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There’s nothing worse than sleeping hot due to a too-hot room or heavy bedding.
I’m someone who sweats more than I’d like to admit, so I interviewed two experts on how to sleep cool.
Here are six tips they recommend along with items I’ve personally tested for staying cool at night.

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Nothing interrupts sleep or creates an incredibly uncomfortable experience the next morning quite like night sweats. I know it all too well: I regularly contend with a feeling of clamminess and the ickiness of damp sheets and pillowcase, which just adds to the innate unpleasantness of my blaring alarm.

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Dr. Noelani González, MD, director of cosmetic dermatology at Mount Sinai West, explains that evening perspiration can be caused by a vast range of things, including menopause, chemotherapy, pregnancy, and certain medications, like NSAIDs (such as Aleve and Advil), anti-nausea medications, and antipyretics, aka anti-fever medications.

Personally, I’ve found my excessive sweating is caused mostly by certain prescription medications I take daily, worsening when I drink alcohol, eat a heat-packed bowl of Szechuan peppercorn-doused Dan Dan noodles, or experience a ton of stress.

“The first step is reaching out to your healthcare providers to address any conditions or medications that could be contributing to symptoms,” recommends Dr. Katherine Revelle, MD, a psychiatrist based in New England, who has personally grappled with post-partum night sweats. “If no underlying causes can be found, the focus moves to self-care and comfort.”

Here are six tips for night sweaters looking to stay cool:

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Create a comfortable bedroom environment

First things first: make sure you’re slumbering on the right bedding.

“For sheets, both high thread-count cotton and bamboo are breathable natural fibers that feel cool against the skin and allow moisture to evaporate,” Revelle recommends, though the price difference between the two types of fiber can be significant. “In my experience, high thread-count cotton sheets that matched the silkiness of less costly bamboo sheets came with a prohibitively high price tag,” Revelle says. This best-selling set on Amazon is less than $100.

Linen is another good option for sweaty sleepers, and bedding startups like Parachute and Brooklinen both offer sets and à la carte sheets in the breathable, natural material. 

Bamboo Sheet Set (Queen) (small)Linen Sheet Set (Queen) (small)Soft Linen Sheet Set (Queen) (small)
Get a cooling mattress protector

“In my own experience as a post-partum nighttime sweater, great sheets help, but don’t forget about the mattress pad,” Dr. Revelle says. If you’re soaking through your sheets at night, a waterproof mattress pad might seem like a reasonable mattress-protecting choice. However, those waterproof barriers are impermeable by design, trapping heat and moisture where body and mattress make contact: Your mattress might stay dry, but you won’t.

Revelle’s solution? A layer of cotton crib mattress …read more

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