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Why insurers big and small are investing in delivering care;

We looked at how the Delta variant is impacting case counts here in the US – and how vaccine-makers are responding;

See the pitch deck a startup used to win over investors on an idea that could shape the next wave of telehealth.

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Medical workers and pedestrians cross an intersection outside of the Houston Methodist Hospital on June 09, 2021 in Houston, Texas.

Betting big on care delivery

This week, Shelby Livingston took a closer look at the filings that came out around One Medical’s planned acquisition of Iora Health.

Inside, she spotted some key details about just how closely tied Iora’s been with Humana. Notably, Humana funded 40 Iora clinics (currently, Iora has 47 clinics).

It’s not an unexpected turn for Humana, which has been pumping billions into home health and medical clinic companies.

Meanwhile, smaller insurers are placing their own bets on delivering healthcare. Shelby spoke to buzzy insurance upstarts like Alignment, Bright, and Clover about why they’ve decided to go down the path of employing medical professionals.

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Why health-insurer upstarts like Alignment, Bright, and Clover are following UnitedHealth’s blueprint and employing doctors and nurses

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Scientists at Moderna’s research hub in Norwood, Massachusetts working on the biotech’s mRNA technology

What comes next

We’re entering a new phase of the pandemic. Cases are on the rise again as the Delta variant surges in the US.

The surge is hitting some places harder than others as the vaccine divide widens.

Speaking of vaccines, the FDA issued a warning about a rare paralyzing syndrome linked to Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine.

For now, the FDA and CDC aren’t supporting booster shots for fully vaccinated people. Even so, Pfizer plans to seek authorization for its booster in August.

And if you’re wondering if you’ve got one of the summer colds that’s going around, allergies, or the Delta variant – my colleague Aria Bendix has a graphic that should help.

After the success of its coronavirus vaccine, the upstart biotech Moderna is riding high.

On a recent trip up to its labs, Andrew Dunn got an inside look at what’s ahead beyond COVID-19.

Take a look>>
We got an exclusive look inside Moderna’s labs, where the biotech upstart is planning what comes after its blockbuster coronavirus vaccine

Building the future of telehealth

Startups are betting that the future of virtual care will require more …read more

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