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According to Amazon’s book editors, the best new books to read in September include works from Sally Rooney, Colson Whitehead, and Anderson Cooper.

Looking for new books to read? Amazon’s book editors have picked their top new books for September.
This month’s selections include Sally Rooney’s latest release and a historical story from Anderson Cooper.
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September means the end of summer and the beginning of fall, a transition often marked by a change in weather, the start of school, or even a new wardrobe. And if you’re looking to add a new book to the lineup, Amazon’s book editors have got you covered with their 12 picks for the best new books in September.

This month’s top choice is “Harlem Shuffle,” a literary fiction novel by two-time Pulitzer winner Colson Whitehead. Below are the 12 best titles new in September, with captions provided by Amazon’s editorial team.

‘Harlem Shuffle’ by Colson Whitehead

Whitehead’s latest is an entertaining novel of schemers and dreamers, mobsters and crooks, elaborate heists, and the thrilling mischief of those who are up to no good and others who are just trying to make a living. Caught between his family’s penchant for shady deals and his desire to be clean, Ray Carney sits at the center of this swirling drama set in 1960s Harlem. A tribute to the city, the momentum of life, and the duality that lies in each of us, “Harlem Shuffle” is a lot of fun to read and another winner by the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner. —Al Woodworth, Amazon Book Editor

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by Colson Whitehead (button)
‘Snowflake’ by Louise Nealon

A country mouse just getting her footing at a university in Dublin must return home when tragedy strikes, forcing her to contend in new, deeper ways with family, mental illness, and how, as the old Irish saying puts it, we all live in each other’s shadow. An award-winning debut in Ireland, “Snowflake” is wonderfully, giggles-galore funny but also — and this has earned Nealon comparisons to another young Irish writer, Sally Rooney — emotionally sharp as a tack. —Vannessa Cronin, Amazon Book Editor

by Louise Nealon (button)
‘Under the Whispering Door’ by TJ Klune

The follow-up to Klune’s “The House in the Cerulean Sea” finds Wallace dying unexpectedly and coming to the attention of Hugo, a teashop owner who ferries the dead to the other side of life. Wallace is a difficult case, but gentle Hugo gives him a chance to come to grips with his predicament, opening up his eyes to love, beauty, and the absurdities that make every moment special. This heartfelt story …read more

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