Lynne Truss’ 6 favorite seaside stories

Lynne Truss’ newest novel, A Shot in the Dark, is a murder mystery set in 1957 in an English seaside resort town. Below, the British journalist, TV presenter, and author of the international best-seller Eats, Shoots & Leaves names six favorite seaside tales.

My Policeman by Bethan Roberts (2012).

The sea, the sea! In how many books does the transition from safe dry land to bobbing about in salt water take the reader’s breath away? Set in Brighton, England, in the 1950s, My Policeman is an exquisite examination of a love triangle, and contains the most memorable encounter with the chilly English Channel I’ve ever read. I can still feel the shock and slap of those waves on my body.

The Great Western Beach by Emma Smith (2008).

This wonderful memoir is a miracle in many senses, written when the author was in her 80s. Her childhood in the 1920s was by no means idyllic, but her town’s windy beach and its seaside activities kept the parents from quarreling, which was all that mattered.

Death in Venice by Thomas Mann (1912).

It is not always a good idea to get into the water. Sometimes it’s better just to watch others … or is it? Mann investigates, in a tale of unconsummated desire sparked by an encounter on a beach on Venice’s Lido.

Jaws by Peter Benchley (1974).

Sometimes, as I said, better just not to go in.

‘At the Bay’ by Katherine Mansfield (1922; published in The Garden Party and Other Stories).

I had read a lot of Katherine Mansfield before I even started on Virginia Woolf, and I’ve always preferred Mansfield. This long story, set near her native Wellington, New Zealand, is wonderfully atmospheric …read more

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Jeremy Corbyn says a second EU referendum could be ‘an option for the future’ but does not know how he’d vote

Jeremy Corbyn second referendum

Jeremy Corbyn has said a second referendum on Brexit could be an “option for the future.”
But if one were to take place, he does not know how he would vote.

Jeremy Corbyn has said that a second referendum on a final Brexit deal and Britain’s relationship with the European Union (EU) is “an option for the future,” but conceded that he does not know how he would vote on such an issue.

The Labour leader had previously said in an interview with Der Spiegel earlier in the month that one referendum had already taken place, Article 50 — the process of withdrawing from the EU — had been triggered, and that Brexit could not be stopped.

But he may have softened his stance since then as he could not rule out a second vote during an appearance on the Sky News programme “Ridge on Sunday.”

He said: “I think it’s an option for the future, but not an option for today. Because if you have a referendum tomorrow, what is the question going to be on.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says a second referendum is “an option for the future but not an option for today”

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— Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) November 18, 2018

On what the question should be, and whether “remain [in the European Union]” should be on the ballot paper, Corbyn said: “Tests against the government have to be put now. The government must go back to negotiate and see what it comes back with and and parliament must look at that at the time.”

On the same programme, Corbyn said he did not think a second referendum is “an option we’re going to get given.”

But if one were to materialise, he admitted he does …read more

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