SNL asks: What if the Trumps were black?

What if the Trumps were black? That’s the question asked in Saturday Night Live’s trailer for Them Trumps, an imaginary new series from the makers of Empire.

Them Trumps has a solid concept and a strong line-up: President Darius Trump (Kenan Thompson), first lady Malika (Leslie Jones), Darius Jr. (Chris Redd), and L’evanka (Ego Nwodim). Where it struggles is length, as the black Trump can’t seem to avoid arrest as easily as his white counterpart.

“Maybe I’ve done some dirty things. But I’m making America great again,” Thompson’s Trump rants. “And what these feds don’t realize is that I’m the president, the most powerful man in the most respected office in the world. They can’t lock me up, and even though I may be black—”

That’s then the feds show up. Watch the full sketch below.

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Samantha Bee and Seth Meyers wish everyone a ‘Mueller Christmas,’ focusing on the naughty over the nice

“It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for those of us following the Mueller investigation,” Samantha Bee said on Wednesday’s Full Frontal. On Tuesday night, she said, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sentencing memo for former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn dropped, “fetchingly dressed in horizontal stripes, and about two weeks ago,” notably, President Trump finally handed Mueller his written testimony on Russian collaboration and “Mueller’s team tossed Paul Manafort in the trash like a picked-over turkey carcass.”

There’s speculation that Mueller wanted Manafort and Trump to coordinate their lies so he could nab both of them, and “if it is what happened, it is absolutely allowed,” Bee said. “Despite what you may have heard on Fox News, Mueller does not have to save Trump from incriminating himself.”

“We don’t know if any of this will come back on Trump in the end, but at least a few more of the people who surround him will go to jail,” Bee said. She focused on Roger Stone. “One Trump associate after another is turning out to be in deep, deep trouble,” she said, “so this holiday season, as the Trumps gather round the blood tree, Trump will probably be a little afraid that it will be his last Christmas in the White House. Mueller Christmas, everyone.”

Late Night’s Seth Meyers reminded everyone how Team Trump got here. “So their story went from ‘There was no contact’ to ‘There was no collusion with Russians’ to ‘We tried to collude, but nothing came of it.’ But then, as one Trump associate after another was indicted or plead guilty, the Trump team changed their story again,” to “collusion is not a crime,” he said. “In order to believe Trump and everyone around him are innocent, you’d have to believe they’ve been …read more

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Cheesecake Factory’s free slice promotion sparks fights, arrest in Arlington

If there’s one thing in life worth fighting for, it’s apparently cheesecake.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, The Cheesecake Factory announced it would be giving out 40,000 free slices across its locations Wednesday. But the promise of silky sweetness turned sour as the promotion started in Arlington, Virginia, ARL Now reports.

The promotion, which promised a free slice of cheesecake to anyone ordering delivery through DoorDash, started at 11:30 a.m. at locations nationwide. Not long after, police were dispatched to Arlington’s Cheesecake Factory amid reports of “a large crowd and heavy traffic,” per ARL Now. Police barely left the scene when they got another call. This time, there was apparently a fight going on, but police didn’t find one when they arrived.

Despite this restaurant being a place for families who drive Camrys, police and medics did find a “hectic” scene of delivery drivers and double parking, a department spokeswoman told ARL Now. Police tried to “calm the situation down,” the spokeswoman said, but one person wouldn’t listen, started fighting with police, and was arrested. He was sent to a hospital to be checked for injuries and will likely be charged with disorderly conduct.

Read more about this developing story at ARL Now, because it’s definitely too late to fight your way to a slice now.

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Stephen Colbert laughs at Trump’s ‘Tariff Man’ boast, concedes the joke may be on us and our 401(k)s

“You know how Donald Trump keeps on saying he’s going to make America great again?” Stephen Colbert asked on Tuesday’s Late Show. “Turns out the ‘great’ might be short for ‘Great Depression,’ because today the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 799.36 points — well, at least it wasn’t 800,” he joked. “It might have been Trump’s fault, because it was,” fueled by his fake news about a trade deal with China, Colbert said. “In fact, it was such a blatant lie, even Fox News, even the Fox & Friends weren’t buying it.”

“But what really made Wall Street S&P its pants is when Trump today admitted the deal isn’t done,” Colbert said, reading Trump’s extended tweet storm, ending with his pronouncement that even if he can’t reach a deal with China, it’s no big deal because “I am a Tariff Man.” Colbert then turned to “happier news,” which for The Late Show means Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Trump and Russia. He focused on Michael Cohen’s plea deals, in which, like a gambler with a nothing hand, he reportedly agreed to tell everything without a formal deal to escape jail time.

The Late Show also pilloried Trump’s “Tariff Man” sobriquet with a 1950-style super hero parody. There’s a surprise ending. Watch below.

On #LSSC tonight: The superhero you never knew you needed.

— The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) December 5, 2018

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