Colt Johnson proposal to Vanessa Guerra 11

Remember when Colt Johnson was married to Larissa Lima but sent nudes to Instagram side pieces?

Remember when he was dating Jess Caroline but sent his “good morning” pics to a whole gaggle of women?

Well, months ago, Colt Johnson married Vanessa Guerra despite her better judgment.

Now, he’s been exposed sliding into women’s DMs, surprising absolutely no one.

A Reddit denizen took to the social media site just a few days ago to share an alleged screenshot.

Don’t worry — Colt’s infamous Johnson is not involved.

Instead, he appears to have just DMed a friendly, seemingly innocuous “hello” with no meaningful follow-up.

The redditor had more to say, for total disclosure with their followers.

“To add context, there really wasn’t much more of an exchange,” the social media user confided.

“Just…never expected Colt, or anyone for that matter, in my DMs,” she added.

“Wish I had more juicy content,” she admitted. (Does she?)

“But,” the redditor, added, “that was about it.”

Why Colt would choose to DM her is not a mystery, however.

“Yeah, it was random,” she explained to curious commenters.

“Liked a picture of one of his cats, got a random dm,” she summarized.

“Nothing weird, other than it being just out of the blue,” the redditor commented.

However, fans cannot imagine that Colt’s intentions were within the bounds of his marriage.

“I promise you he’s not DMing dudes who like his cat pictures,” one commented.

That same commenter added: “We know what’s up.”

What’s up would be, presumably, Colt’s infamous Johnson.

However, we do want to strongly emphasize that we cannot confirm that the screenshot or story are real.

Anyone can fake any screenshot of social media DMs, likes, comments, and more with ease and accuracy.

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However … 90 Day Fiance fans don’t exactly need hard evidence to suspect Colt of cheating on his wife.

After all, he has done it before.

He was married to Larissa Lima for just seven short months … but still managed to squeeze in a cheating scandal.

Colt’s cheating was never shown on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

However, he was exposed (in more sense than one) swapping nudes with Instagram side pieces in December of 2018.

Larissa, still married to him at the time, was devastated that the man she’d come to start a life with would so casually share that part of himself with random other women.

Though it’s no excuse, we do all recognize that sometimes, abruptly becoming famous can go to someone’s head.

Sometimes, brand new reality stars cheat because of the attention. Others become very gullible. Others go on spending sprees.

However, Colt’s unfaithfulness towards Larissa was only part of the story.

Colt did the same thing while he was in a relationship with Jess Caroline.

Jess, yet another Brazilian model, confronted Colt after receiving DMs from eight different women who had all received Colt’s dick pics.

“Good morning, my dick,” Jess quipped memorably as she confronted him.

Of course, Colt may not have thought that this was a big deal.

After all, he was also physically cheating on Jess. He even confessed to it on camera.

The other woman in the picture …read more

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