Now Russia wants Zuckerberg to testify for them, too

Lawmakers in Russia want Mark Zuckerberg to testify before them, as well. The Moscow Times reports that during Wednesday’s session of the upper house of the Russian Parliament, a senator proposed summoning Zuckerberg. In response, Speaker Valentina Matviyenko said that she would “issue an order,” and that they would “organize his arrival.”

Zuckerberg testified before the European Parliament two weeks ago, and before two separate Congressional committees in the US last month. The American legislators repeatedly brought up the specter of Russian influence in the 2016 election through Facebook and other social media.

Russian senators want Zuckerberg to testify on topics such as information security, privacy, and the “dissemination of…

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Walmart is going high end with an invite-only personal shopping service — and it costs 6 times as much as Amazon Prime (WMT)

Jetblack Image 05

Walmart is launching Jetblack, a personal-shopping service that’s accessible through text message and costs $50 a month, or about $600 annually.
Customers can send a text saying they need a specific product, and Jetblack’s couriers will deliver the product as soon as the same day.
It’s currently available in New York City and will eventually roll out to other markets in the United States.
Products will be delivered from Walmart, as well as from other retailers like Pottery Barn.

Walmart is rolling out a $50-per-month personal-shopping service for the ultra-wealthy.

The service, called Jetblack, gives customers access to personal shoppers through text message.

Customers can send a text saying they need a specific product, and Jetblack’s couriers will deliver the product as soon as the same day.

Customers can also make a general request for a birthday gift, and Jetblack’s personal shoppers will send recommendations for the customer to select from.

In a press release, Walmart said the service targets “time-strapped urban parents” and described it as being “as easy as texting a close friend who knows your preferences.”

“The service uses a combination of artificial intelligence practices and expertise from professional buyers across the home, health, parenting, fashion and wellness categories, as well as parents themselves,” the company said.

Some products will be sourced from Walmart and, while others will come from local shops or chains like Pottery Barn or Saks.

The service is first launching in New York and will later be expanded to other US markets.

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After Trump was elected, Obama questioned whether his own presidency had come ’10 or 20 years too early’

President Barack Obama, in the days following the November 2016 election, began to question his own legacy.The aftershock of Donald Trump’s surprise victory over Hillary Clinton had shaken Obama, as it did many others. At one point, America’s first black president had wondered whether his election had come “10 or 20 years too early.”Those were some of the confessions outlined in an upcoming memoir, “The World as It Is,” written by the longtime Obama adviser, Ben Rhodes.

In the days following Donald Trump’s surprise victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US election, President Barack Obama questioned his own legacy and wondered whether he and his team had overestimated the strength of their electoral coalition.

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