Matt james to rachael kirkconnell im sorry i betrayed you

Both on screen and social media, we’ve all seen Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell’s ups and downs.

From a major Bachelor scandal early this year to their on-again, off-again relationship since, there’s no hiding their private lives.

So when Matt admits to a “mistake” that he recently made in his relationship and accompanies it with an apology, fans wonder what’s going on.

It turns out that this betrayal might be familiar to some members of the Bachelor Nation.

On Sunday, September 12, Matt James took to his Instagram Stories to make a confession.

“I’m sorry @rachaelkirkconnell,” he captioned the video.

Rachael has been enjoying New York Fashion Week … and this “betrayal” took place in her absence.

In the video — and never has it been more important to watch the video — Matt explained what happened.

“I told Rachael I was gonna wait and start Mare of Easttown till she got out here,” he revealed.

“And then I made the mistake,” Matt confessed.

“I was all, ‘Oh, I’m just gonna watch 15 minutes, I’m just gonna watch 30 minutes,’ last night,” Matt described.

Many of us have made that mistake. Oh, I’ll just watch the cold open, we tell ourselves.

It is always self-deception, as Matt is thoroughly aware.

“And I went to bed at 5 a.m.,” Matt confessed.

“I watched the entire show,” he admitted to his fans and followers, and to Rachael, in the video.

“And I can say that I had no idea — I had zero idea — it was gonna be who it was,” Matt said.

“I’ve never been that unsure of who I thought was gonna be the person,” Matt praised.

“But now,” he added, “I need a new show.”

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Matt has never been more relatable, honestly.

Mare of Easttown is an Emmy-nominated HBO drama that stars Kate Winslet.

Despite the title, it is neither about a horse nor does it take place in a quaint, murder-filled British village.

Rather, the show follows a grandmother who is a Philadelphia detective grappling with personal challenges as she attempts to solve a case.

Obviously, Matt was teasing fans with his apology so that he could nerd out about the show.

And we, out of respect for his enthusiasm, tried to carry that energy forward as we teased this post.

Honestly, it’s nice to see this level of earnestness from famous people.

There have been articles, particularly over the past decade, about “cheating” when it comes to television shows.

Two people, often partners, make a plan to binge a new season — often on Netflix — but one accidentally watches it all first.

It happens and it doesn’t actually have to be a big deal, but if one partner is hurt or the other keeps doing it, you know, try to work on that.

Hopefully, Rachael won’t be too put out by Matt’s impatience.

This kind of thing can happen to any of us.

In fact, some partners see advantages when the other has already seen something.

Okay, I’m talking about myself — I like to make guesses as I watch a show, but if I’ve seen it already, I won’t blurt out spoilers.

But since my guesses sometimes turn out to be correct, …read more

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