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Here’s what we’re talking about:

Meet Ron Klain, manager of the White House’s summer from hell
Justice Amy Coney Barrett says Supreme Court isn’t ‘a bunch of partisan hacks’
Employers are being forced to make salaries public – that’s good news for you

With Phil Rosen.

1. THE INSIDER PROFILE: The White House chief of staff, Ron Klain, has barely decorated his office. Historically, the president’s top aide doesn’t last long. Dick Cheney blames the position for his first heart attack. Bill Daley thinks his time leading Barack Obama’s White House gave him shingles. Klain is trying to steer the White House through a chaotic summer that includes the Delta coronavirus variant, a tumultuous end to America’s longest war, and devastating storms linked to the climate crisis. So, the lonely picture frame on his desk is the least of his worries.

Here’s a peek at Insider’s massive profile on Klain:

Even in hyperpartisan times, chiefs of staff remain close: Nineteen of the 22 living former presidential chiefs of staff gave Klain advice during a December Zoom call. Mick Mulvaney – President Donald Trump’s third chief of staff – was among those present.

  Global stocks and cryptocurrencies rally after the Fed provides clarity on tapering, while Evergrande fears subside for now

Obama alums praised Klain for his work thus far: “Forget Trumpland. Ron’s discipline is coming through with the lack of leaks around this place. Even from the Obama and Bush administrations, it’s a stark contrast,” Daley said.

The expert on the job also gave high marks: “I think you can make the argument that for the first six months of this presidency, he was among the most effective in modern history,” Chris Whipple told my colleague. Whipple literally wrote the book on White House chiefs of staff. He added that Klain’s job had more recently become much more complicated.

about how growing up in Indiana shaped Ron Klain’s life, including why Sen. Bobby Kennedy’s speech after Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination was a pivotal moment.

Sen. Bernie Sanders.

2. Sanders criticizes Manchin for trying to reduce Dems’ $3.5 trillion plan: Sen. Bernie Sanders rejected Sen. Joe Manchin’s latest efforts to rein in the party’s massive social-spending plan that would fundamentally alter America’s safety net, The Washington Post reports. Sanders said it was “absolutely not acceptable” that Manchin wanted to reduce the bill’s size by perhaps more than 50%. Here’s where things stand.

House Democrats also gave more details on how they’d pay for it: America’s highest earners and biggest companies would bear the brunt of tax hikes, which amount to a rollback of many provisions Trump signed into law in 2017. …read more

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