Britney Spears Stares

Britney Spears says she needs a break.

But a number of fans across the country are worried that the singer is on the verge of another breakdown.

On Monday, the pop superstar deleted her entire Instagram account, prompting worry from her followers and an endless array of questions from those who have been closely paying attention to the artist.

She just got engaged to Sam Asghari.

Her dad, Jamie Spears, just filed paperwork to finally resign as the singer’s conservator.

So… what could possibly be going on?

What could be so wrong with Britney that she’s felt a need to disconnect from her millions of fans?

Nothing at all, according to Britney herself.

“Don’t worry folks … just taking a little break from social media to celebrate my engagement!!!!  I’ll be back soon,” Tweeted Spears after taking down all photos and messages on her official Instagram page.

For several months, this page was the main way in which Spears communicated with her supporters.

While she fought for freedom from her father, Britney would upload videos of her dancing and/or she would post inspirational memes and messages to let folks know she was doing okay.

Heck, just prior to deleting her account, Spears jumped on the platform to post a text excerpt titled “Infusing education with heart,” a portion of which she had shared days earlier.

Wrote Britney as an explanation at the time:

“I had to repost this so you can see the whole article!!!!! Growing up in a world where basically almost everything I did was controlled by someone else …

“I hope this message gets to people who have been confused or manipulated by a system !!!! No … you’re not alone and no … you’re not crazy !!!!

  Coronavirus: L.A. County reported 1,900 new cases and 32 new deaths, Sept. 23

“People need to hear this before it’s TOO LATE !!!”

The excerpt was preceded by a quote from Oscar Wilde that read:

“Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.”

And it concluded:

We need children growing up trusting their inner authority rather than blindly granting power to external authorities of information.

We need empowered teens and adults with a strong internal locus of control willing to image and create new life-giving products and systems, rather than having a habitual external locus of control that weakens them and their creativity over time, and causes anxiety and depression.

Wrote Britney to wrap up her caption:

I’ve waited 13 years and counting for my freedom !!!!! Again … team #FreeBritney you guys f****** kick ass !!!!!

Love you so much and God bless.

It does, therefore, sound as of Britney is doing well at the moment.

Said an insider to Peopel Magazine of Britney taking a social media hiatus:

“It was her decision, and nothing else should be read into it.

“She is in a great place, legally and personally.”

Asghari proposed to the celebrity mere days after Britney’s dad, Jamie, filed a petition to end the conservatorship that has ruled her life for 13 years.

Or ruined her life, Spears would say, based on testimony …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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