Designated Survivor to return on Netflix following ABC cancellation

Designated Survivor is the latest canceled TV show to be revived by a streaming service.

ABC axed the Kiefer Sutherland-starring political thriller back in May due to low ratings. Four months later, Netflix has decided to pick it up for a third season, The Hollywood Reporter revealed Wednesday.

Don’t expect the show to be quite the same when it makes the transition to streaming, though. For one, the third season is only going to consist of 10 episodes, whereas season one and season two had 21 and 22 episodes, respectively. The showrunner is also being replaced, with veteran ER scribe Neal Baer taking over for Keith Eisner.

The third season, which will premiere sometime in 2019, will evidently deal with timely topics like “fake news” and campaign finance. Under this deal, Netflix will also be able to stream the first two seasons beginning this fall; at the moment, the show is only available to Netflix subscribers outside of the U.S. and Canada. Read more at The Hollywood Reporter.

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Presidential historians say the anonymous Trump White House ‘resistance’ op-ed is truly unprecedented

It isn’t just odd that an anonymous senior Trump administration official wrote an op-ed in The New York Times calling President Trump amoral, unfit for office, and worthy of removal from office via the 25th Amendment. It’s unprecedented, presidential historians say. “For somebody within the belly of the White House to be saying there are a group of us running a resistance, making sure the president of the United States doesn’t do irrational and dangerous things, it is a mind-boggling moment,” historian Douglas Brinkley told The Washington Post.

Brinkley said the closest modern precedent was from the final days of Richard Nixon’s administration, when he would “bark crazy orders” to aides, and they would ignore them. Presidential historian Michael Beschloss agreed with the Nixon comparison and cited some examples, like Defense Secretary James Schlesinger telling people in the Pentagon to disregard any orders from Nixon to send in tanks or aircraft to keep him in office. But even then, “I’ve never seen anything like this in modern presidential history,” he told NBC News’ Chuck Todd. “We have never seen anything remotely like this.”

WATCH: On the anonymous NYT op-ed, presidential historian @BeschlossDC says, “I’ve never seen anything like this in modern presidential history.” #MTPDaily

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Brinkley had a less-modern precedent, though. “You’d have to go back to Hans Christian Andersen, ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes,’ to see this syndrome where the president’s reality happens to be so different from his own senior advisers,” he told the Post.

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Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel try to guess which Trump official burned him in that ‘scorching’ Times op-ed

The “alarming flavor crystals” in Bob Woodward’s new White House chronicle, Fear, have refreshed that “tang of panic in the back of our throats when we remember that a former reality show star and unindicted co-conspirator is the commander in chief,” Stephen Colbert said on Wednesday’s Late Show. Fear documents how “Trump’s Cabinet has gone to extreme lengths to protect the country from his bad decisions,” Colbert said, and while Trump calls the book pure fiction, an anonymous New York Times op-ed by a senior administration official on Wednesday begs to differ.

The op-ed “is written by someone who works for the administration, believes in its policies and goals, and still thinks the president is a dangerous idiot,” Colbert said. “How many people could there be like that in the White House? I’m going to guess, count the people in the White House and subtract one.” White House “staff has been defending Trump from Woodward’s book all day,” he added, “but now someone inside — maybe one of those same people — has found the courage to stand up and say, ‘Nope, it’s all true! P.S. Hide my name from the bad orange man.'”

Jimmy Kimmel read extended excerpts of the “scorching” op-ed on Wednesday’s Kimmel Live. “That is really remarkable, and I have to say, I’m surprised by how good a writer Ivanka is,” he joked. The “most interesting theory” on who actually wrote the op-ed points to Vice President Mike Pence, based on the word “lodestar,” he explained. “This is going to drive Trump absolutely nuts. Can you imagine what it must be like to have a job at which almost everybody who works for you thinks you’re a complete idiot? I can, and I’ll tell you something: It’s no fun at all.” He had …read more

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Trevor Noah has some questions about that White House ‘resistance’ op-ed in The New York Times

A senior Trump administration official published an anonymous op-ed in The New York Times on Wednesday, claiming he and other internal “resistance” figures were keeping America safe by thwarting President Trump’s impulses. And Trevor Noah had some questions on Wednesday’s Daily Show, starting with: “This whole time we’ve been dealing with the watered-down version of Trump?”

Noah also questioned why Trump’s Cabinet thought thwarting Trump was better than removing him through the 25th Amendment, as they reportedly considered. “The 25th Amendment is there so you can use it,” he said. “It’s like there’s a sign that says ‘In Case of Emergency, Break Glass,’ but these guys were like, ‘I mean, we could break the glass, but then there’d be glass everywhere.'” And if the point of the op-ed was to assure America, Noah wasn’t convinced: “Before this, I knew there was turbulence. But now someone just came on the PA system and was like: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, the pilot is actively trying to crash the plane, but don’t be alarmed, we’re doing everything we can to stop him. Mikey’s got a pretty good chokehold and I’ve said some pretty harsh words, so please keep your seatbelts fastened and enjoy your peanuts and tax cuts!'”

We already knew the White House was in chaos from Bob Woodward’s new book, Fear, Noah noted, recapping some of Woodward’s stories. “Look, all of this stuff is obviously crazy, but at some point I think we’ve got to stop saying that it’s a ‘bombshell,'” he said. “The day it comes out that Trump secretly works out and reads Shakespeare and teaches kids how to code, that’s when we can call it a bombshell.” (There’s some NSFW language.)

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