Here’s what’s wrong with your printer

Printer issues are universal headaches — the ink is expensive, the paper gets jammed, and the Wifi doesn’t work.
In fact, according to Consumer Reports, 75% of home printers are thrown away within a few years of purchase.
We spoke to printer whiz Tercius Bufete, who’s an associate editor at Consumer Reports. He has some ideas that should relieve our printer woes.

Following is a transcript of the video.

Manny Ocbazghi: We’ve all been there. You’ve just finished your essay, class is about to start, and now it’s time to print. But wait, the printer says there’s no paper. Fine, you go to open the paper tray, but the paper is incredibly real and existent. You touch it and feel it to make sure you’re not crazy. Congratulations, you’re not.

You’re not alone. People everywhere have problems with their printers. 75% of printers are thrown away within a few years of purchase. The ink is expensive. The Wi-Fi sucks. Why?

Tercius Bufete: It’s funny when people talk about how much they hate their printers because it really doesn’t do anything sexy or fun.

Manny: Tercius Bufete is an associate editor at Consumer Reports. He’s reviewed hundreds of printers and believes there’s a few things we can do to solve our problems. Let’s start with the most annoying one. Why is ink so expensive? It’s because of what’s called the razor and blades model.

Bufete: Some companies will give you a product for cheap, or for free.

Manny: The razor or printer in this case.

Bufete: And then they expect you to buy things in the future to keep up the cost.

Manny: The blades or the ink.

Bufete: There’s a lot of technology within a cartridge that costs a lot of money.

Manny: This causes us to buy third-party printer ink because it’s cheaper, but that’s probably …read more

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Six Flags Magic Mountain will rename roller coaster to honor Red Sox after losing World Series bet

Six Flags Magic Mountain will pay off a lost wager with Six Flags New England on the outcome of the Dodgers-Red Sox World Series in a very public and humiliating way.

With the Red Sox victory, Magic Mountain will change the name of the New Revolution steel roller coaster to the Red Sox Revolution on Nov. 17 and 18, the opening weekend of the Valencia amusement park’s Holiday in the Park event.

Magic Mountain will also fly the BoSox flag at the front gate and park president Neal Thurman will wear a Sox jersey on Nov. 17.

The Six Flags amusement parks closest to Los Angeles and Boston placed the friendly wager just before the start of the Dodgers-Red Sox World Series.

The Red Sox won the 2018 World Series in commanding fashion, taking the series in five games. It’s the fourth World Series title for Boston since 2004. The Dodgers returned to the World Series for the second year in a row, but remain titleless since 1988.

If the Dodgers had won, Six Flags New England would have renamed the Thunderbolt wooden coaster the Dodgers Thunderbolt, the park would have flown a Dodgers flag atop its 20-story Scream drop tower and park president Pete Carmichael would have donned a Dodgers jersey.

Six Flags New England has no plans to visibly celebrate the Red Sox victory in the park beyond beaming with pride for their beloved Red Sox and claiming bragging rights over their Six Flags brethren during the coming year, park officials said.

As a Boston native living in Southern California, my allegiances were torn but I ultimately sided with Dodger blue. I too must publicly accept defeat and prepare to endure a year of humiliation at the hands of my Boston cousins.

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Source:: The Mercury News – Lifestyle


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