Welcome back, readers. A judge has ruled the FTC can move forward with an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook, and we compared Ford’s F-150 Lightning and Chevy’s Silverado EV to figure out which one reigns supreme. 

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1. A judge has rejected Facebook’s request to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit. The US Federal Trade Commission has been working to prove that Facebook abuses a monopoly position in social media. Yesterday, a US judge dealt the FTC a win by rejecting Facebook’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, and allowing the case to move forward.

This isn’t the first time the FTC has tried coming for Facebook. The agency filed the first version of its antitrust case in 2020, which sought to unravel Facebook’s acquisitions of WhatsApp and Instagram. 
But last summer, the judge dismissed its first complaint, ruling there was insufficient evidence for the FTC’s primary claim: that Facebook has monopoly power. The FTC was allowed to amend its complaint and try again. 
In an opinion issued yesterday, the judge determined the FTC’s case now offers facts that are “more robust and detailed than before” — allowing the agency to continue its case against the tech giant.

Here’s what you should know about the lawsuit. 

In other news:

A worker at an Amazon warehouse.

2. Amazon faces a second union vote next month. After the NLRB determined the company interfered with the first election, 6,000 workers at Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama warehouse will be able to vote again. Voting will begin on Feb. 4. More on that here.

  Diners at a Florida waterfront restaurant fell into the water after a deck suddenly collapsed, injuring two of them

3. Elizabeth Holmes’ conviction casts a shadow on female health startup founders. After the Theranos founder’s conviction on four counts of fraud, female founders are facing questions about her case during investment meetings. Founders explain how such high-profile fraud cases “make it harder for us.”

4. Facebook will require COVID-19 vaccine boosters. All of Facebook’s in-person employees must receive a booster by late March, making it one of the largest companies to implement such a requirement. Plus, the company has delayed its reopening until March. See the company’s latest COVID-19 protocols.

5. Reef is closing about one-third of its ghost kitchens. Leaked documents reveal the startup is temporarily closing 95 of its underperforming food trailers, though they didn’t say when the trailers would reopen. More on the decision.

6. Web3 startups are poaching staff from some of tech’s biggest names in the US. Now, the same trend is about to kick off in Europe as the prospect of a decentralized internet and inflated pay packages lure staff away. Here’s why tech talent is defecting to Web3.

7. AWS plans to “completely re-imagine” how its network is managed. According to a new job posting, Amazon Web Services is searching for someone to rework how its network is managed with new control plane services — a project the company expects will be critical …read more

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