A urine test is part of the medical exam for getting a new life insurance policy.

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Traditional life insurance requires include a medical exam that includes a blood and urine test.
A urine test reveals if you use drugs or nicotine, and shows whether other health issues exist.
There are no medical exam life insurance policies, but they pay lower death benefits.
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Whether you choose permanent life insurance or term life insurance, you will need to go through the underwriting process. This is how the insurance company decides how much of a risk you are and how much of a death benefit you qualify for. The insurance company collects information about your health, job, income, finances, and other personal information to determine how much it will insure you and what your premium will be.

The underwriting process can take four to six weeks or even longer. If you have no previous life insurance policy in effect, some insurance companies provide conditional, or, temporary life insurance until the underwriting process is complete.

What is a life insurance urine test?

Traditional life insurance policies require a medical exam, which includes the collection of a blood and urine sample, as part of the underwriting process. A urine test will reveal drugs, nicotine, and other health issues. The exam is paid for by the insurance company as part of the underwriting process.

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People with certain pre-existing health conditions may be ineligible for traditional life insurance – in which case they should consider no medical exam life insurance. This type of insurance doesn’t require a medical exam.

What happens during a life insurance urine test?

With a life insurance urine test, the insurance company sends a paramedical professional to your home or business to perform the exam. The medical exam, also known as a paramedical exam, can take up to 30 minutes and usually includes a blood and urine sample, plus taking your weight and blood pressure.

For the urine sample, you will use a cup like you would at the doctor’s office during a physical. The cup has a temperature strip that helps determine if the urine is genuine and fresh – to prevent using someone else’s urine or synthetic urine.

It’s recommended that you fast before the exam, so early appointments are best – otherwise, you’ll have to fast most of the day for an afternoon appointment. Your samples are sent to a lab and you are given a code to check the results.

If you have health issues like high …read more

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