Jimmy Kimmel examines the early Democratic 2020 frontrunners: ‘Biden, Bernie, and Beto’

It emerged Tuesday that Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) met with former President Barack Obama last month, as O’Rourke considers throwing his hat in the ring for the 2020 presidential nomination, and former Vice President Joe Biden said Monday night he thinks he’s “the most qualified person in the country to be president.” Yes, “the next presidential election is 700 days away from today, and everyone is trying to figure out who the Democrats will run,” Jimmy Kimmel said on Tuesday’s Kimmel Live. A new Harvard-Harris poll has the earlier frontrunners as Biden, O’Rourke, and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — or as Kimmel put it, “two old men and a baby.”

“Biden, Bernie, and Beto are the frontrunners, in that order,” Kimmel said, adding that Biden, Bernie, and Beto also “sounds like the law firm that would represent Kermit the Frog in his divorce from Miss Piggy.” Biden and Sanders “have huge support from one of the left’s key demographics, which is old men who fall asleep in movie theaters,” Kimmel joked, and he found one to talk to, Mort Haskell (Fred Willard). Biden and Bernie were on the younger end of Haskell’s candidate pool. Willard also played Gary Davis, president of the American Tuna Association, and you can watch him explain to Kimmel why millennials don’t like canned tuna.

At Late Night, Amber Ruffin rooted for Mr. T to take on the self-styled “President T” in 2020. Watch below.

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The Daily Show recoils at the GOP’s ‘blatantly corrupt’ power grabs in Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina

“The midterm elections were a big win for the Democrats, but Republicans didn’t make it easy for them,” Roy Wood Jr. said on Tuesday’s Daily Show, a voiceless Trevor Noah at his side. “They gerrymandered districts, they created new voting restrictions, they even printed ballots on nude photos of Mitch McConnell — and if the choice is vote or die, in that case I choose die. But even after Republicans were removed from power, they were saying, ‘All right, fine, we’ll leave — but we’re taking the power with us.'”

Wood pointed to the “blatantly corrupt” lame-duck power grabs in Wisconsin and Michigan, where GOP legislatures and outgoing GOP governors are pushing through laws to weaken their incoming Democratic successors. “This would be like Marvel changing Spider-Man’s super powers now that he’s black,” he said. “And the powers being taken away are not small things” in real life, with Republicans working to keep Democrats from fulfilling campaign promises the voters elected them to carry out. “The ballsiest part about all of this is that Republicans don’t even care enough to come up with a good excuse,” he said.

And while Republicans in Michigan and Wisconsin are committing “voter suppression after the election,” the race for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District “might have been outright stolen,” Wood said. “So between Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Carolina, Republicans are doing everything they can to distort the will of the people. And what makes it so ironic is that for years, Republicans have been searching high and low for evidence of voter fraud — but it turns out, it was inside them all along.”

And if you are wondering why Wood, not Noah, was anchoring the show, Noah — well, Michael Kosta — explains why below.

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Netflix is going to pay an insane amount of money to keep Friends for another year

Could Netflix be any more desperate to keep streaming Friends?

After reports spread Monday that the classic NBC sitcom was leaving Netflix, the streaming platform has reached an agreement with WarnerMedia to keep it around for at least one more year, writes The New York Times. The price? Oh not much, just “around $100 million.”

Netflix was previously paying WarnerMedia $30 million a year to license the show. The Hollywood Reporter disputes this number, though, pegging the new deal’s worth at closer to $70 million or $80 million.

Either way, this is a clear sign of just how valuable Friends is to Netflix. One analytics firm recently found that even though it went off the air in 2004, Friends is still the third most popular sitcom in the United States, and that includes shows that are currently airing new episodes like Modern Family, per Deadline. Some Netflix users were informed earlier this week that the show was scheduled to leave Netflix on January 1, but Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos dismissed the apparently erroneous notifications as a “rumor,” and it was officially announced Tuesday that the show will remain through the end of 2019.

WarnerMedia at the end of next year is planning to launch its own streaming service, which has led many to assume Friends will be yanked from Netflix at that point. But the Reporter notes the new Netflix deal is a multi-year agreement that will be non-exclusive after 2019. WarnerMedia can terminate it at the end of next year if it wants to, but the agreement means Friends could potentially remain on both platforms and the Central Perk gang may be there for Netflix subscribers for many years to come.

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Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers amusedly recap Trump’s ‘awkward’ encounters with other G-20 leaders

President Trump “was at the G-20 summit over the weekend, as he faced his most serious legal threat yet from the Russia investigation,” Seth Meyers said on Monday’s Late Night, noting this isn’t the first time Trump traveled abroad “under a cloud of suspicion.” He compared Trump to “a guy who goes on a date and tries to ignore the fact that his ankle bracelet is beeping like crazy,” adding that the “increasingly damning” revelations from the Russia investigation have always made Trump’s relationships with other world leaders “super awkward.”

“Trump is desperate to socialize at these things, but he’s so bad at it,” Meyers said, showing a cold reception from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Trump wandering off during a photo shoot with Argentina’s president, Mauricio Macri. “I’ve had better luck getting my dog to take a Christmas photo in her Santa hat,” he joked. And Trump had to cancel his meeting with the one leader he seems comfortable with, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, following revelations his lawyer Michael Cohen was negotiating to build a Trump Tower Moscow deep into the presidential campaign. This “damning development in the investigation” probably explains why Trump is “freaking out,” Meyers suggested, running through Monday’s “angry tirade” on Twitter.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel highlighted a different part of Trump’s treaty-signing ceremony with Trudeau and Mexico’s president, in which Trump took an awkwardly long time signing his name. “Now, keep in mind, he has 12 letters in his name, Donald J. Trump — it’s not Enrique Peña Nieto,” Kimmel said. He also was amused by Trump wandering away from Argentina’s Macri. “The president has a habit of doing that sort of thing,” he added. “He carries himself like a demented grandfather who accidentally wandered …read more

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