Baby hatchling found in python held by trapper's son

Two licensed Florida python trappers are celebrating quite the haul.

The hunters showed off 13 Burmese Pythons on social media that they caught in the last six weeks.

The longest snake in the bounty was 13 1/2 feet. The heaviest was 65 pounds.

They found an alligator in the belly of one of the beasts, and another had 43 eggs. Experts say we are entering prime egg-laying season.

They also found a baby hatchling, which you see being held by the son of one of the trappers.

Baby hatchling found in python held by trapper’s son

After captured pythons are properly euthanized, they can be sold for their skin or even their meat.

Python meat sales are legal in the United States, and one online site advertises boneless Burmese Python meat for $99.99 per pound.

Exotic Meat Market says, “Python meat is pink in color. Python Meat has a chewy texture. Python Meat tastes like Python Meat, not like Chicken. Python Meat is famous in some countries. It is claimed on the world wide web that Python Meat can cure asthma or those who have respiratory issues.”

The work of python hunters critical as scientists now say the invasive species, which caused so much destruction in the Everglades, have been tracked moving north to other parts of Florida.

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