Stephen Colbert laments the recent hate crimes: ‘Hate is not what America stands for.’ He’s less sure about Trump.

“On Saturday in Pittsburgh, at the Tree of Life synagogue, a mass shooter murdered 11 worshippers,” in “the worst act of violence against Jewish people in U.S. history,” Stephen Colbert said on Monday’s Late Show. “It’s tragic, it’s sickening, and our thoughts are with the victims, their families, and the larger Jewish community. But more than that, I want to say hate is not what America stands for. And tonight, all of us are with you.” He highlighted some real-world examples of that support.

“Naturally, in times like these, our nation looks to its president for comfort and guidance,” Colbert said. “That’s our first mistake.” He noted Trump suggesting the synagogue should have had an armed guard, then Trump’s factually incorrect reason for not canceling a rally that night. “So Trump’s instinct when addressing a tragedy, was to lie about another tragedy,” Colbert said. “I think lying about anything associated with 9/11 is a disqualifier for the presidency — or really, having any job.” But Trump did joke about canceling the rally because of his “bad hair day,” and Colbert had some thoughts.

“Of course the tragedy this weekend makes the serial bomber last week seem like a lighthearted story from the smile file,” Colbert said. So he cracked some jokes about the accused package bomber, Cesar Sayoc, like: “Living out of his van? My God, he’s the most successful DJ I know.” But were these attacks actually inspired by Trump’s “racist fearmongering” and attacks on the “enemy” press? Colbert asked. He played, then slammed, the White House’s denial and Trump’s feckless blame-shifting. For example, he deadpanned, “there’s no way to know for sure if Sayoc was a fan of President Trump — unless you see him at a Trump rally, or posing in a MAGA hat in front of Trump’s …read more

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Trevor Noah dissects the link between Trump’s words and the recent spate of domestic terrorism

“When we came down to Miami, there was a part of us that thought we were going to take a vacation from the news,” Trevor Noah said on Monday’s Daily Show, on tour in Florida, “But then the news followed us here.” He was specifically referring to the capture and arrest of alleged package-bomber and uber “Florida man” Cesar Sayoc.

So the FBI arrested Sayoc, “but the question remained: What drove him?” Noah said. “And to find out, we had to find out what he drove.” Looking at Sayoc’s white van, covered with stickers lauding President Trump and targeting (literally) the people and organizations Trump criticizes, with signature Trump lines like “Lock Her Up,” “fake news,” and “CNN Sucks,” it’s pretty clear “this guy was inspired by Trump,” he said. “But according to Trump and his people, this is nothing to do with him.”

Noah wasn’t buying that argument, but even if you did, Trump’s continued attacks on the press as shows “you either want to encourage violence or you don’t care.” Look, he said, “if the president of the United States calls someone the ‘Enemy of the People,’ don’t be shocked when the people go after that enemy.” He suggested Trump use a less violence-inducing alternative to “enemy,” like “poopyhead.”

In between scenes, Noah roped in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter and the double murder and attempted mass shooting in a Kentucky black church. “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to draw the lines between these people and the rhetoric that is being parroted by the president of the United States right now,” Noah said. But instead of changing his message, Trump is demanding that the media report only news he likes and America come together, but only under his …read more

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John Oliver wants you to vote for your state’s attorney general, and he’s not afraid to use a little light torture

“State attorneys general — and yes, that is the correct plural, and if you already knew that, I’m sorry that high school was such a rough time for you,” John Oliver said on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight. A show about state attorneys general “sounds like a tedious prospect,” he conceded. “But look, it is worth the effort to learn about state AGs because they are very important,” even if “most of us probably don’t who ours is.” Most attorneys general are elected partisan officials, and 30 states will chose theirs on Nov. 6. “Those elections are going to be unusually competitive,” Oliver explained, in part because a record $100 million has been poured into them.

“So tonight, let’s look at who AGs are, what they do, and why the matter,” Oliver said, and he started with what they do: Basically, act as the lawyer for a state’s citizens. The office has steadily become more partisan, though, especially with groups of Republican AGs suing the federal government under former President Barack Obama. He focused for a bit on Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R), indicted for securities fraud and apparently caught on camera stealing an expensive pen, but he noted that since President Trump took office, Democratic AGs are the ones filing suit.

Many voters just leave the AG box blank on the ballot, which is “actually a cause for genuine hope,” because it means “your vote for AG may technically be even more valuable,” Oliver said, pointing again to Texas. “If there is one thing sure to damage Ken Paxton’s reputation, it’s an awareness of Ken Paxton’s reputation. So please, before Nov. 6, just think about your AG race.” He provided pointers for some states, then sent everyone else to the nonpartisan Then, to push viewers to go …read more

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LeBron James wore a ‘Beto for Senate’ cap to Texas

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James wore a “Beto for Senate” baseball hat in a photo shared by the team Saturday evening in advance of a game against the San Antonio Spurs. The cap endorses Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) in his race to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a contest that has gathered national attention.

San Antonio

— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) October 27, 2018

In August, James thanked O’Rourke for his support of pro athletes’ kneeling protests of police brutality and racial injustice. James called the viral clip of O’Rourke’s comments a “must watch” and praised him “for the candid, thoughtful words.”

…read more

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