Bridge: April 18, 2019

Cy the Cynic keeps battling his weight, and his weight seems to be winning.

“Trying any new diets?” I asked.

“The closest I’ve come to dieting this year,” Cy said, “is deleting all the food searches from my browser history.”

Cy needs to browse some books on dummy play, particularly on managing entries (my topic this week). When Cy was declarer at today’s 3NT, he won the first diamond with the ace, cashed the king of clubs, led a heart to dummy, took the ace of clubs and led a third club hopefully. When East held Q-J-4-2, the Cynic couldn’t use the long clubs. He managed eight tricks.


At Trick Two, South must overtake his king of clubs with the ace. He returns the ten, forcing an honor from East, wins the (say) heart return in dummy and forces out East’s other high club. South can then win the next heart and go to the ace of spades for the good clubs. He has nine tricks.

Yes, West might have chosen a heart opening lead, but South could still make 3NT.


You hold: S Q 10 8 4 2 H A 10 2 D A K 5 2 C K. Your partner opens one heart, you bid one spade and he rebids two hearts. What do you say?

ANSWER: You can make a slam if partner has the right minimum hand, with strong hearts, the ace of clubs and a spade honor. If he has 7 6, K Q 9 6 5 3, J 7, A Q 9, you must stop at game. Bid three diamonds. If partner bids 3NT next, bid four hearts, implying slam interest with shortness in clubs. He can evaluate his hand.

South dealer

N-S vulnerable



H K 7

D 7 6 4 3

C A 10 9 8 7 3


S K J 9 5

H …read more

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‘Survivor’ recap: Is there a new mastermind on the island?

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The latest episode of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” features two immunity challenges, two Tribal Councils, one genuine blindside, the emergence of a puppet master and a pile of pizza.

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Meet the cast of ‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction’

The first immunity challenge is won by Aurora, who had been targeted for torch snuffing. She earns the necklace, but she was playing against a narrowed field. Lauren, Kelley, Victoria and Ron decide to pass on the evening’s torture and instead eat what Jeff Probst unhelpfully describes as a “mountain of pizza.”

The end result is two factions trying to lure Ron and Julie into their alliance. On one side is War Dog’s war party that includes Kelley, …read more

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Preview: ‘Close to the Sun’ evokes ‘BioShock’ but plays differently

“Close to the Sun” will inevitably be compared to “BioShock” and the developers at Storm in the Teacup take it as a compliment. Although their indie title has the same art deco and shares some thematic elements as the classic first-person shooter, it’s definitely not the same experience.

It starts with the protagonist and gameplay focus. “Close to the Sun” follows a jouarnalist named Rose Archer, who is looking for her sister, Ada, aboard a ship called the Helios. The vessel is enormous. It’s a small city on the water with its own internal train system, hotel and theater. All of it is owned and run by Nikola Tesla.

“Close to the Sun” takes place in an alternate history, in which the inventor is wildly successful. He goes on to create a number of scientific breakthroughs and the Helios is where he hides them. Tesla closely guards his technology against rivals such as Thomas Edison.

Amid this backdrop, Rose searches for her sister, a researcher for Tesla. Once aboard, she finds the enormous ship empty. Something happened aboard. The rest of the five- to six-hour game is spent exploring and delving into the disappearances.

Instead of shooting splicers, players will wander around empty halls filled with locked doors and strangely illuminated shadows. They’re like ghosts that appear to be re-enacting scenes from an unfamiliar past. Half the game is figuring out the reason behind this phenomenon. The answers are hidden behind small puzzles using clues left behind the ship. Some require secret codes that open locked panels while others are more complicated and involve switches.

The second half of the game appears to focus on chase scenes. Players discover that there’s at least one survivor on the Helios, and that’s Ludwig. Unfortunately, he’s homicidal and spends the game chasing after Rose. It’s up …read more

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‘Beach Blanket Babylon’ shocker: Show set to close after 45 years

“Beach Blanket Babylon,” viewed by many as San Francisco landmark in the same league as Lombard Street and the Golden Gate Bridgte, is set to close after 45 years.

The final performances will be held on New Year’s Eve.

“Audiences have embraced Beach Blanket Babylon since the day it opened on June 7, 1974,” producer Schuman Silver says in a news release. “Originally scheduled to run for only six weeks, the show became an international phenomenon and the quintessential San Francisco experience. I am thankful to our fans from around the world who have supported us from the very beginning. Our hats are off to each and every one of you!”

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Steve Silver’s legendary “Beach Blanket Babylon” stands as the longest running musical revue in the world. By the time it’s all said and done, there will have been a record-breaking 17,216 performances and seen by over 6 million fans.

Tickets are on sale for all remaining performances (besides the New Year’s Eve send-off shows). For more information, visit, call 415-421-4222 or visit the Club Fugazi Box Office, 678 Beach Blanket Babylon Blvd., San Francisco.

The show is famed for political/pop culture spoofs, flamboyant costumes …read more

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