7 beautiful homes on the Rhode Island coast

Block Island. Designed by Christopher H.L. Owen, this 1975 three-bedroom house received an American Institute of Architects award. The modern design features curves, a cantilevered deck, walls of windows with ocean and island views, and a living room with double-height ceilings and open layout.

The 3.2-acre property includes lawns, mature trees, and a stone patio. $1,825,000. Rosemary Tobin, Lila Delman Real Estate/Christie’s
International Real Estate, (401) 741-1825.

Middletown. This five-bedroom modern Colonial was built in 2018. Features include a living room with stone fireplace, coffered ceilings, and white-oak floors; an eat-in kitchen with quartz counters and butcher-block island; and an interior courtyard leading out to the lawn.

The 1-acre property has space for a pool and pool house, with available designs, and is three minutes’ walk from Pebble Beach. $2,995,000. Alyce Wright, Lila Delman Real Estate/Christie’s International Real Estate, (401) 662-7993.

Newport. Built in 1877 for Adm. Charles H. Baldwin, this five-bedroom Queen Anne Victorian is on the National Register of Historic Places. “Snug Harbor” retains its original oak-and-walnut main stairway, marble fireplaces, and carved woodwork, along with central air, heated bathroom floors, and SubZero kitchen appliances.

The 1.8-acre property features a gunite swimming pool, clay tennis court, and English gardens. $4,850,000. Kylie McCollough, Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty, (401) 789-8899.

Jamestown. “Stone House” and “Flagstones” stand on 2.6 naturally landscaped acres above Mackerel Cove on Conanicut Island. Stone House, the 1926 French Provincial main building, has seven bedrooms; a living hall with vaulted, exposed-wood ceilings; a dining room with marble fireplace; and an updated kitchen.

Flagstones, the guesthouse, has two bedrooms and an open kitchen-living area. Both include waterfront stone patios and access to a private deepwater dock. $4,999,999. Dianne Grippi, Island Realty, (401) 741-3183.

South Kingstown. Part of the Pointe Beach Homes gated community, this 2019

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Tinder wants you to find love in a simulated apocalypse

Get ready to swipe for your life.

Tinder has realized its users are running out of ways to continue conversations with people they’ve never even met. So it’s getting ready to plunge swipers into an apocalyptic choose-your-own-adventure miniseries that leaves them with matches — and things to talk about — once they’ve made it through, The New York Times reports.

Swipe Night, as the 4-episode series is called, puts users in the middle of an apocalyptic world that challenges them to figure out who they want to spend the last night of the world with. They’ll swipe left and right through a series of choices to survive and create a love story along the way, per CNBC. Those choices eventually connect them with romantic matches, who they’re encouraged to talk about the adventure with.

The series is the product of 23-year-old director Karena Evans, who’s behind some of Drake’s music videos. It also includes writers from Netflix’s Big Mouth and HBO’s Insecure and a diverse group of actors in an effort to appeal to Tinder’s target 18- to 25-age range. Swipe Night comes as Tinder fights a growing set of online dating competitors, including Facebook’s dating feature that rolled out last month. It also acknowledges the fact that users might rather fight a pack of zombies than deign to answer another unoriginal “hey.”

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Trevor Noah lists everything wrong with Justin Trudeau’s blackface habit. Stephen Colbert sees 1 upside.

Canadian politics has been roiled by a photo that has emerged of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “wearing brownface at a party,” Stephen Colbert said on Thursday’s Late Show. “This is pretty bad, and I just want to say … it’s not us this time! Suck it, Canada!”

“There are so many problems with this photo,” Trevor Noah said at The Daily Show. “First of all, it’s obviously never okay to do blackface, and secondly, if you are going to darken your skin, at least get the color right, okay? Trudeau isn’t dressed like Aladdin, he’s dressed as Aladdin doing blackface. … And also, Trudeau didn’t even need the brownface to make the costume work. He’s in a full Aladdin outfit at an Arabian Nights–themed party!”

When Time published the photo, “Trudeau hopped on his magic carpet and flew straight to a press conference to apologize,” Noah said. And how did that go? “This is not good, man,” he said, laughing. “Trudeau came out to apologize for one blackface and ended up admitting to more. He’s like, ‘I did brownface for Aladdin and I did blackface when I sang the song ‘Day-O.’ And now, if you’ll excuse me, daylight’s coming and me wanna go home.'”

“Look, two instances of blackface would be bad enough,” Noah said, but “apparently Trudeau has been going full-body,” too. “This guy’s committed,” he said, but “with the Canadian election just one month away, many are wondering if this blackface scandal is gonna hurt Trudeau’s chances of being re-elected. And to be honest, I’m just sad to see another black man being brought down.” Trudeau is hardly alone, though, and Noah had some suggestions on how to beat the blackface epidemic. Watch below.

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Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers do think Trump is ‘dumb enough’ to promise something ‘inappropriate’ to a foreign leader

“Remember a couple of years ago, when [President] Trump first got into office, we were all so nervous that Donald Trump was some sort of sleeper agent who was going to sell America out to a foreign power behind our backs?” Stephen Colbert asked on Thursday’s Late Show. “Well, it’s Throwback Thursday!” He ran through the outline of the whistleblower complaint that over the summer, Trump made a very troubling “promise” to an unknown “foreign leader.” Colbert saw the silver lining: “Thank God Trump never keeps his promises.”

“Trump denies he did anything wrong,” Colbert said, reading the tweet. “Very good point: What kind of moron would think you would make an inappropriate offer to a foreign country while you were being recorded?” He let Trump answer that, then played a game to try and figure out what Trump promised to which leader. But it turns out, according to The New York Times, that the complaint actually involves a “series of actions” Trump took. “Oh, a series?” Colbert said. “Great. Now we can binge-watch the end of America.”

This story is “stunning,” Late Night’s Seth Meyers said. “Now, we don’t know which foreign leader this is, and this is a complicated story, so just to help you follow along, we put together a helpful little mnemonic device. Remember: It’s a [P]romise from the [U]nited States made by [T]rump to an [I]nternational leader, but we do not know their [N]ame. Could be anyone.” (It actually appears to be somebody in Ukraine.)

Meyers also answered Trump’s question about whether he would say something “inappropriate” to a foreign leader over the phone: “It’s not that we’re dumb enough to believe it, it’s that we’re smart enough to believe you’re dumb enough to do …read more

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