The Breaking Bad movie will reportedly arrive on Netflix before its TV debut

When it’s time for the Breaking Bad movie to premiere, Netflix will be the first ones who knock.

The streaming service will be releasing the upcoming Breaking Bad film, which will also air on AMC, The Hollywood Reporter reported Wednesday. Interestingly, though, the report says that Netflix will actually have first-run rights, meaning the movie would premiere on Netflix prior to its airing on AMC.

This is a major get for Netflix, which currently streams Breaking Bad but previously debuted episodes after they aired for the first time on AMC. Deadline notes that creator Vince Gilligan in the past has thanked Netflix for Breaking Bad’s success, as its presence there helped the show attract legions of fans who were able to binge it and catch up between seasons.

We don’t yet know a lot about the Breaking Bad movie, but the Reporter confirms previous reporting that it will be a sequel to the original series and will revolve around Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman and his “quest for freedom” after being kidnapped. Gilligan is expected to write and direct it, but the film doesn’t yet have a release date.

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The Senate overwhelmingly passed a public-lands bill that almost everyone likes

On Tuesday, the Senate passed a 662-page bill that protects millions of acres of public lands and hundreds of miles of river, creates four new national monuments, restricts mining and development around national parks while expanding other parks, and saves taxpayers $9 million, according to Congressional Budget Office projections. “The most sweeping conservation legislation in a decade” passed 92 to 8, The Washington Post says, it has widespread support in the House, and, for what it’s worth, “White House officials have indicated privately that the president will sign it.”

The legislation “represented an old-fashioned approach to dealmaking that has largely disappeared on Capitol Hill,” the Post says, building on years of local input and “crammed full of provisions for nearly every senator who cast a vote Tuesday.” At the same time, “a series of compromises won over advocacy groups representing hunters and anglers, conservationists, geologists, Native Americans, along with local officeholders and chambers of commerce,” the Post reports.

The bill expands Joshua Tree and Death Valley national parks, permanently bars mining on 370,000 acres around Yellowstone and North Cascades national parks, protects 1.3 million acres of land as national wilderness, codifies a program from former President Barack Obama that makes national parks free for fourth graders and their families, funds a migratory bird habitat protection program, and opens all federal lands to hunting and fishing unless otherwise designated, among other provisions.

“Perhaps the most significant change the legislation would make is permanently authorizing a federal program that funnels offshore drilling revenue to conserve a spread of sites that includes major national parks and wildlife preserves, as well as local baseball diamonds and basketball courts,” the Post says. “Liberals like the fact that the money allows agencies to set aside land for wildlife habitat. Conservatives like the fact that …read more

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Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon laugh over Trump’s ‘crazy’ dog musings, Hillary theft

President Trump rallied in El Paso on Monday night, and he had some thoughts about dogs — their usefulness, why he won’t get one, how he’d look walking one. “Well if this is the way you walk a dog, you would look ridiculous, but don’t blame that on the dog,” Stephen Colbert said on Tuesday’s Late Show. “Someone from the crowd gave Trump the real reason he shouldn’t get a dog,” Bo and Sunny, he noted. “Trump hates [Barack] Obama so much he’ll do anything that is the opposite of what Obama did. Oooh, Mr. President, please remember: Barack Obama was re-elected.”

Trump also “stole Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan,” Stronger Together, Colbert said. “That’s really bold. I mean at this point, it’s only a matter of time before he steals her look.”

Trump’s El Paso rally also featured “an exciting new slogan,” Jimmy Kimmel said on Kimmel Live. “‘Finish the Wall.’ Now he wants Finland to pay for the wall!” He took credit for suggesting “we just let him tell people the wall’s being built, because it’s not like they’re gonna drive over from Alabama to check on the progress, but I was joking.” Kimmel played some clips of Donald Trump Jr. warming up the crowd, only he gave him a kid’s voice. “This DJTJ is trying so hard to be like his father, I guess it would be cute if it wasn’t so pathetic,” he said. And he slowed down Trump’s comments about drug-sniffing dogs, making him sound drunk.

“Before the president spoke, his son Don Jr. came out to talk to the crowd, and some people said he sounded like he was drunk,” Jimmy Fallon said at The Tonight Show, playing that clip. And Trump’s comments “about drug-sniffing dogs and why he doesn’t have …read more

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Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah have some fun with Trump’s El Paso rally, negative dealmaking artistry

On Monday night, President Trump traveled to El Paso for his first big political rally of the year, and on Tuesday night, The Late Show pulled a Weird Al to poke fun at Trump’s speech.

On #LSSC tonight: a recap of Trump’s rally in El Paso, TX.

— The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) February 13, 2019

Trump’s rally had competition, but “I’ll be honest: There wasn’t much comedy out of the Beto O’Rourke rally,” Trevor Noah said on Tuesday’s Daily Show. “It made sense, he doesn’t mispronounce words,” and Beto’s only missteps were vilifying all walls and standing next to conga drums. Trump, though, was on fire — or at least his pants were.

“So now we’re doing ‘Finish the Wall’?” Noah asked. “To be fair to Trump, even though zero new miles of wall have been built under Trump,” he has “upgraded some of the existing fencing into taller fencing. Yeah, so he’s solved the problem of smugglers who are determined to sneak drugs into America but are too lazy to buy a somewhat taller ladder.” Trump also “managed to turn white people against dogs,” Noah marveled, “the thing white people love more than anything,” and showed off his math skills. “Yep, that’s right, Trump is 1-for-1 and if he wins again, he’s gonna be 2-for-0. That’s not how math works. But at least now we know how Trump successfully negotiated -$200 million for his wall.”

Yes, a tentative bipartisan border deal “gives Trump less than $1.4 billion for just 55 miles of fences,” Stephen Colbert said at The Late Show, not the $1.6 billion he was offered before the shutdown or the $5.7 billion he’s demanding. “He didn’t get what he wanted, and his TV friends …read more

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