Stephen Colbert and NBC’s Steve Kornacki try to figure out who’s going to win the 2018 midterms

He didn’t have his magic board on Tuesday’s Late Show, but NBC News national political correspondent and granular polling analyst Steve Kornacki brought his trademark energy and enthusiasm with him to discuss the 2018 midterms — now only five weeks away — with Stephen Colbert. “The momentum is at a point now, if you’re a Democrat, you’re going to be severely and I think justifiably disappointed if your party doesn’t get back the House,” Kornacki said. “I’m not saying this is something that’s in the bag for them — they felt that way a couple of years ago, as you may remember — but this is one where, look, they’ve put everything they have into this, the opportunity’s there, they could certainly blow it, but the opportunity’s there.”

When it comes to the Senate, though, Kornacki agreed with FiveThirtyEight that Democrats have a roughly 30 percent shot at taking the helm. While the Democrats need a net gain of only two seats, they are defending 10 seats in states President Trump won in 2016 — by as much as 42 percentage points, he explained. Kornacki and Colbert then discussed Kornacki’s new book, The Red and the Blue: The 1990s and the Birth of Political Tribalism, and he makes a pretty compelling case that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich changed American politics forever — and only for the better if you are a huge fan of political polarization. Watch below.

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Jimmy Kimmel and Stormy Daniels discuss mushrooms, Trump’s shampoo, and hate mail from Mario Kart fans

The last time porn actress Stormy Daniels was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she was still bound by a nondisclosure agreement with President Trump. “Why are you now allowed to say things?” Kimmel asked Daniels on Tuesday’s show. She said she had zero “beeps” left to give. “That’s great news, that’s really good news,” Kimmel said. He said he enjoyed her entire new memoir, Full Disclosure, but “let’s skip right to the Trump chapter.” “Jimmy, you’re so predictable,” Daniels said, accurately. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jimmy so happy,” she told Sarah Paulson after explaining that Trump uses Pert Plus, as well as more salacious details of her liaison with Trump. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy,” Kimmel replied.

“If you were so grossed out by him, why did you have sex with him?” Kimmel asked Daniels after she indicated she did not enjoy the encounter. “I still don’t know,” Daniels said. Kimmel read her description of Trump’s genitalia, and when she saw that section was bookmarked and highlighted, she shook her head. “Do you know how much hate mail I’ve gotten from people who love Mario Kart?” Daniels asked. “One day, I’ve managed to ruin half of America’s childhood and mushroom farming everywhere.” Speaking of mushrooms, Kimmel had props, and this entire video is probably best classified as NSFW. But if you’re interested, watch below.

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Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah can’t help but fall in love with Brett Kavanaugh’s UB40 bar brawl

On Sunday, a college friend of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh described a bar fight after a UB40 concert in 1985 in which Kavanaugh threw his drink in the face of a man he thought was the easy reggae band’s lead singer, Ali Campbell, and The New York Times found the police report. This, of course, is late-night TV gold, and Tuesday’s Late Show got things started with a special Kavanaugh version UB40’s hit cover of “Red Red Wine.”

“If you’re familiar with UB40, you be at least 40,” Stephen Colbert quipped. “UB40! Nothing could be more stereotypically college in the 1980s. What’s next? Kavanaugh teamed up with James Spader to steal Molly Ringwald’s underwear and throw it into the pool where Phoebe Cates is sunbathing while John Cusack holds up a boom box over his head screaming ‘I want my MTV!’?” In the police report, Kavanaugh declined to tell police if he threw the ice or not, he noted, “so Democratic senators, don’t feel bad, he won’t answer cops’ questions, either.”

At The Daily Show, Trevor Noah called the UB40 incident “probably one of the greatest stories of all times,” but he began with the troubling doubts about Kavanaugh’s truthfulness. “Kavanaugh may make it seem like he’s had a causal relationship with alcohol, but it turns out the two of them were probably more than just friend,” Noah said. Still, the bar fight story is “wild,” he explained. “Do you know how bad a fight has to be for the police to get called on a white guy at an Ivy League school in the ’80s?!? That was, like rich white male heyday — I mean, every decade is, but that one was extra good for them.”

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In another surprise performance, Louis C.K. says he was gone because ‘everyone needs a break’

Comedian Louis C.K. does not appear to be deterred by the backlash to his attempted career comeback.

As first reported by the New York Post, C.K. returned to the Comedy Cellar in New York City Sunday for another surprise stand-up performance. He previously dropped by the comedy club unannounced in August, prompting complaints that patrons did not have an opportunity to choose whether they wanted to see a comedian who last fall admitted to allegations of sexual misconduct, including that he sexually harassed co-workers.

Although C.K. did not directly discuss the allegations Sunday, one source told Page Six that he seemed arrogant and made a comment to the effect of, “I’ve been off for a while, ’cause everyone needs a break.” Another audience member confirmed to HuffPost that C.K. talked about being back after a “really long break” and also joked that not everyone is happy to see him return.

Audio released by The Hollywood Reporter shows that C.K. received a warm welcome, although The New York Times reports that there were at least two walkouts. The club has now put up a sign warning audience members that “we never know who is going to pop in” and that they are “free to leave” if someone shows up who “is not your cup of tea,” in which case their check is on the house, the Times reports. Read more details about C.K.’s performance at HuffPost.

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