Samantha Bee mucks around in the bizarre case of Jerry Falwell Jr., sexy photos, and the ‘pool boy’

A lot of bizarre things happened in 2016, “but no event was more surprising than when Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University and a wildly influential evangelical, decided not support fellow Baptist Ted Cruz and instead endorsed Donald Trump,” Samantha Bee said on Wednesday’s special end-of-summer Full Frontal: Hot Summer Nights! “It was weird that Falwell endorsed Trump, since Cruz was a much better fit for evangelical values. Then, just a couple of months ago, a front-page New York Times story explored the endorsement and possible links between Falwell, a so-called ‘pool boy,’ a comedian, and Michael Cohen.”

“These events may have changed the course of history,” Bee said. “But in The New York Times’ quest to explain why Falwell endorsed Trump, they left the most important question unanswered.” She explored (and eventually answered) that question, which is NSFW, and other related mysteries. Like: “Why would Jerry Falwell Jr. the chancellor of a school with a longstanding anti-LGBTQ history, put up $1.8 million to invest in a gay-friendly hostel with a man he only recently met?” And why did Cohen step in when things got acrimonious and somebody threatened to release racy and compromising photos of Falwell’s wife.

“Did Cohen want to bury these sexy photos out of the goodness of his heart?” Bee asked. “Or was it, perhaps, in exchange for a certain presidential endorsement?” She showed a video of Falwell very awkwardly endorsing Trump, then feigned a phone call with TBS’s legal department to lay out what she couldn’t spell out on air. We learned about the sexy photos thanks to Tom Arnold, who, “like any good friend,” Bee said, “covertly recorded Cohen revealing the Falwells’ secret, and then he … sent our show their entire conversation, because you can apparently just …read more

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Trevor Noah ponders whether Trump’s immigration policies are mostly a stealth way of dumping Melania

Trevor Noah has a theory about President Trump and his wife, first lady Melania Trump, and he laid it out on Wednesday’s Daily Show. “While her husband has struggled to get his approval rating over 40 percent, Melania has consistently remained the country’s most popular Trump,” he said. “And personally, I love her, too. Because we have so much in common: We’re both immigrants, neither of us would be here if it weren’t for Donald Trump, and — I’m just going to put it out there — we’re both style icons.”

But “in the wake of Trump’s recent immigration crackdown, I’ve started to notice something that’s got me really concerned: I think Donald Trump is trying to deport Melania,” Noah said. Why would he do that? “I don’t know, but things haven’t exactly been perfect between them,” he said, laying out his evidence. “And I know it sounds crazy — Donald Trump wants to deport his wife? But if you look at all of Trump’s immigration policies, a lot of people think that he just hates immigrants, but when you put them all together, you start to notice a pattern: All of his policies seem to be aimed at his wife!”

Noah laid out a compelling case that Trump’s signature policies would have hammered his wife, and if you’re not convinced he wants to deport Melania, “how do you explain the new policy his administration announced this week, huh?” he asked. “That immigrants who receive assistance from the government may not be allowed to stay in the United States. Well, guess who lives in a free house provided by the United States? Melania [censored] Trump!”

“I see what you’re doing, Donald, I see what you’re doing and I’m not going to let it happen!” Noah said, promoting the hashtag #dontdeportmelania. “Because if …read more

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A$AP Rocky found guilty in Swedish assault trial

A$AP Rocky has been found guilty of assault in Sweden, but he won’t have to serve any additional time in jail, The New York Times reports.

The American rapper received his sentence on Wednesday after being detailed in Stockholm last month over a street brawl. Prosecutors accused the rapper, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, and two other men of “deliberately” attacking Mustafa Jafari, while Mayers said he acted in self-defense. Mayers remained in custody for about a month pending a trial but was allowed to return home to the United States last week as he awaited the verdict.

The Swedish court ultimately found Mayers guilty of the assault but decided it wasn’t “of such a serious nature” as to call for additional jail time beyond what he already served, and so he received a conditional sentence, NBC News reports. Prosecutors had been seeking six months in jail.

President Trump had weighed in on Mayers’ case after lobbying from Kim Kardashian West, tweeting “#FreeRocky” and saying he was “very disappointed” in the prime minister of Sweden “for being unable to act.” Mayers has thanked fans for their support over the past few weeks, performing over the weekend for the first time since his release. “It was a scary, humbling experience, but I’m here right now,” he said, Rolling Stone reports. “God is good.”

…read more

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Here’s why white evangelical Christians are more excited about Trump than ever

Many white evangelical Christians voted reluctantly for President Trump in 2016, seeing him as the lesser evil to Hillary Clinton, “but now, many are genuinely delighted by the Trump they’ve seen in office,” The Washington Post reports, citing interviews with 50 evangelicals in Wisconsin, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Trump got a higher percentage of white evangelical voters than the previous three Republican nominees, and Ralph Reed, chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, predicts he’ll meet or beat that in 2020. Polling supports that claim. White evangelicals fawning over a thrice-married, adulterous, Bible-mangling blasphemer confuses a lot of people, but not the evangelicals who spoke with the Post.

First, many white evangelicals appreciate that Trump bullies the secular left on their behalf, talking about God in public and loudly criticizing liberal views on abortion, gay rights, and gender, especially after what “felt like a nightmare” of Obama’s eight-year presidency, the Post reports. Trump promised to fight for and defend evangelicals, Reed said. “He gets it. He knows they’re hungry for that.” Evangelicals pay special attention to the courts — Trump is going gangbusters in appointing young conservative judges — and they believe Trump shares their values on social issues and policy. Some believe Trump prays because evangelical leaders back him.

For many white evangelicals, Trump’s past extramarital affairs and even the myriad allegations of sexual assault “are not a moral concern,” the Post reports, in part because evangelicals believe the Bible teaches that women should be submissive to men. “Do not campaign on somebody’s personal shortcomings,” Reed advised. “History says voters are very forgiving. And they don’t like hearing it.”

Earlier this week, conservative analysts Matt Lewis and Ben Howe discussed the various rationalizations evangelicals use to explain their support for Trump. The “lesser …read more

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