Metallica is giving $1 million to education … yes, $1 million

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Metallica is giving $1 million to education.

Yes, that’s a “1” with six zeros behind it.

The mighty metal band’s All Within My Hands Foundation (AWMH) is launching a “workforce education initiative” intended to provide “direct support to community colleges to enhance their career and technical education programs,” according to a news release.

These are programs aimed at helping students who are pursuing “a traditional trade or other applied learning program.”

“All of us in the band feel fortunate that music has provided us the opportunity to be successful doing something we are passionate about,” drummer Lars Ulrich explained of why the foundation chose workforce education as part of its mission. “We want to share our success with others so that they can find a job where they can do the same.”

The money will be divided so that “10 colleges from across the country will receive $100,000 to support more than 1,000 students training to enter the American workforce” and “hese students will become the first cohort of Metallica Scholars,” according to the news release.

“The All Within My Hands Foundation and Metallica are proud to announce this major new initiative,” said Dr. Edward Frank, executive director of AWMH. “While the foundation continues our support for the fight against hunger and emergency community aid, we are now expanding our mission to include support for career and technical education. The goal of our Metallica Scholars Initiative is to improve career opportunities for community college students in the trades.

“Equally, we hope to raise the awareness of the tremendous importance, value and impact of the education provided by our nation’s community college system. The foundation and the band are thrilled by the quality of proposals we received from these colleges, and are …read more

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6 reasons to question Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s Christmas tree-decorating photos

For the second year in a row, Jennifer Lopez has garnered glowing coverage after posting social media photos of herself, her children and her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, hanging ornaments on their Christmas tree.

Clearly, one intent of the photos is for Lopez, 49, to make fans and the media believe that she and the retired New York Yankees slugger are so devoted to family and holiday traditions that they took several hours out of their busy schedules to decorate their tree in Miami all by themselves.

But did they really? After all, the couple, worth a combined estimated $700 million, could easily have followed the practice of other celebrities and the rich: Hire professional Christmas tree stylists to do the work for them. It seems reasonable to imagine that Lopez, Rodriguez and the kids gathered around the tree and posed for photos hanging ornaments after much of the work had already been done.

Of course, we’ll never know for sure because Lopez would never cop to getting professional help.

Other celebrities who share their Christmas tree photos make no pretense of decorating their trees themselves. Celebs such as Kris Jenner or her reality-TV-star daughters, including Kylie Jenner, post photos of their elaborately decorated trees. They know that we know they’ve hired professionals to to all the work, including coming up with an overall design concept.

Kris Jenner, in fact, has been public about calling on the services of Bob Pranga, aka “Dr. Christmas,” Hollywood’s “tree stylist to the stars,” to handle her holiday decor. She is listed as one of Pranga’s celebrity clients, as are Barbra Streisand, Paris Hilton and Ryan Seacrest.

“I come over and do everything while you sit and drink cappuccinos and say, ‘Isn’t this just wonderful?’” Pranga said in a 2014 interview with CNN.

One star who …read more

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Star-spangled flub: What exactly was he singing?

The substitute anthem singer at the Packers-Falcons game Sunday has come forward to own his mistake — and explain exactly what was going on.

“Yes, I am that guy,” Frank R. Hermans posted on his Facebook account, hours after his eyebrow-raising performance hit social media as an #epicfail.

Hermans said he got the call at the last minute, after the originally scheduled singer couldn’t get to Green Bay because of the weather.

Hermans’ main concern, he said, was being in sync with the fireworks that were supposed to go off over Lambeau Field when he sang about “bombs bursting in air.”

But as he neared that crucial moment, he said, “a woman fell and a man fell on top of her … kind of threw me off my game.”

A rough transcription of his improvisation:

” … at the twilight’s last gleaming.
In the bar-ca-da-ah!
And the rockets’ red glabrightstars … “

He then tried again with the rockets’ red glare and got back on track.

His apology ended with a plea for a second chance: “Thank you Packers for the opportunity, I will prepare better next time if asked.”

…read more

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Another ‘Today’ host shake-up: Kathie Lee Gifford is leaving

Two months after Megyn Kelly was fired from “Today” for her blackface comments, and a year after long-time host Matt Lauer was ousted over sexual misconduct allegations, the venerable NBC morning news show is facing yet another anchor shake-up.

But this time, the departure of long-time host Kathie Lee Gifford is entirely voluntary and on apparent good terms with her NBC bosses.

Network chief Noah Oppenheim announced Tuesday morning, with “mixed emotions,” that Gifford, 65, would be leaving in April 2019. Gifford has hosted the final hour of the four-hour show since 2008.

Gifford’s reasons for leaving are so that she can pursue “other creative endeavors,” Oppenheim said in a statement.

“As we all know, Kathie Lee’s plate has been overflowing lately with film, music and book projects, and after giving us 11 extraordinary years, she’s decided to focus her attention full-time on those other creative endeavors,” Oppenheim said.

He praised the amazing chemistry Gifford immediately developed with her co-host Hoda Kotb, which included their regularly clutching goblets of wine to create a fun-loving atmosphere. “During that time, Kathie Lee has cemented her status as one of the most enduring and endearing talents in morning television. In short—she is a legend,” Oppenheim said.

Gifford, the widow of the late broadcaster Frank Gifford, herself confirmed the “bittersweet” news of her departure on the show Tuesday.

“I’ve been here almost 11 years,” Gifford said. “I thought I would only stay one year, but something happened along the way. I fell in love with a beautiful Egyptian goddess,” she added, touching Kotb’s arm. “And now, when it’s our 11th anniversary, I’m going to be leaving the Today show.”

“It’s bittersweet, as these things always are…”@kathielgifford announces she will be leaving TODAY on her 11th anniversary in April 2019.

— Kathie Lee and Hoda (@klgandhoda) December …read more

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