Villa Italian Kitchen’s Festival Pyzza pokes fun at Fyre Festival

They’re calling it “the greatest pizza that never happened,” with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Today, Villa Italian Pizza, the quick-service pizza chain with locations in San Jose and Livermore, announced the launch of its Festival Pyzza. The special, which is inspired by the failed April 2017 Fyre Festival in the Bahamas, features a slice of pie with two slices of individually-wrapped packaged processed cheese product and an undressed salad of spring greens “for the fire-y price of $25.”

According to a press release, the Festival Pyzza is “a new luxury pizza experience for only the wealthiest consumers and industry influencers to enjoy.” It’s a jab at the flash and subsequent crash of what was supposed to be a highly exclusive, over-the-top luxury music festival filled with celebrities and supermodels.

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If you’ve seen one of the two documentaries that dropped this January — Netflix’s “FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened” and Hulu’s “Fyre Fraud” — you know that the botched festival and its leader, Billy McFarland, never delivered. Far from it.

Instead of the lavish meals and private villas, ticket-holders were greeted with shabby rain-soaked tents and a sad plate of food very similar to the one Villa Italian Kitchen is promoting. McFarland was sentenced to six years in jail for wire fraud.

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Antique upright pianos seldom sold for more than $500

By Helaine Fendelman and Joe Rosson

Dear Helaine and Joe:

I inherited this antique upright piano marked “R. Gors and Kallmann, Kaiserl. U. Konigl. Hoflieferanten, Berlin.” I believe it dates from approximately 1913 or 1914. The black finish was polished but all else seems to be original. I know it was given to my family by an emperor and would like to know its true history and value. We still play it and intend to keep it in the family for the near future.

Thank you,


Dear H.:

We understand why you might believe this was given by an emperor because of the double-headed eagle insignia and the words “Kaiserl U. Konigl. Hoflieferanten.” But all this means is R. Gors and Kallmann were purveyors to the imperial household and royal court of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It does not mean an actual emperor ever owned this particular piano, played it or gave it away.

R. Gors and Kallmann of Berlin had a royal warrant to supply pianos to the court. But the same company made many more pianos for everyday use by everyday people. To put this piano into the hand of an actual Austro-Hungarian Emperor, indisputable, written proof would have to exist. Anecdotal family legend is nice, but far from conclusive.

Some say Gors and Kallmann was founded in Berlin in 1877, but that date is open to some question. The company is said to have used serial number 1,000 in 1881 and made pianos with numbers in the 55,600 to 57,000 range in 1914. The instrument in today’s question has a serial number of 52,628, which makes it pre-1914 according to some sources, but serial numbers on Gors and Kallmann pianos are not absolute proof of a specific manufacture date.

In general, Gors and Kallmann were known for making large, traditional upright pianos, as well as some …read more

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Animal love — share pictures of your pets and their best friends

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February is the month for love, and we want to celebrate that special bond pets have with other pets, by featuring pictures of your pets cuddling, canoodling and cavorting with their besties.

If your pet is an only child, feel free to send pictures of him or her cuddling with you, or a stuffed animal, or a human friend.

Upload your pictures here and then check back often to see your pictures and those of others.

We do a new slideshow every month. Check out some of our past slideshows.

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Will Super Bowl Sunday set a chicken wing record?

Super Bowl Sunday is bound to set some records, both on the field and in America’s living rooms.

The National Chicken Council estimates fans will eat 1.38 billion chicken wings throughout Super Bowl weekend — 2 percent higher than last year’s estimate.

According to the poultry people who crunched the numbers, that’s enough to put 640 wings on every seat in all 31 NFL stadiums, the NCC said in its annual Chicken Wing Report. Enough to feed four wings to every man, woman and child in the United States.

And the council plans to petition President Trump and Congress to declare the Monday after the Super Bowl a federal holiday, National Chicken Wing Appreciation Day.

Can both sides of the aisle find some rare common ground here?

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The chicken producers think so. “Whether you’re a fan of the left wing or the right wing, there’s no debate — or controversial missed calls — about America’s favorite Super Bowl food,” NCC spokesman Tom Super said in a statement.

To sign the petition, go to To check out our Eat Drink Play section’s super recipes for Super Bowl Sunday, click here.

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