Starbucks baristas told Insider that the app sometimes didn’t update when ingredients ran out in the store.

The inventory on Starbucks’ app isn’t always accurate, current and former baristas say.
This means sometimes customers can order food or drinks that aren’t in stock, they said.
Baristas said that some customers got angry when they couldn’t make their drinks.

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If you’ve ever ordered something on the Starbucks app only to be told by a barista when you go to collect your drink that they don’t have the ingredients in stock, then you’re not alone.

Twenty-one current and former Starbucks baristas told Insider that the app sometimes doesn’t update when ingredients run out, meaning people can order food or drinks that can’t be made.

This sometimes made customers angry and disrupted the workflow because they had to process refunds or find substitutes for the out-of-stock ingredients, according to baristas.

Current and former baristas also said they couldn’t communicate with customers through the app. This meant that they couldn’t tell them that the ingredients were out of stock until they came to the store to collect their drinks.

“It was such a pain because people would order and there’s literally nothing you can do about it until they get there and they’re furious,” Nicholas Anderson, a former barista in Atlanta, said.

“A visit to Starbucks is an important part of our customer’s day and we apologize for any inconvenience when an item is unavailable,” a Starbucks spokesperson told Insider. “As our customers plan their visit, we recommend they use the Starbucks app to check item availability.”

Glitches allow customers to order items that are out of stock, workers say

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The baristas attributed the inventory problems to three main glitches.

First, the app was sometimes slow to update inventory or simply didn’t update it at all, they said.

Second, some ingredients couldn’t be turned off by staff.

And third, customers could reorder favorites or recent orders on the app, even when the ingredients were listed as out of stock, they said.

Baristas said that to list a product as out of stock, staff have to turn the product off in two places on the electronic register – both the main point-of-sales (POS) system and the backend inventory system.

Alexis Rivera, a former shift manager in New Jersey, said that customers could sometimes still order ingredients even if the baristas turned them off in both places.

“Sometimes turning an item off at POS turns it off for mobile. Sometimes it doesn’t,” said a former barista in British Colombia, who asked to remain anonymous because she may return to work at Starbucks again.

A former store manager in New York City, who asked to remain anonymous because he had family working at Starbucks, said the company had told him that stock could take between 30 and 60 minutes to update on the app. He added that customers could sometimes order items on Uber Eats even if they were out of stock, too.

Baristas also said that some ingredients couldn’t be listed as out of stock, …read more

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