline in luxury, munching on cornmeal crusted fried pickles and sipping a Moscow Mule while taking in “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Yes, you can still get popcorn. But now you’ve got a choice between classic with real butter and sweet or savory varieties. And to top it off, it’s all brought to your seat by stealthy, ninja-like servers.

“I think we’re offering an experience that is unique to this area,” said Ed Rathmann, who owns Willow Street Pizza and Main Street Burgers, and partnered on the project with Camera Cinemas co-founder Jack Nyblom, public relations guru Dan Orloff and attorney Paul Liebow.

That unique experience comes at a premium — regular tickets are $13 most days of the week, going up to $16 on Friday and Saturday and dropping to $8 on Tuesdays. While most of the food offerings will put you back $12-$15 each, that’s not bad for a banh mi sandwich with fries ($15), a margherita flatbrad ($13) or pineapple lemongrass chicken wings ($11).

All the foodie-friendly offerings and drinks come from the Cedar Room, a bar and eatery attached to the theater complex that’s also open to the non-moviegoing public. Of course, this space used to be Boswell’s, a popular dive bar and live music venue that had been around for decades. (Boswell’s stained glass is gone, but a couple of potted plants hanging from the ceiling intentionally recall its status as a 1970s fern bar.)

With a pool table and a long menu of craft cocktails, beer and wine, Bar Manager Drew Johnson said the Cedar Room aims to capture the casual, neighborhood bar vibe the old bar had — but with really good drinks and food. “We’re trying to bridge the gap between old and …read more

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‘Saved by the Bell’ pop-up restaurant opens: See photos of the Max recreated in West Hollywood

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In West Hollywood, there’s a shopping center at the intersection of La Brea Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard that’s home to one of this year’s most anticipated pop-up restaurants.

If you walk along Santa Monica Boulevard, just past the BevMo!, you’ll know it by the poster on the window that you’ve arrived at Saved by the Max.

This neon-splashed diner opens Tuesday, May 1 and runs through Sept. 2019, with tickets for what’s being dubbed Second Semester going on sale at noon Friday, May 4.

Saved by the Max recreates the look and feel of The Max, a popular hangout on the ’90s teen sitcom, complete with neon signs, upholstered diner booths and vintage arcade games.

As people enter the space, they step into the halls of Bayside High School, with trophy cases and a row of red lockers devoted to the show’s high school characters. Each locker displays items that recall famous moments on the show, such as the crutches used by Lisa Turtle (portrayed by Lark Voorhies) after she sprained her ankle before the dance contest.

On the payphone across the room, diners find a white slip with 1-900-CRUSHED, a wink to when Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s character Zack Morris comes up with a money-making scheme to offer relationship advice for profit.

Bayside High principal Mr. Belding’s office, complete with wood paneling, a desk, and bookcase of trophies and textbooks, is in a private dining area just off the main room.

“We just tried to pay attention to all those details,” said Derek Berry, the pop-up’s co-partner, and a super fan. “It’s going to intrigue your friends on social media and make you think, Did I see everything?”

Or everybody.

On select nights, …read more

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Over the Rainbow Bridge — memorializing our pets

Anyone who has a pet knows that their lives are much too short, and their losses in our lives much too great.

As Memorial Day approaches this month, we decided to provide a memorial to all out pets that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge with a special slideshow.

Upload your pictures, along with a few words about your pet, then bookmark this article and check back often to watch the memorial grow.

Here are some of our past slideshows:

Springtime for pets
Napping pets
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Pets on the go
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Pet pals
Older pets

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Dumbo’s flying again at Disneyland – and now he’s really shady

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Dumbo has been cleared to fly over Disneyland once again and he’s got something he’s never had before: a brand-new shade structure to provide relief from the burning rays to patient visitors for the first time in the ride’s 62-year history.

“It looks fantastic,” Disneyland super fan Gavin Doyle said Monday afternoon after getting his first glimpse of the revamped attraction. “They took all the vibrant colors and expanded them.”

Dumbo operates on a simple so-called “spinner” ride mechanism that, from a theme park designer’s standpoint, has been done 1,000 different times at 1,000 different parks. In fact, the Astro Orbiter in Tomorrowland operates on essentially the same design. No fancy, state-of-the-art, bone-jarring hydraulics here. Just lifting riders in the air and spinning them around an axis in a gentle circle.

Yet it’s been a perennial fan favorite since it opened, likely due to the universal appeal of flying baby elephants, the ability of the entire family to ride it, and that small kids can operate the levers that move it up and down.

“It’s an aerial view of Fantasyland – this whimsical place,” said Doyle, who runs the website. “And there’s something about flying in the air.

Based on the 1941 animated movie “Dumbo,” this Fantasyland ride was supposed to be ready when Disneyland opened in July 1955, but it was slightly delayed because engineers were working unsuccessfully on ways to make the ears of its 16 flying elephants wiggle.

Finally, the ride opened a month late and it’s been a hit ever since, despite the stationary ears. Every Disney theme park location in the world contains a Dumbo ride, and an estimated 90 million people have …read more

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