Taco Bell offers a wedding package in Vegas.

Taco Bell, Denny’s, Dunkin’, and other chains sell wedding merchandise.
Taco Bell even has a Las Vegas chapel where couples can marry in full Taco Bell regalia.
I’m recently engaged and I can’t stop thinking about these strange weddings.

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I got engaged in May, and ever since I can’t stop noticing how oddly rich the world of fast food weddings is.

For the truly dedicated, there are ways to make your wedding completely decked out with your favorite brand. Taco Bell has held weddings at its Las Vegas Cantina since 2018, and nearly 500 couples have married there since the chain told Insider. For $600, couples will get custom Taco Bell merchandise, a party pack of food, a half-hour ceremony and officiant, a reception space for 15 guests, a Cinnabon Delights cake, and a hot sauce bouquet.

Taco Bell offers weddings in Vegas.

Taco Bell offers weddings in Vegas.

Taco Bell offers weddings in Vegas.

A Taco Bell wedding might make more sense than ever now as the US emerges from COVID restrictions, with things uncertain thanks to the Delta variant. The ceremony is capped at 25 guests, and temperature checks are mandated at the entrance. The chapel is closed to the public and only open by reservation, and tables are placed six feet apart.

“The sauce bouquet is cleaned and sanitized before and after each wedding,” Taco Bell says if you’re worried about the shared decor.

Denny’s has a similar package at its own Las Vegas chapel, where over 600 weddings have taken place so far, the diner chain told Insider. For $199, a couple gets to use the chapel, a bouquet, boutonniere, a pancake wedding cake, champagne toast, two t-shirts, and a coupon for two Grand slams.

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Denny’s hosts weddings in Las Vegas.

Denny’s says the chapel is back to normal from pandemic restrictions, and just hosted a wedding with 50 guests earlier in July.

White Castle hosted a “Royal Wedding” giveaway, also in Las Vegas, for one couple. The package was the most elaborate of the pack of fast food weddings, with a rehearsal dinner, ceremony, decor, food, and a honeymoon in a castle in Belgium.

White Castle had a royal wedding in Las Vegas.

White Castle had a royal wedding in Las Vegas.

After starting to plan my own wedding, the branded fast food options are strangely appealing. We’re in the midst of a historic wedding boom after nearly half of couples with weddings planned for 2020 were postponed or canceled. Venues, caterers, and photographers are booking 2022 and in some cases 2023, making every booking more competitive and expensive.

It makes sense for fast-food chains to try and capture some of the wedding segment, which is an over $50 billion a year industry in the US by analysts at IBIS World’s estimations,

The average wedding, of those that did take place in 2020,

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