Dr. Vickie Cartwright is now the new Broward County Schools interim Superintendent, replacing Robert Runcie.

“So, when you’re looking at for example mental health, what are some of the components that we really need to be aware of and how do we prepare for that appropriately for when we start school?” asked Cartwright.

She won five to four at Thursday’s school board voting session.

She comes with 26 years of experience in education, and, most recently, was a Superintendent for the Oshkosh-area School District in Wisconsin.

However, that is what some school board members in Broward County had issue with when deciding on the doctor — the Oshkosh-area is a small district, unlike Broward.

“We’re the sixth largest school district. Her district is in the bottom half performance of her small state — in the bottom half. We’re the sixth largest school district, looking to be at the top of our state,” expressed Broward School Board Member Donna P. Korn with disbelief.

So, what did Cartwright do well? She had an effective presentation.

“Ensuring that we have safe and secure entrances and that we have everything shored up school by school,” she explained.

Cartwright also worked as an Associate Superintendent in the Orange County School District in the Orlando area from 2013 to 2018.

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