Video game makers say death of console is near

By Hayley Tsukayama

The measuring stick for success between the big three gaming companies of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo has long been a question of how many consoles they’ve sold. But all three have had banner quarters in which they largely highlighted software rather than hardware sales, underscoring a shifting relationship between the games and the boxes on which we play them.

This change reflects a broader conversation in the industry about the future or even death of the console as we know it — away from the powerful box in our living room toward a more mobile world where even technologically demanding games can be played on any screen that has an Internet connection.

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Recent games such as Epic’s Fortnite, which has taken the world by storm, show that a console isn’t necessary for even a fast-paced multiplayer game. Nintendo is launching its first subscription game service in late September. And the chief executive of game publisher Ubisoft said in an interview earlier this year that he believes the next generation of consoles will be our last, sparking new discussion about the death of the console. “There will be one more console generation and after that we will be streaming, all of us,” Yves Guillemot told Variety.

“Being able to play content anywhere would be huge,” said Doug Creutz, media analyst at Rogers and Cowan. With the technology to beam console-quality games to any device, he said, consumers wouldn’t have to spend the money for a $600 or $800 box, and developers wouldn’t be constrained by the processors and chips that fit in a console.

Ubisoft’s Chris Early, vice president of partnerships and revenue, said that streaming’s appeal for major …read more

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Will recently found Marilyn Monroe nude scene be released?

The footage would have been historic. It would have marked the first nude scene ever by an American actress, but instead it ended up the stuff of Hollywood legend, partly because it involved Marilyn Monroe and partly because it was long-thought destroyed.

But Monroe biographer Charles Casillo says the short, unused take from Monroe’s last completed film “The Misfits” is intact, and has been locked away in a cabinet for decades, according to the Daily Mail.

“The Misfits” producer Frank Taylor, knowing the significance of 45-second clip, saved it from being destroyed, according to Casillo’s interview of the producer’s son, Curtice Taylor, who has been in possession of the footage his since father death in 1999.

“A lot of times, unused takes were destroyed. But Frank Taylor believed that it was so important and so ground-breaking that he saved it,” Curtice Taylor told Casillo, whose biography, “Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon,” is scheduled for release on Aug. 4.

The nude scene was strictly Monroe’s idea, according to Casillo. Arthur Miller, who happened to be Monroe’s husband at the time, didn’t write in his script. The film’s co-star Clark Gable and crew members were surprised by it. And director John Huston repeatedly reminded Monroe to mind the bed sheet that was the only thing between her and the camera.

Instead, Monroe let the sheet drop.

“Huston sighed and said, ‘Honey, I’ve seen them before,’” according to Casillo. Huston chose not to use the footage, feeling it was gratuitous.

But Curtice Taylor theorizes that it made absolute sense to method actress Monroe. In the clip, Gable’s character had just exited the room, leaving Monroe’s character in bed by herself.

“Why would a woman sitting up in bed, with nobody in the room, pull the sheet up and then try to put a blouse on at …read more

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Ruby Rose bullied off Twitter after criticism she wasn’t gay enough to play ‘Batwoman’

Add Ruby Rose to the list of actors who have recently fled social media after being bashed online.

Rose on Monday appeared to have deactivated her Twitter account and turned off commenting on Instagram after fanboys and fangirls criticized her recent casting for the title role of “Batwoman” in an upcoming CW series, according to the Huffington Post. Among the complaints were that the 32-year-old Australian actress and model wasn’t Jewish, wasn’t a good enough actor to tackle the role and — get this — wasn’t gay enough.

“Not only does ruby rose not identify as a lesbian but she’s not Jewish either,” wrote one Twitter user. “So…they basically lied about it wanting an actor that represented the diversity to stay true to who batwoman is and instead just picked a ‘hot’ white person that isn’t too gay to offend the straights”

Not only does ruby rose not identify as a lesbian but she’s not Jewish either. So…they basically lied about it wanting an actor that represented the diversity to stay true to who batwoman is and instead just picked a “hot” white person that isn’t too gay to offend the straights

— Kristin | (@negative_purple) August 7, 2018

Another wrote, “okay but casting ruby rose as batwoman truly is a big (expletive) you to all the lesbian fans like they don’t care about the rep they just wanted to cast a lesbian to have good press so they just gave it to her cause she’s well known and liked by straight girls”

The not-lesbian-enough accusations left Rose flummoxed, and she addressed it with some of her final tweets.

“Where on Earth did ‘Ruby is not a lesbian therefore she can’t be Batwoman’ come from — has to be the funniest most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read,” she wrote.

“I came out at …read more

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San Jose Jazz Summer Fest hits all the right notes

It’s difficult to tally all the highlights from San Jose Jazz Summer Fest, but it was a solid musical celebration from the first acts on Friday afternoon through the last notes Sunday night.

Like other recent years, the festival’s 29th annual edition drew about half its audience from outside Santa Clara County, and those visitors seemed to be having a great time in San Jose.

“We got out of the gate in a much more robust way this year,” San Jose Jazz Executive Director Brendan Rawson said Saturday during the VIP-packed Mayor’s Jazz Brunch at Scott’s Seafood. “There was a lot more programming than we usually have on a Friday night.”

The big names — Johnny Gill, Goapele, ConFunkShun, Kool & the Gang, and Herb Alpert & Lani Hall — drew the crowds you’d expect at the main stage at Plaza de Cesar Chavez. But the Blues/Big Easy Stage was rollicking too, with acts like the Soul Rebels and Andre Thierry. And it was often standing-room only at festival favorite Cafe Stritch and El Taurino, a relatively new Mexican restaurant and music lounge on South Market Street.

The biggest surprise was the serendipitous success of the patio stage at Sushi Confidential, which was packed with people all weekend long. The stage was added only to replace the Gordon Biersch brewpub, a popular longtime festival venue that closed in June. Gordon Biersch was a great stage, but Sushi Confidential took the festival to a new place — and that place was San Pedro Square.

As a free stage easily seen and heard by pedestrians, it was able to draw on the crowds of downtown dwellers who didn’t have festival passes. And it connected the festival to the area’s already hot nightlife scene like it never has been. While Tabard Theatre has hosted the Swing Stage for …read more

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