Republican Govs. Scott Walker of Wisconsin (left), Ron DeSantis of Florida, and Chris Christie of New Jersey are shown during key moments in their careers. Walker is shown ending his 2016 presidential campaign, DeSantis is shown after easily winning reelection in 2022, and Christie is depicted during a 2011 town hall, months before ruling out a 2012 presidential campaign.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is seen as the top potential challenger to Trump in 2024.
He’ll have to decide whether he wants to run for president in 2024 or wait it out.
Both approaches carry risks that could torpedo his chance at the White House, top GOP political strategists told Insider.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis often gets compared to ex-President Donald Trump. But as he faces a decision over whether to run for president in 2024, DeSantis shares far more similarities with two other ex-GOP frontrunners: Former Govs. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Chris Christie of New Jersey. 

Like DeSantis, Walker and Christie once seemed like inevitable frontrunners for the White House.

The two men made vastly different choices when it came to actually running for president. Walker seized the moment, while Christie let his moment pass.

They both lost. 

Their stories provide a look into what could happen to DeSantis, too, if he decides to run in 2024 GOP nomination — or if he decides to wait until 2028.

“Timing is important,” Mike DuHaime, CEO of MAD Global and adviser to Christie’s 2016 presidential campaign, told Insider. “He’s at a high point right now. Running when you’re at a high point is a good thing. Timing is in many ways the most important and least controllable part of politics.”

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Walker emerged as a darling of the right when Barack Obama was president. Like DeSantis, he skyrocketed to national prominence by picking fights with key Democratic allies.

But Walker’s campaign crashed so badly that he never even made it to the voting stage. He would also fail to secure a third term in Wisconsin in 2018. 

As for Christie, he was brash, populist, and had a big personality. It turned out that these were attributes that 2016 voters genuinely wanted in a president. But a certain reality TV star had those qualities too, just in far higher quantities.

If Christie had run in 2012, when he was having a moment, maybe he would have been sitting in the Oval Office rather than Trump. Instead, he rebuffed influential Iowa Republicans who literally flew to New Jersey to beg him to run.

DeSantis could trip up early in a ’24 contest. A scandal could emerge during his second term that he can’t come back from. Someone could steal the spotlight if he delays his run until 2028. Or, waiting might be the right move to secure an eventual White House win — he could have a strong second term in Florida with even higher approval ratings. 

“Those are definitely calculations and considerations that smart people in DeSantisworld would put out there,” said a GOP strategist not affiliated with DeSantis, who …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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